Easter Egg Hunt ☆ 復活祭とエッグハント

I didn’t grow up celebrating Easter with my family in Japan. However, since my husband did with his family in the States and it is such a widely celebrated holiday in many parts of the world that I would like my children to learn about it. I’m not religious and I find religion very personal, plus it is always a sensitive topic, therefore, I’m going to only keep the cultural aspect of it on my blog.

My hubby and I put candies in plastic eggs the night before. That was the moment when I thought wow, he and I are actually parents! It was kind of crazy to think about it even though we’ve been married for a while. For hiding eggs, I delegated my husband to do the task in our living room and dining room. (Well, he’s better at it.) He hid them on a lamp shade, inside the candle holder, and other interesting places. The girls woke up next morning and were very excited about the egg hunt. Usually we don’t let them eat candies in the morning, but that morning was special and they’ve got to enjoy a few.



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