Friday Finds ☆ dia.lo.gue in Kemang, Jakarta

Do you need words to explain dia.lo.gue in Kemang, Jakarta? I think not. My friend introduced me to dia.lo.gue and told me about the “A-Z Of The Archipelago”, which is a beautiful font book with a design with traditional Indonesian patterns and even comes with a CD so that you can use the font on your computer. I think it will become a great keepsake of Indonesia. The friend of mine who introduced me to dia.lo.gue is the one whose beautiful home I featured on my blog here. Even from outside, dia.lo.gue is very serene and pretty. I walked into the store with my friend, Kaori, and we both were mesmerized by the unique items in dia.lo.gue. Dia.lo.gue has a gallery in the back which brings you to a different world. I found browsing through the art pieces displayed in the gallery soothing. It allows you to forget that you are in the hectic city of Jakarta. Its cafe is under construction at the moment. When it is open, I have no doubt that it will be a hot spot for artsy Jakartans.

Kemang is the area where the shops that remind me of Harajuku or Daikanyama in Tokyo stand. If you ever visit Jakarta, I highly encourage you to go visit trendy restaurants and stores in Kemang.

このディアログというお店の説明に、言葉は必要ない気がします。以前私のブログで家を紹介させていただいた友人が、ディアログを紹介してくれ、またダイアログで買えるフォントの本”A-Z Of The Archipelago”が良いと教えてくれました。「AからZまでの群島」(“A-Z Of The Archipelago”)とは、インドネシアの古典的なデザインをモチーフとしたフォントの本で、CDが着いており、コンピューターに落として使えるようになっています。ディアログは外観もとても素敵です。友人と一緒にディアログに入り、お店は素敵だし可愛いものばかりが並んでいて、二人して圧倒されました。またお店の後ろにあるギャラリーは、作品を見ているだけで心が落ち着くようなスペースになっています。忙しいジャカルタの街に居ることを忘れさせてくれそうなこのカフェは、今回(2011年5月時点)まだ建設中だったのですが、カフェが開いたら、きっとジャカルタのアート好きな人たちの憩いの場になるのではないでしょうか。


Jl. Kemang Selatan 99 A
Jakarta, 12730
Tel: +62 21 9671/72

Coming from north of Kemang Raya, drive south. You pass Chic Mart to your left and KOI Kemang to your right. Keep going till the dead-end. Take a left. You pass an Italian restaurant “a TavoLa” on your left. Pay attention to your left side as dia.lo.gue will show up on your left soon after the strip of restaurants with a TavoLa.

Additional Information!
One of the readers told me that the naming of dia.lo.gue is a play on words. Please read Cam’s comment below to learn what dia.lo.gue also means in Indonesian slang! Thanks, Cam!!


にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログへ


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    looks so unique and cute!! It looks like there are so many nice stores in Jakarta – but I know there are as many or even more in Tokyo too… which makes me realize it’s all your time and effort that make it look like Jakarta is a wonder city where you can find all the cute stuff!! Thanks for doing all the work for us :-)

  2. says

    I’ve been meaning to write about dialogue for a long time and I’m a bit sad I didn’t get to take pictures of their paper art show which was brilliant! Thanks for sharing your lovely pics! The lamp is adorable… my godson has the same one in his room. LOL!

  3. Cam says

    Beautiful store! and also interestingly, the name’s a clever pun. Dia.lo.gue separately means dia =he/she. Lo= you. gue = I. Lo and gue being a Jakartan slang and only used only among close friends.

  4. says

    Kaho, another great post. I really thankful that you feature local artist, galleries, Indie designer at your post. I love to write about creative local community here at Malaysia too. I think they are fabulous. It just they don’t blog or online network so much like those artist from Europe or US. I really hope in the future they will.

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  6. yumi says

    A-Z Of The Archipelagoも購入してきました。

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  7. hardy says

    Saya tertarik dengan tempat ini,kalau boleh tahu apakah tempat ini semacam galery?dan apakah tempat ini memperjualkan belikan barang-barang yang mempunyai nilai seni?mohon info lebih jelasnya terima kasih?

    • says

      Tempat ini, Dia.lo.gue, semacam galery. Saya tidak tahu rincian banyak. Silahkan hubungi toko untuk informasi lebih lanjut. Terima kasih.

      Tel: +62 21 9671/72


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