Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ The Dharmawangsa Hotel & High Tea

My sister came to visit us in Jakarta for a week. One of the places I took her was Majapahit Lounge in The Dharmawangsa Hotel for its gorgeous high tea. (After I posted this, I learned that the proper name for it is actually afternoon tea.) I even brought my kids. Indonesians are so wonderful with kids that I was confident that it would be okay to bring them. There are probably not many five-star hotels in the world where you can bring children to a high tea and would not feel out of place or uncomfortable. I let my kids accompany us even though I knew it would be more relaxing without them. I just thought that my sister would have more fun with them and knowing my kids would be sad to stay home and not see their aunt, I didn’t want to leave them at home. I told my girls that it would be a tea party and they were very excited.

Unlike other high rise luxurious hotels in Jakarta, The Dharmawangsa has more traditional, yet not old fashioned and small town like, yet cosmopolitan feel to it. The beautiful architecture is exotic. To learn more about the hotel, click here for an article about it.



The details of decoration such as flowers reminded me of Bali.

You can hear live music at certain time.

My kids heard the performance in the hallway and showed interest in the traditional Indonesian bamboo xylophones from Bali. They listed to the music right by the men who were performing, then next thing I knew, they let them play with the xylophones. Indonesians are so nice…

The display is the collection of Indonesian sweets.

You can order a set for two people. One set has more than enough food for two women. Scone is my favorite. A set comes with one tea. I find the price quite reasonable for a high tea at a luxurious hotel like The Dharmawangsa.

The room was quite chilly. I forgot to bring sweaters. I actually didn’t even think about bringing sweaters, but I highly recommend it. As my girls got cold, we borrowed two blankets.

My baby also enjoyed laying down on a couch, too.

My sweet sister said to me, I must not have many opportunity to take photos with my kids, which is true, and took photos of me with my kids. I love it.

Majapahit Lounges and Bar

The Dharmawangsa
Jl. Brawijaya Raya No. 26, Kebayoran Baru,
Jakarta 12160, Indonesia.

Tel. 62-21-725 8181
Fax. 62-21-725 8383


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    I’ve been meaning to try the high tea there. Looks amazing. Maybe we can go together when I get back. Great pic of the four of you! I don’t have any photos with the kids either.

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