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As I promised in the previous post here, here is the information on the dentist I recently went in Jakarta. One of my friends recommended this dental clinic. She told me that she used to go to Singapore for dental care, but after discovering Orthodontist, Dr. Erwina Bakrie, she no longer travels to Singapore for it. I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful office. It was just like a dental office in the U.S. I also got an X-ray of my teeth and the equipment was very impressive. She also sees children only on Saturdays. If you need an orthodontist in Jakarta, I highly recommend Dr. Erwina Bakrie.

I had to get Root Canal done on my tooth. I paid IDR 4,500,000 (US$520) for the Root Canal treatment and IDR 500,000 (US$60) for an X-ray. I asked my friends on Facebook how much they have paid for Root Canal in the U.S. and the answers were $2000+ just for Root Canal, so the price you pay in South East Asia is a bargain. One of my friends wrote me a comment on Facebook “Make sure your (Indonesian) dentist treat the right tooth! It happened to my friend.” Whaaaaaaat? That’s funny! Well, I shouldn’t laugh at it since that’s unfortunate, but that’s comical, don’t you think? Even though I only saw Dr. Erwin Bakrie once, I felt very confident with her skill.



*Dr. Erwina Bakrie’s Office will move in mid July, 2011 to another location in Jakarta. Please contact the office for more information, but they don’t know where yet. When I find out the information, I will update the information here as well.

Dr. Erwina Bakrie

Kantor Taman A9
Unit D 3rd Floor
Kawasan Mega Kuningan
Jakarta 12950
Tel: 021-576-3369
Fax: 021-576-3368
Jl. Petogogan I No. 10A
Blok A, Jakarta Selatan
Phone/Fax: +62 21 725 2222 / 0811 803463
SMS: 0813 80895217

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  1. dental art says

    Starting from 2012 “Dental art clinic” has moving to Jl. Petogogan 1 No.10a, Blok A, Jakarta Selatan. For details please contact +6287877870005 / (drg.Erwina) or for reservation +628128546077 (Novi)


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