Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Decoration At My Friend’s

While four of us visited Japan a couple of weeks ago, we stayed at our friends, Yumi and her husband. They currently live in Tokyo and graciously offered to host us as we all could not fit at my parents. Yumi is my friend who does color analysis and has four kids. She’s a super mom, wife and color consultant.

I would like to introduce her style of decorating here. I love her chic minimalist style. It makes a total sense for a family with small kids to have a simple style, but at the same time if you don’t own much, it could also mean that you only own items you love. In simplicity, I saw more of her interest and liking.



Do you recognize this lamp shade? It’s “ALFHILD FÅGEL” which I saw on a website for IKEA Japan. I think this lamp shade is adorable!! As I was checking the lamp shades on IKEA Japan website, I saw this silver lamp. Holy Cow, cool!!

このランプの傘に見覚えありますか?これはIKEAの”ALFHILD FÅGEL“というランプの笠です。IKEA Japanのサイトで見ました。可愛いですよね!IKEAのサイトを見ていたら、こんなランプの笠も見つけました。すごいかっこいいかも。

Yumi, our friend, Nami and I made a wreath together when we still lived in Virginia. The photo above is the one Yumi made. Here’s the post about how I made mine.

ゆみさんと私は、もう一人の友人 なみんさんと3人でリースを作りました。これがゆみさんの作品。私が作ったリースはこちら

The candle holder wreath with a bronze candle is another item we made together thanks to Nami’s instruction. Carefully picked decorative items at Yumi’s made her home very warm and welcoming. It was so nice and comfortable that we could stay there forever!


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  1. says

    This place looks familiar…. It’s my place!!!!! :-)
    I have so many things I want to purchase, but like you said, I keep it to the very minimum… But yes, I think I like it very simple too!
    I decorate the place with whatever I have… but I need a much bigger vase for the entrance!!!
    Thanks Kaho for writing about me. It’s an honor, seriously.

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