Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Decorating Bathrooms


I am a bit late for Wednesday post. I don’t know where my time goes…

Here are the photos of our bathrooms in our apartment in Mumbai for my Wednesday Wall2Wall interior.

Bathrooms are spaces in homes where you don’t spend as much time as you would in a living room or bedroom, but it is still an important space to your home. I like making bathrooms look nice and go with the rest of our home. I’d like bathrooms to look simple, pretty and functional at the same time. Here are some ideas I used to decorate our current bathrooms.

Kids Bathroom

This is the bathroom that my middle and youngest children share. It leans more towards a boyish design, but I have meant this bathroom to be gender neutral. The towels are SKÄRET from IKEA.

bathrooms e4

These butterfly frames are gifts from my dear Japanese friend and her husband in Jakarta, Indonesia.


bathrooms e2

I like to cover and hide every little clutter.

bathrooms e3

The hooks are BÄSTIS hooks from IKEA. I wanted to decorate the wall, but I didn’t want to invest too much money or efforts into it. Then I remembered I purchased the BÄSTIS hooks at IKEA in the U.S. and shipped them to Mumbai when we moved, so I decided to use them as decoration as they are so adorable!


These below blue dog and green tub with soap and lotion were things I got in the past. You can see a pattern here. The items in this bathroom are the collection of what I was attracted to, but because the color patterns are the same, they all go well together.





Bathroom in Guest Bedroom

This is a bathroom in a guest bedroom for our out-of-town visitors who stay with us. I decorated our guest bedroom with an Asian theme with Nishijima wood block prints, thus I went with the same Asian theme for the bathroom. The two decorative plates are souvenirs from Myanmar which my husband bought there.




Master Bedroom

bathrooms e


I like to use baskets to hide any clutter.



For Guests

This is the bathroom in our study which is used by our guests. Since I photographed this bathroom back in November 2013, there is still a pumpkin basket and pumpkin spice soap for the fall season. Normally I don’t have the orange color in this bathroom.



bathrooms e1

I wanted this bathroom to have a beach feel because many places we have lived overseas in the past were near the ocean. The photographs in the white frames are my souvenirs from Okinawa, Japan where my husband and I spent two years with our first daughter and then were joined by our second daughter during our time there. The photographs were taken in Okinawa by my friend and fantastic professional photographer Annya Eyestone.

I hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. Joy says

    They are all great, but your kids’ bathroom is especially adorable! They’re lucky to have such a cute, inviting space.

  2. says

    Gosh, how come your bathroom is clean and neat? it’s impossible doing it with mine, but i guess i will try to use your idea by using baskets to hide all the clutters is really a good idea. Thanks for sharing Kaho

    • says

      Thank you, thank you! Actually I had to clean some clutter before taking photos!! I can’t say that my bathrooms always look neat. However, having those baskets are great for cleaning up quickly!

  3. Oxana Koliada says

    Very beautiful bathrooms with stylish accessories! The tree curtain is definitely my favorite! It might be so much fun to decorate new modern bathroom, with our bathrooms I can’t do much….

    • says

      I hear you! I used the same tree curtain in my previous kids’ bathroom and actually it changed the look of the bathroom. I find shower curtains are very important to create a mood of a bathroom. Thank you always for taking time to leave me a comment, Oxana!!

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