DC United Game

I like to play sports, but unlike many men, I’m not so into watching games on TV except for Olympic games, World Cup, and other major competitions. I enjoy watching sport games whenever I do with my husband though. When it comes to watching real games in person, I enjoy it even more. It’s the atmosphere that does it for me. Sometimes you get a better look of each players on TV than watching a game from the stand by the bare eye, but you can’t beat the fact that you’re actually there watching.

My husband and I played soccer in an intramural league with the team made by the employees of my previous company I worked with when we lived in Austin, Texas many years ago and I enjoyed it. I learned the rules by playing, so it’s fun to watch soccer games since I know what’s going on. Soccer is one of the few sports that people from all over the world love equally. Unlike many other sports, all you have to parepare is a ball. No other gears required. I think that its simplicity makes this sport so popular wherever you go. I saw kids with bare feet play with a worn out soccer ball on the streets of Senegal.

We boosted up the excitement of the game with a tailgate party with my husbands’ colleagues. Our kids and I experienced a tailgate party for the first time! It was so fun!! Our friend grilled some delicious marinated chicken. There were many fans having BBQ and picnic before the games. There was even a live concert at the Lot 8. Unfortunately my second child wasn’t feeling so well and actually had fever, but she survived. She was such a trooper. She even watched the game. The last two photos are the fans whom we saw at the same lot.

You can’t see well in the photo on the bottom left, but the guy in the blue jersey is Conor Casey who plays for the other team, Colorado Rapids. The game ended with 0-1 and DC United lost the game. Bummer. I was well entertained at the game despite the loss and enjoyed cheering for the DC United. It was fun to see the fans get rowdy at the side line, too.

You know what’s starting soon? The World Cup! This year as you know the tournament will take place in South Africa. This is the very first time that the tournament has been hosted by an African nation. This fact itself excites me. My husband is especially thrilled about the games. He’s of course a diehard Team USA fan. Me? Sure, I root for Samurai Blue. I, the ninja, will be cheering for the samurai’s who will play in Africa. I should get my blue jersey out to show my support. Ganbatte Nippon!! (Go Japan!)


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