Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Country Style Kitchen

Once again, I apologize for the tardiness. I miss being involved in the blog sphere, but at the same time, I’m savoring my time with my family whom I get to see once a year.

Every time I visit my husband’s Grandma’s gorgeous house I always enjoy hanging out in her kitchen. It’s probably my favorite space in her house. It is the place families gather and chat when we get together at Grandma’s. One thing I forgot to take picture of is the indoor window she has in the kitchen which connects the kitchen and dining room. Maybe next time I will take a photo of it. I like her store to display technique. The balance and the combinations she makes with various items in her kitchen make the room cozy and welcoming. I hope when I am at her age, I will have a home like hers.



Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T3


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    I can’t believe this is your Grandmother’s house! It looks like an antique store!
    Also, don’t ever apologize for spending time with your family. That’s where you’re supposed to be.

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    Oooh reminds me of my grandparents-inlaws home (Hub’s grandparents)… Everything they kept or on display were way back from the late 1800s, World War era and traditional British dining sets. Memorable antiques :)

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    What an amazing house! I love the display to store technique too! I wish we could do it here in Jakarta but with my problem with dust, it’s just impossible! Her home reminded me of my aunt who loves country too! You should see her home! It’s crazy packed with the cutest things because she used to have a country decor store. I love that your grandma keeps a red color motif to unify the entire space. As always lovely pictures sweety!

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