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It is always such a joy to walk into a new restaurant. Common People popped open at the entrance to Kemang on Kemang Raya. This is a great location because you’re less likely to be stuck in the notorious Kemang traffic. If you think you’re going to be stuck in traffic going into Kemang and you are in no rush, you can even stop by at Common People and grab some drinks or chat with friends.

You walk into Common People and the eclectic interior design with whimsical and modern touch welcomes you. The big bay windows let in the sun light and sitting in the couch by the window makes it feel like you’re sitting outside. It was really nice to sit there and chat with my friends.

The restaurant has smoking and non-smoking seats, but they are all in the same room, so the restaurant feels a bit smoky even in the non-smoking area. That’s very common in Jakarta though. I ordered from the breakfast menu and it was tasty. My friend ordered it, too and we both finished it. The lemonade with mint leaves was refreshing and quenched my thirsty throat. Price wise, I find it average expat oriented prices.

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Common People Kemang18Even a bathroom decoration is pretty. I love checking out bathrooms at restaurants and hotels.

These were displayed in the restaurant. I like their sense of humor.
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You can see this restaurant when you drive into Kemang Raya from Prapanca or driving out from Kemang Raya into Prapanca. It looks very welcoming especially at night when the warm lights are turned on.

Common People
Phone: +62 21 718 1843
Fax: +62 21 718 3417
Facebook commonpeopleJKT
Twitter @commonpeopleJKT

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  1. Joy says

    Great shots! I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes checking out the restrooms at nice restaurants and hotels, lol.

  2. Heavenwildfleur says

    Oh wow.. What a coincidence, the owner came to my store and bought some scales (which I spy in your beautiful photographs, the green one and a gorgeous wooden one which I see in their f&b page!) and some other items. She said she was decorating her restaurant in Jakarta with them… What a pleasant surprise to see them turn up here! Would love better photos of them so I can repost it on our page!

    • says

      It’s great to hear from you, Heaven Wild Fleur. I remember you from the Blogging Your Way course in October, 2010. You were my fellow student. It is such a small world that the shop owner shopped at your store! I knew that you and your friends opened a shop in Singapore through Notabilia.

      Is the green scale in this picture?

      • says

        Hehehe.. that’s all right.
        I ordered Nasi Bali which was ok and jalapeno cheese croquette with honey mustard dip. I love the their croquette the most, perfectly cheesy and the dipping sauce was slightly sweet and sour.. yummmeeh.

    • says

      Thanks! I only went there twice during my time. I had a breakfast dish. I thought it was good, but not remarkable like you said. Their lemon squash was thirst quenching and I loved it! I find that dining experience in Jakarta is often very good, but not remarkable. What makes it so special to dine out in Jakarta, though, is the detailed thoughts put into their interior design. There are so many amazing places.

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