Color Analysis III – Cosmetics

Before I start writing about cosmetics, let me tell you a potty training episode. I hope you’re not reading this as you eat. So, my second daughter is progressing on potty training. Just a tiny bit each day. She now tells me when she needs to go Numero 2. In the past several days, if I was lucky, I was able to put her on the potty before she dirtied her diaper. Sometimes she would tell me after the fact.

This morning when I was having some friends over for a play date/color analysis (I know, I’m into it), she decided that she would take care of everything without telling me. My sweet friend kindly informed me that my daughter was announcing that she was done with her business. I walked into the bathroom and there it was. A piece of souvenir from my daughter on the bath mat. Yeeeeeek!!! There was a mark on the adjustable toilet seat and even on her leg. I suspect that she took off her diaper after she had realized that she needed to finish her business on the toilet, but it was a bit too late for her to conduct the act without making a mess. I don’t know why, but she decided not to tell me.

A couple of hours later, I was having lunch with another friend of mine who came over to my place. I finished my lunch and looked up. I saw my second daughter tiptoeing out of the bathroom half-naked. What the heck? She looked at me and said she finished. What? Didn’t you just…. do it… like two hours ago? I doubtfully walked into the toilet and saw the evidence in the toilet. From what I saw on the diaper though, she did it in her diaper, but decided that she would toss the poop in the toilet and rolled it out of the diaper without dirtying her hands. She had seen me do it before. (I usually put the solid in a toilet before I get rid of a dirty diaper.) I think she did this to make it look like she actually went potty. I was astonished by the fact that she was able to plot the whole thing.

She still hasn’t told me when she needs to go number 1, but I’m sure she’ll learn it before too long. I don’t care so much about that part. I started potty training my second daughter so that I don’t have to deal with her poop, but today’s accidents taught me that potty training can be messier than simply using diapers.

I would like to add more information about color analysis. (If you are curious about color analysis, you can find my post on seasonal color analysis here and the one about the styles of each season here.)

The colors below are not the colors people should wear in each season. They are the guidelines for people to find out what color under each season flatters their skin tones. You find out what season you are through a process called color analysis .

Here is the sample of lipstick colors of four seasons.

Top: spring, summer
Bottom: autumn, winter


Top: spring, summer
Bottom: autumn, winter

I don’t wear lip stick so often, but I use blush almost everyday. I think blush plays an important role for your makeup because as we get older, our skin starts to look duller, but blush makes it look much younger and healthier just like kids who have natural pink color on their cheeks.

These are my impulse buy at Payless. The price was right and I liked the design, so why not grabbing it? I like to wear heels, but I haven’t found any shoes with heels I like in the recent past. I have to keep looking…


  1. Kyra says

    So, I was showing Ken your blog and he started reading today’s entry about color analysis and Y’s potty training. Of course his response was that he was afraid that your next post would be a transition between the two topics, the color analysis of Yuena’s Numero 2. Boys will be boys!


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