Color Analysis II – Apparel of Four Seasons





Do you know your personal color? I previously wrote about Seasonal Color Analysis. Color Analysis is a system to figure out what group of colors look best on you based on your hair, eye and skin colors. There are professional consultants with credentials who analyze and figure out the group/season of colors that suit you the best. It’s different from what colors you like. Basically there are colors that compliment on your natural beauty and knowing what colors bring out the best out of you help you look more beautiful, younger and healthier. I’m totally sold on this one.

If you went through color analysis, but you can’t figure out what outfit belongs to which season, there is no point of knowing your colors, right? For those of you who need a little help to figure out how clothes look under each season, here’s some samples for you. As you can see, I have posted some clothes and classified them in each seasonal groups. Please note that I have edited some of the photos in order to get the closest colors as real ones and that’s why the color of the carpet has a slight variation.

Apparently, I do not like Autumn colors at all… (Kidding) After getting my color analysis done, I realized I love Autumn colors for my clothes. I always thought I love gray and I do, but I seem to be attracted to the clothes in autumn colors especially for summer clothes. Very interesting.

I asked my friend, Yumi, who’s the counselor to check what season some of the clothes posted on here belong to, but I didn’t ask her about all of them and I might have sorted a few (could be more) in a wrong season. This chart is subject to change and I plan on developing it a little more. Please check back later if you’re interested in finding out the types of clothes in your season. Thanks!

My little girl’s colors are autumn. I think she looks better in this shirt and brown pants than, lets say, in bright pink.

Her favorite character is Hello Kitty. She’s wearing one on her hair, too.


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    I feel shy when I see myself on your blog… Oh, I didn’t know I was shy!!

    Your best colors bring out your inner beauty. And of course you are absolutely gorgeous in summer colors, Kaho!

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