Christmas Decoration ☆ Red, Silver, and Santa Claus

It’s festive everywhere. So is our home. Here is a collection of pictures of the Christmas decoration in our house. When we lived in a two bedroom apartment back in the States, our place looked very crowded with Christmas decoration, but now in a much bigger space in a house, I feel like I hardly have enough as they are all spread out… I have an excuse to buy more. Yes!


Have you heard of “The ELF On The SHELF“? We received this gift from my father-in-law’s wife. You get the elf out before Christmas around the time you put out Christmas decoration and you are supposed to move his location everyday. He ‘watches’ the kids during the day so that the kids behave. To learn more about it, click here for the Elf on the Shelf homepage. Well, I have been a lousy mom and I kept forgetting to move him, so my 6-year-old daughter is skeptical of him! My younger one thinks he’s real though. Phew! I asked my older daughter why she doesn’t think he’s real and she said “because it came out of a box.” Dang, kids get smarter. We’ll see if they noticed where he is in the morning…


Have you been to my kitchen?
I think I haven’t posted any pictures of my kitchen on my blog, so here you go.

I love looking at photos of Christmas decoration. I found these photos posted on a blog, Around My Table very inspiring. Check out Nordic Warmth, Christmas Living and Wreath Around. They are like Christmas dreams all in one place.


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    Fancy silver Christmas ornaments on the table there! I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I like the festivity of it, just like a matsuri! have u shop for presents? what did you get for your hubby? (maybe it can hint me :D)

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      Hi, Tazki! My hubby wants a camera. He wants Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH20. More details than you need? :) In the States you can buy it for less than $150, but here it’s about the double the price!! We don’t know if it’s worth paying that much money for something you can get for so much less. Incredible how high the electronic prices are here! So, I’m not sure what to do… What about you? What are you getting for your hubby?

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    what nice decorations. I like the elf on the shelf idea but I had never heard of it either. yes kids are getting smarter! hehe
    I haven’t been reading all my favorite blogs and I miss being around blogland. but for now it’s family and the kids. after new years I will have more time to read and to blog. I miss it, but I left my camera behind with hubby. so you can imagine I’m going through “camera-withdrawal syndrome” LOL. anyways have great Holidays!

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    I loved seeing your home decorated and ready for Christmas. Your decorations are so pretty Kaho and put my poor attempt this year to shame. I love your front door wreath and the pretty silver on your coffee table. I enjoyed seeing some snippets of your kitchen too.

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