Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Christmas 2011 & New Year 2012 Decoration

Yes, this is way long due, but if I don’t post these photos now, I probably won’t post them at all, I’m afraid, so here they are.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year in terms of home decoration. I love the aroma of cinnamon and apple, the sparkly colors, the romantic ambiance and the happy feel. I usually don’t use red to decorate my home except for in my kids room, but Christmas is an exception. Since I can’t just pick one color to decorate my home for Christmas, I have a few color themes in different sections of the house.


Entry Way

Dining Room

Living Room is silver and white. I only took a photo of the coffee table display for 2011 which is shown above. I forgot to take photos of other items in the living room! You can see the Christmas decoration at my house from 2010 on this page and here is the post from 2010 about our Christmas Tree.


New Year’s Day Celebratory Breakfast

This is a very simple version of “osechi”, traditional Japanese New Year Meal. I prepared “osechi” for my family this year because I especially wanted my girls to learn and experience the Japanese New Year as it is part of their heritage. I bought already made meal package at a Japanese grocery store, but I also cooked a few dishes. The girls enjoyed my “zoni”, the soup with rice cake. I always love having zoni on New Year’s Day and without it I feel like something is missing on January First.

May 2012 bring much joy and happiness to you and yours!




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      I meant to mention that! I always put away Christmas stuff before December 31. It feels more refreshing and like New Year if I clean Christmas decoration at home.

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    I’ve had such a good time going through your interior decorating posts. You’ve done a magnificent job in using the provided furniture and it’s so lovely to see how you and your family have grown into it, The Christmas and New Year pictures are such a contrast to the before pictures, it really looks like a (very stylish) home.
    Now I just have to think how on earth I make my orange provided furniture work with anything other than more orange.

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      Thank you for such kind words!!! I love interior design. I am not experienced and there are so many people out there who are good at it that I don’t have much confidence. I hope that one day I will have more experiences and be more creative with it! Orange color furniture is a hard color….


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