Cherry Blossoms in Kenwood

Tired of the crowd around Tidal Basin? Want to have a change of scenery for cherry blossoms viewing? You missed the peak at Tidal Basin? Just want to see more of cherry blossoms? Well, this might be a good place to visit.

Kenwood, Maryland is a neighborhood famous for the 1,200 Yoshino cherry blossom trees, which is the same kind of cherry blossoms you see on Tidal Basin. We went to see more cherry blossoms on Sunday afternoon. The peak of the cherry blossom’s full bloom in Kenwood is 3-5 days later than that in Tidal Basin. This year, Easter Sunday was so gorgeous that I couldn’t help taking advantage of the weather to stay outside and visit the well-known area for cherry blossom viewing, which I learned about from my Japanese friend.

Am I crazy to go see cherry blossoms this often? Well, my friend, after a long winter with 3 historical blizzards, if the weather turns out to be as gorgeous as this year when it happens that cherry blossoms are in full bloom and you live a relatively short drive from them, wouldn’t you go out to see them as often as I did?

We saw many lemonade vendors. I was quite tempted to buy a cup, but I also felt the urge to go use the bathroom. I didn’t see any around as we were walking. Needless to say, I didn’t get any. It was quite warm yesterday, so I’m sure many of the lemonade vendors made a good profit yesterday!

There were many yellow signs with ‘no parking’ along the streets. You can find some parking spaces as you go deeper in the neighborhood, but the parking seems restricted in the high traffic area.

Note to myself: Do not pack strawberries as snack when the girls are wearing a white or light color dress!

Sunscreen was a must item on this day. I found this stick sunscreen at Target. What a brilliant idea. I have it in my purse. Very handy!

The neighborhood was absolutely gorgeous. It looked like each house popped out of a magazine. At least to me.

I find cherry blossoms peaceful. Something about their color and their being ephemeral. The cherry blossoms bloom with all their strength and live their life fully. Then they fall. They drift down as the spring breeze blow the petals in the air.

To me it’s a reminder of a year passing and moving on. Cherry blossoms is the base of my philosophy of life which is life is too short not to enjoy and appreciate what we have at that moment.

This is the last report on cherry blossoms in DC this year and for a long time. I have no idea when will be the next time we’ll see cherry blossoms in DC. I hope some of you enjoyed my photos…



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