Monday Mode ☆ Charles & Keith Shoes and Purse

sandals: Charles & Keith (About Rp. 199,000 ($20))

I found Charles & Keith at Grand Indonesia. I have never even heard of the brand before (because I usually don’t fall for brand names), so I didn’t know about Charles & Keith. The reason why I learned about Charles & Keith was because the store had up-t0 70% off sales and it was packed full of women the day I was there. Since it was the first time I saw so many people in a store, I could not resist my curiosity to check it out. I’m becoming like my mom. She always loves to check out a store with a crowd. There must be something good going on, right?

I walked into the store crawling in the crowd while dodging the people, trying to find the shoes I like. At the same time, I tried to keep my little monkey 3-year-old daughter trotting behind me like a little mouse close to me (my husband was in another store with our first daughter). It was exhausting and even though I spent a good 20 minutes or so there, I couldn’t find anything because people trying out so many sandals made a big mess in the store. My husband and our girls was getting tired and it was getting late, so we went home.

Several days later I went back and found the above items. I highly recommend going to a store on a weekday. So much calmer and easier.

I love the silver sandals. They are not as easy on my feet. I am not used to wearing tall high heels and my feet are kind of wide, so the sides with straps hurt some. They wouldn’t stop me from wearing them because I love the look of the sandals.

bag: Charles & Keith (Rp. 299,000 on sale (US$30))
I fell in love with this silver purse. Kids seem to get drawn to touch the scale looking silver sequins. I hope the sequins will stay on there for a long time. I need to be careful with my purse.

sandals: Charles & Keith (About Rp. 299,000 (US$30))

The black sandals above are not my usual style, but I like the funkiness about them and the soles being not so steep. They are easy to wear even though their heels are pretty high.

dress: Bay Window in Rockport, Texas

If you want a cool designer’s shoes with reasonable prices, you must check out Charles & Keith. Charles & Keith was originally created in Singapore.

Are you looking for shoes in Jakarta? Check out Cilandak Town Square (CITOS)!!

I went to CITOS (pronounce CHEE-TOS) with my family today because my friends here recommended it. CITOS stands for Cilandak Town Square. Until today the only “chee-tos” I knew was the orange cheese flavor snack, Cheetos, but now my favorite “chee-tos” is this Shopping Mall!

Anyways, there is a department store inside the CITOS Shopping Center called “MATA HARI”. The second floor of MATA HARI is women’s fashion and there is a HUGE section for women’s shoes. Unbelievable selection. So far, it is the best shoe store I’ve been in Jakarta. If you are looking for a pair of sandals, do try CITOS. If you want to go to CITOS, try to get there in the morning to avoid the traffic going down there.

top: Target, bottom: H&M

Long simple earrings give a little dressy look.

Store Locations In JAKARTA

Central Park
Cibubur Junction
Emporium Pluit
Gandaria City
Grand Indonesia
Kelapa Gading
Mal Artha Gading
Mal Puri Indah
Metropolitan Mal – Bekasi
Pacific Place
Plaza Indonesia
Plaza Senayan
Pluit Village
Pondok Indah Mal 1
Senayan City
Sumarecon Serpong

If you would like to find the location of your nearest Charles & Keith store in Indonesia, click here. The one I went was inside of Grand Indonesia.

Cilandak Town Square (aka CITOS)
Go down south on Jalan Fatmawati. Take a left onto Jalan TB Simatupang (many call this just Simatupang). Gandaria City will soon show up on your left. It is a very colorful shopping center with bright colors like yellow, blue, red and orange. You won’t miss it.

The fabulous shoe section is inside the MATAHARI Department Store located on the 2nd Floor.


  1. says

    Thanks for the bday wishes Kaho! I love C&K also, they’re easy on the price! The Bay Window dress, is so cute also! Love it… I heard there’s a new churros shop opened in Grand Indonesia (Churreria), did you check them out? I’m dying to eat churros in Jakarta! ( I had a few in Disney Sea Tokyo and loved it (^0^) )

  2. says

    I have walked into a Charles & Keith but have never bought any pair yet. They have really nice shoes like the ones you scored. That bag is gorgeous too!

  3. says

    Normally I steer clear of fashion and style blogs but yours is well organized, well thought and very beautiful. You look lovely, the clothes look great and the stuff you choose to feature is always interesting. I think I was initially drawn in by your black and white striped top. I love ultra-bold high contrast and most men are suckers for a pretty girl in a cute top.

  4. ariocool says

    Hi there, just wanna tell you that the store supposed to be written without the space : “Matahari”, it also means sun in English. Matahari is a big clothing and accessories store in Indonesia, which consists of many brands in one store. It usually available in some malls like Taman Anggrek Mal and Ciputra Mal (West Jakarta), Pluit Village (North Jakarta), etc. And Matahari also usually gives discount daily. Just take a look in some newspaper like “Kompas”, they used to have the big ads there somewhere on earlier pages. Other than Matahari, there’re also “Metro” and “Sogo”, they’re almost the same, the different is, Matahari used to have the most affordable price between them.

    • says

      Thanks for the correction on the spelling! I was impressed with Matahari for their shoes selection when I went there. There is one in CITOS in Cilandak, too, which might be closer to many expats.


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