New York ☆ Central Park

I visited Central Park 7 years ago when my girl friends and I made a trip to New York City. The same park left me with a different impression this time. Now we have two kids, we took them to the kid’s area of Central Park. I love the classic look of the play ground. No plastic. I hope it’ll stay that way.

The sky scrapers played peek-a-boo between trees as we walked around. Central Park must be an oasis of the city. Kids were playing on play structures in the background of high-rises. This must be a very typical scene in this city. I find it quite fascinating.

I noticed that there were constantly some young adults playing on the swings at the Central Park. I don’t think you see this often in other places. I’ve seen some in Tokyo, but have not encountered many in our neighborhood in Northern Virginia, maybe once. I thought that it was interesting. It’s nice that grown-up kids can feel comfortable getting on a swing and chat. I felt peaceful. We all are kids at heart, aren’t we?

We were lucky that we didn’t get rained on Friday. I was happy that the weather forecast was wrong. The city looked even pretty with the gloomy weather.

On the last day of our trip, Sunday, we went for a walk again at Central Park. It was a lovely day, still chilly, but the sun was out. So were many people.

There is something sweet about guys pushing a stroller. I’ve known my husband’s friend since my husband, my boy friend at the time, and I were dating. I never imagined that I would see them push their strollers together. Aging is not something I think about often, but the moments like this gave me an opportunity to realize that aging brings some happiness. Suddenly, the flashback of the good old times zipped through my mind and it was crazy to think that it’s been 13 years since my husband and I got together.

While I was snapping away, my daughter broke off this one small branch of flowers. I felt guilty. That’s a big no-no in Japan and I assume it’s the same in the U.S. I don’t know how many times I have told her that it was not good to break branches to kill flowers and she had to be nice to plants. It must be confusing to her that picking dandelions is okay because they are wild flowers, but doing so to planted flowers and trees is not acceptable.

I wonder how old our girls would be when we visit the park next time. How old will I be? What will I be doing? Where will we be living? It’s unpredictable, but that’s what I like about my life.

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  1. Sophie's mom says

    I DO love to visit your site, thoguh this time, my daughter loved it too. A lots of pictures of her favorite friends! I can tell you guys had really good time in NY. You made me think about that we need to go too! More pictures to come, right? better will.

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