Throwback Thursday ☆ Taipei In Instagram & 6 Impressions of Taiwan

These photos pretty much summarize our trip to Taiwan during this past winter break in 2014 and New Year’s of 2015. I have posted those same images of our family trip in Taiwan on my Instagram account as well as my blog’s Facebook Fan Page. I have taken some other photos with my DSLR in order to write our travel recommendations of Taipei, Yilan, a town an hour-train ride from Taipei and Pingxi, an hour-drive or two-and-a-half-hour train ride from Taipei in the near future. If you plan on going to Taipei, I hope you will come back to my blog to get some of the recommendations. I can’t take credit for them, though. They were researched by our friends, Kara and Josh, who have lived there as expats and they know the best places to visit for visitors.

Six Impressions of Taipei

1. Clean
The city looked super clean to me.

2. Biker Friendly
The newly developed area of Taipei had bike lanes next to the pavement which create a very safe place for bikers. I also read that there are bicycle trails all over the city. There were bicycle rental places everywhere.

3. Great Chinese Food
If you love Chinese food, Taipei is the city for you. I have been to Singapore and they also have amazing Chinese food, but they tend to be expensive unless you go to Hawkers markets. I hear Hong Kong has great food, too. If you want some top class Chinese food, though, Taipei is the place to be for its quality and taste without breaking your bank account, which is a key.

4. Safe
It felt very safe. It is a very safe city for women even after the dark. When traveling with kids, there is nothing better than going to some places that are safe.

5. Friendly
Taiwanese people are very friendly to foreigners. As a Japanese individual, I felt very welcomed. I find Taiwanese people are warm towards Japanese people and they are interested in the Japanese culture.

6. Convenient, Safe and Inexpensive Public Transportation
Safe and reliable public transportation made the sightseeing easy and pleasant. Taxis are also inexpensive, so in case of rain or going to some place far, it was worth hiring a taxi.

Taipei definitely made our New Year’s of 2015 special. The best of all, we were able to spend it with some of our great friends we’ve made and our kids got along and played very well. What makes us happy during the trip once kids come into a picture is different from what used to make us happy in the pre-kids time. Simplest things such as spending time with friends indulging in the food and company and seeing kids smile on our side are some of the best moments of our vacation these days.

I hope you will come back to read the recommendations for Taipei and other towns in the future!

All of the photos on this post were taken on my iPod Touch with VSCO Cam application.

Snap Shots ☆ Summer 2013

on the cell phone

After we put a closure to our wonderful 3 years in Jakarta, my family and I flew to Tokyo. I stayed there with my 3 kids for 3 weeks at my parents’ place. During those 3 weeks, I hardly took pictures. Or blogged. Or used email. Part of it was withdrawal. The last month in Jakarta to prepare for the big move with 3 young children was exhausting. More importantly I didn’t have the time to do so in Tokyo. How do parents find the time when they take care of 3 young kids or more?

Then I flew with my 3 kids, 8-year-old, 5-year-old, and 16-month-old, from Tokyo to the Washington metropolitan area to join my husband. With the jet-lag, I could hardly find the time to get on internet. I started taking photos again, but a week into my return to the U.S. I left my precious camera in my friend’s hotel room probably because I was a bit of a scatterbrain. Luckily I was able to get it back. After that though, I became too worried to take my camera to any place because I can’t trust myself to not forget my camera.

Therefore, I only have a much smaller number of photos to document our time in some cities we’ve stayed than I wished to have for this summer. This was the best I could.

kids Japan & VAkids & parkKids in VA

Now here I am in Texas visiting my husband’s family, I finally have the time to sit down, edit photos, get online and be connected with the outside world. We’ve been here for a week and it has been great. I have been a spectator on Facebook as opposed to an active user for a while. I have posted some updates on Facebook in the recent past, but I decided to use my blog to post the photos I have taken more recently. I have some reasons for it, but one of them is that I figured this would be the best especially to fill in quickly about what has been going on with me in the past month or so.

The Ceranas in Arlington 2013 -1Y&A in VAY&A in VA1Y&A in VA2Y&A in VA3Y&A in VA4Y&A in VA5Kids & Friends in VA3Kids & Friends in VAKids & Friends in VA1Kids & Friends in VA2

I still have some photos of the wonderful places in Jakarta that I visited in the last month that I would love to feature on my blog and many photos I have taken during my trip to Bali in May, 2013, which have been sitting in my computer since then. I hope you will come back to my blog to see these photos in the future. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these photos I have taken and edited thus far.

Borobudur, Magelang in Central Java ☆ Street Photos ☆ Yogyakarta Trip

Borobudur Yogyakarta street photos-7

On the second day of our stay in Borobudur in Magelang, Central Java (40 km/15 mi northwest of Yogyakarta), Indonesia, we did a sunrise tour at Borobudur. We all woke up at 4:00 a.m., so we all took a nap in the morning. The husbands kindly took our older children to a local restaurant for lunch for a change and adventure so that the wives could stay at our hotel, Saraswati Borobudur Hotel, and chill with the younger ones, but after they got back to the hotel, the husbands were tired again and took a nap. My son started fussing and I didn’t want him to disrupt my husband’s beauty nap. Plus, there is so much you can do in a hotel. So, I took him for a walk in a stroller. I strolled around on the street where the Saraswati Borobudur Hotel was located. I love peeking some local lives when I travel. Here are the photos of a few things I snapped during my short walk around the neighborhood.

Borobudur Yogyakarta street photos-4

Motorcycle Parking

Borobudur Yogyakarta street photos-3

Car Wash

Borobudur Yogyakarta street photos-10

Chicken Noodle & Indonesian Meatballs

Borobudur Yogyakarta street photos-13


Borobudur Yogyakarta street photos-8

Don’t leave me on a bench!!

Borobudur Yogyakarta street photos-9

Borobudur Yogyakarta street photos-11

Borobudur Yogyakarta street photos-12

Borobudur Yogyakarta street photos-1

My heart is aching for the people who lost loved ones and also for the people who were affected by the bombings happened during the Boston Marathon on April 14, 2013. It makes me very sad that the atrocity like that created victims among innocent citizens.

Project KOI XV ☆ Acapulco Dining Table & Sledge Dining Chair

KOI Dining Set01

KOI Dining Set03

KOI Dining Set05

KOI Dining Set

KOI Dining Set06

These photos of the dining room set at the gallery on the second floor of KOI Kemang in South Jakarta, Indonesia, were taken in November, 2011. At that time I was 5 months pregnant and was not blogging much due to my nausea. Now it’s all good memories even the struggles during my third pregnancy. These photos have been forgotten to be used on my blog and recently I saw them in my iPhoto and thought I should post them on my blog. So, here they are.

This dining set has an Acapulco Dining Table and Sledge Dining Chairs. The straight lines of the furniture makes the minimalist and clean-cut look. I like minimalist furniture with simple lines. My favorite style at the moment, however, is an industrial design that is more edgy such as in Project KOI XII and Project KOI XIII. As for the availability of this furniture, please check with KOI Kemang. Since the photos were taken in November, 2011, they might not have this style any more. Please scroll down for the information of the KOI Gallery.

For this dining set photo shoot, I imagined a casual evening gathering with friends and the food on the table is appetizers. I wanted the room to look cheerful and fun. I used the Batik fabric as a prop. I picked these colorful and cheerful paintings on the wall. The big painting of a bear is something I would buy myself if I have enough money. One of these days, I hope my husband and I will be able to afford some paintings.

KOI Dining Set1

KOI Dining Set09

KOI Dining Set11

For more photos of the furniture at KOI Kemang Gallery on the 2nd floor, please go to the Photography page. Thank you!

KOI Kemang
Kemang Raya No. 72
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan
TEL: +62 21 719 5667 / +62 21 719 5668


Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Christmas Decoration French Inspired Red & White

Christmas Decoration French Red18

Here’s another inspirations for Christmas which I am very excited to present to you on my blog. My Japanese friend in Jakarta asked me a couple of weeks ago if I could take photos of the Christmas decoration at her home and then told me that it was her dream to have her home featured on my blog. I felt flattered and humbled. I knew that she has visited my blog, but I thought that it was because she was my friend and didn’t realize that she has actually followed it. She invited me to her home this week and I took the photos. She also cooked lunch for me!

Christmas Decoration French Red03Christmas Decoration French Red

I arrived at the front door of her home and I saw a pretty wreath hanging outside. Then the door was opened and the white Christmas decor by Indonesian artisans welcomed me. She told me before how much she loved decorating her home, especially for Christmas. By seeing the entrance area of her house, it was apparent that decorating is her passion.

Christmas Decoration French Red07Christmas Decoration Red7-1Christmas Decoration Red & White1Christmas Decoration Red7-2Christmas Decoration French Red22Christmas Decoration French Red06Christmas Decoration Red7-3Christmas Decoration Red7-4

Her tree was beautifully decorated with pretty little ornaments that she probably collected over the years. I enjoyed looking at the delicate ornaments made of wood on the tree and it made me want to have little ornaments on my tree as well. Every decoration she had in every corner of her home seemed well thought through, loved and cared. Actually I have never seen a Japanese home decorated this much with Christmas decoration.

Christmas Decoration French Red10-1Christmas Decoration French Red10-2Christmas Decoration French Red12Christmas Decoration Red and WhiteChristmas Decoration French Red11-1Christmas Decoration French Red11-2

I saw an extensive collection of interior design books on her book shelf which looked like part of the decoration. She clearly loves to study and learn about interior design. From what I observed, her style is influenced by a lot of French designs. She told me that she ordered “DECORATE”, a book written by a famous blogger, Holly Becker, of decor8 as she learned about the decor8 blog through my blog. I was very pleased to hear that.

Christmas Decoration Red8Christmas Decoration Red9Christmas Decoration Red12.

I hope you enjoyed the Christmas decoration at my friend’s house as much as I did.

Happy Halloween ☆ Tulisan


I hope you had a fun and memorable Halloween this year! I decided to participate in a Tulisan Halloween Photo Competition. Don’t you think that would be a fun activity? I actually really enjoyed taking photos of the Tulisan items with a Halloween touch. I hope they will like mine because I would love to have their Premiere 2012 Gallery Tote as a prize!

I hope that the people who were affected by Sandy would get their normal life back soon. My thoughts go out to those who are dealing with the damages the hurricane brought.

How to Make Play Date More Fun

I took my daughter and her two friends to a play ground with my baby. It was a hot day. I was the only adult and thought “how am I going to entertain myself?” I wasn’t going to run around with the kids because I had to watch my baby son. I also knew that I would have to nurse him outside at the playground at some point.

So, my solution? I took my camera. If you are not a type of parent who likes to run around with the kids, my advice is to take a camera with you and take photos of the kids. It’s a great way to take photos of children because they are having fun and you can capture great smiles and action moments. Also, you’re under the natural light which allows you to experiment photo taking in different angles and background.

Needless to say, I had a lot of fun taking photos of the kids. I didn’t even call it a photo shoot. I entertained me while kids had a blast running around and played. After an hour of play, we called it the end and went home. We all were tired, hot and thirsty. It was just the right time.




50 mm lens

There are times I cannot wait till my youngest, the third child, who is 5.5 months right now, starts kindergarten. Then other times, I wish my kids don’t grow up so fast. I want to preserve precious moments and expressions of my three kids. That’s why I take photos. I still have a lot to learn and have so little time right now, but I love taking photos.

I snap away with my Canon EOS Rebel T2i with 50 mm lens in a hope that I can keep some decent shots with my kids. If I can have some photos that remind me of the happy moments with my kids when I am older, I’m good.

50 mm lens

For my birthday this year which I just celebrated a couple of weeks ago in June, my husband got me a 50 mm lens which I have warmed up in my wish list for a long time. I have always heard about the great value the 50 mm lens has for its price. It is a fun and wonderful lens to have even for people who are a beginner to photography like me. The pictures taken by the 50 mm lens have warm lighting and feel like they have clear air. The photos taken with the 50 mm lens tell stories more than regular lens which came with my camera. I am still getting used to the lens, but I hope to acquire skills so that I can benefit from having the 50 mm lens.

I’m like a little child with a new toy.

Flying Daughter

It was the last day of school. Bunch of school friends got together for a pool play date. Some people are leaving Jakarta for good to move onto their next destinations. I brought my camera to take photos of the kids, but I ended up being too busy with my baby son and also chatting with friends. A couple of hours later I saw that my daughter was playing by herself, so I picked up my camera and got to her. This is what I did to entertain ourselves.

Below was a photo project I did with my first daughter. She jumped from a diving board and I took photos. Just like the “yowayowa camera woman diary” blog. Have you seen this? It’s really interesting.

Here are some that came out more decent than others.

Oh, hello!


You surprised me!

I can also sit in the air!

I am floating. Would you like to join me?

It is so hard to take a photo of a human in action and make it look like the person is not moving. I took a whole bunch, but I had to delete many of them. My photos did not come out as well as I wanted them, but this is my best for that day. Natsumi, the author of “yowayowa camera woman diary” blog, is truly amazing. She’s got skills.

Monday Mode ☆ ONEANDAHALF & Brightspot Market

I bought this set of tops at ONEANDAHALF at Brightspot Market. I finally made it to Brightspot Market held at Gandaria City for the first time in my two-year stay in Jakarta!! My sweet husband and our three munchkins came with me. I could’ve stayed at the market all day looking around, but with my family being there, I knew that I had to be quick. It was for the best because I probably would have spent the money that I shouldn’t right now.

I really love the scarf like shirt! I have been wanting to have one and now I have it in my closet!

I found this combination of shirts in the basket with a “sale” sign in the photo below. It was one of the best bargains I found and I was very happy.


Where to find
-The Goods Dept-
Plaza Indonesia Extension
4th Floor, Unit 14
Jl. M. H. Thamrin Kav 28-30
Jakarta, Indonesia

If you like fashion blogs, you will like this one.

Brightspot Market

What is Brightspot Market? If I can sum it up with my own words, it is like an Etsy market popped out of internet. Brightspot Market is an event where you can find selected independent fashion and product designers from Indonesia and products from some international brands. It is not only a place for a delicious shopping spree, but also a cool Indonesian cultural experience. To read more about Brightspot Market, click here. Also, my friend, Melany, who is a writer wrote a post about Brightspot Market held in May, 2011 on her blog, wanderlustandwonder.

Here are some snippets of my time at Brightspot Market.


♥ LOVE ♥

Great store for party planners.


I hope you enjoyed the photos. I did this today half asleep because I’m going on a vacation soon and I know that once I’m on the road, I won’t have the time to update my blog as often as I hope to, not to mention, I will be fighting jet-lag while nursing jet-lagged bébé. If I don’t post some of the photos now, I probably won’t and they will ‘collect dust’ in my iPhoto. You know how it goes.

Bayon ☆ Angkor, Cambodia

The Bayon stands at the center of Angkor Thom. Bayon was a really cool Khmer temple to visit. We did not see other parts of Angkor Thom, but I am really happy that we went to Bayon.

We visited Bayon after we finished our races in Angkor Wat, which I plan on writing about in the future post. The photo below on the left is me (on the left) and my girl friends.

Bayon is different from all other places we have visited. The giant faces on the walls make Bayon unique and distinctive of all the temples in Angkor, Cambodia.

Can you tell how big those faces are? No, I’m not talking about our faces.

It felt like we were walking in rocky mountains.

There were some places that I thought would be a cool place to take portrait photos. My friend, Kara, is on the left. Kara is always beautiful, even in her running outfit! I’m on the right. This is one of my few pregnancy photos I have with my third child.

Angkor, Cambodia is one of the places I would love to visit again in the future. Bayon is not to be missed and I will bring my family to see Bayon for sure. Angkor temples are absolutely stunning and their mysterious and magical atmosphere makes the whole experience in Angkor spectacular and one of a kind.

Monday Mode ☆ Purple Tutu

I found these photos of my middle child taken in April, 2011 in my iPhoto library and realized that I never used them for my Monday Mode last year. It’s been a year since these photos above were taken and a lot has happened since then. She was the youngest child of two back in April, 2011. Now she has a little brother.

She’s still going through the transition after her brother was born. I hear it’s hard to be a middle child. I’m the oldest, so I can only imagine what it feels like to be a middle child and I am definitely learning about it as I raise her. I am constantly making a conscious effort to give her enough attention.

When I look at the picture of my two older children from the past years, they make me nostalgic already. How can they look so different in a year? I am aging, too! Yikes.

Tonight (as I write this) my middle one is sick in bed. She threw up earlier and started to run a fever. She barffed at a party. I felt bad for her as well as for the party invitees. You can imagine what the moms and dads were thinking when they saw a sick child at a party. I felt bad for her because I didn’t take it seriously when she told me that she had a stomach ache.

It worries me when I feel my daughter’s feverish body. I hope she gets better by morning. When my child gets sick, it makes me realize how important the well-being of my children is to me.

Friday Finds ☆ Cuisine Wat Damnak ☆ Siem Reap Angkor, Cambodia

When my girl friends from Jakarta and I were in Siem Reap Angkor in Cambodia for the Angkor Wat Half Marathon in December, 2011, we had our special meal at Cuisine Wat Damnak. I am very thankful to Jaime, one of my girl friends whom I traveled with, for having done the research and found this restaurant.

This is a beautiful restaurant in a quaint neighborhood. We took a tuk-tuk out to this restaurant and we at one point thought that we were on the wrong track, but we weren’t. We drove through a dirt road, passing through local residential areas in the dark and all of a sudden this restaurant popped out.

Cuisine Wat Damnak is a fusion restaurant founded by a French couple, Joannès and Carole Rivière on ‘the concept of using only local fresh seasonal produce’. To read more about the chef, please click here and to read more about their concept, click here. The dishes Joannès Rivière creates are made with local fresh ingredients. With his skills and a French twist, the exotic, original plates that you probably would not encounter anywhere else in the world come out. When we were having dinner, the chef, Joannès Rivière, came out of the kitchen and stopped at every table to ask his customers how they were doing, which I was very impressed with. His passion, love and care for his profession is reflected not only in his food, but in his customer service.

We had a vegetarian course meal. It was delicious!!

Are you traveling to Siem Reap, Cambodia and looking for a restaurant for a special dining experience? Cuisine Wat Damnak is the place to be. In my observation, Cuisine Wat Damnak seems for adults and older children. It has a very serene ambiance.

I had the experience of a life time traveling to Siem Reap, Cambodia with my girl friends and having participated in a race there. I missed my husband and kids and it was not easy for me to leave them even for 5 days being 25 weeks pregnant, but it felt wonderful to be myself and spend some quality time with girl friends. It felt like I was back in college. You forget how good it feels to treat yourself with liberty.

Cuisine Wat Damnak
Cambodian Cuisine

Between Psa Dey Hoy market and Angkor High School,
Wat Damnak village, Sala Kamrek Commune, Siem Reap, Cambodia

+855 (0) 63 965 491
+855 (0) 77 347 762


Open Tuesday to Sunday from 6.30pm till 9.45pm (last order)

Monday Mode ☆ Pink n’ Fluffy & Gold

My friend gave this lovely pink skirt to my daughter and I love it. I want one for myself although as turning 37 soon, I would not look good in it. I want my girl to wear it all the time.

So, I grabbed my camera and went outside to take photos of my daughter in the outfit. My daughter cracks me up. I think this posing habit is my influence. She poses every time I point a camera to her.



I want these sandals for myself although gold is not my color.

My daughter loves swings. I did when I was a child and still do.

The girls loved playing on a seesaw together. It was not all that easy for me to take photos of them in action. I need to explore and learn more about what ISO to use with what shutter speed for movement as fast as this in a certain lighting.

I love the age of 4 when they are still pure and sweet. They are more social than 3-year-olds and still play with children of opposite gender. Their conversation is funny and cute. I find the innocence of this age is something special. These girls truly enjoy each others company. It is sweet to see that.

Unfortunately, my daughter’s friend is moving to another country. This is the tough part of living an expat life as the environment is fluid. It’s easier for adults than kids to face those changes. You meet great people and make great new friends. It is exciting (and energy draining at the same time, which is another story), but at the same time, your mind knows that if there is a beginning, there is an end. Not necessarily to the friendship, but in our life style, sometimes it feels like out of sight, out of mind.

I wanted to talk about pink and fluffy and gold for girly outfit, but it somehow ends up being more sentimental. I wonder why.




Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Baby Boy Nursery

Finally our baby boy’s nursery became presentable. This room used to be my girls’ play room and look like this. Per my daughters’ request, I painted the wall in lavender when we moved in almost two years ago.

Then I became pregnant last year. The need to find a room for a new addition arose. I decided to move toys from this small play room to an extra room downstairs and change this small room into a nursery. Since we didn’t know the gender of the baby before the birth, I could not make it look more boyish beforehand when I had more time. I would’ve loved the wall in gray for a boy.

Then there comes a baby boy. Since we have a year left in Jakarta and I have been busy with three kids, I have not felt motivated to invest the time and money to change the wall into a different color. Thus, the wall remains in lavender. Babies don’t have opinions, do they?

My lovely, talented friend, Marie from Etincelle Creative Studio gave my son the beautiful bunting she made. I had a privilege to meet Marie when I lived in Singapore to have my baby back in February and March, 2012. She moved to Tokyo at the end of April, so I was very lucky to be in Singapore when she was still living there and had this rare opportunity to get to know her. It was possible thanks to blogging and the birth of my son. Thank you, Marie, for the bunting!!

Above and below are a little touch for a baby boy. The frames with shells in the photo above were second-hand purchases I made from my blogger friend, the Diplomatic Wife. I like the rustic look and since we go to Rockport, a coastal town of Texas every summer and we love beaches, I thought it was perfect. He still wears the pair of shoes on display in the photo below.

The pictures inside the frames are from a little brochure I got from one of my favorite stores in Jakarta, Tulisan.

The bin is not a diaper pale. As a storage, I like to use KNODD IKEA bin. The little piggie bank is from my friend. We should start saving for college fund now, shouldn’t we? The financial challenges to have 3 kids have already started.

I hope you enjoyed viewing the photos of my son’s nursery. It is not very boyish to have a lavender room, but because my eyes got used to it, I think it is not bad.

Preah Khan & Preah Neak Pean ☆ Angkor, Cambodia


Preah Khan and Preah Neak Pean were the last two ruins out of five we visited on the first day of our sightseeing tour. You can tell from the number of photos I took here compared to three other sites that my arms were getting tired of taking photos. The stone carvings at this temple were quite amazing. The entrance with huge statues pulling snake must have looked magnificent when they were first built.


Preah Neak Pean was a large square man-made pond. I didn’t know that it was most photogenic during the wet season and fortunately when we went, it was just after the rainy season was over. We walked on a pier to get to the end and saw the ruin in the pond.

The sun was bright when we visited Angkor in December, but it wasn’t as hot as it looks. When walking in the shade, it was quite comfortable and the breeze felt nice and chill.

Thanks for visiting to look at my photos of Preah Khan and Preah Neak Pean in Angkor. I hope you enjoyed the photos.

Ta Som ☆ Angkor, Cambodia

After visiting Ta Prohm and Pre Rup, we got back on our tuk-tuk and headed to Ta Som.


I loved riding a tuk-tuk in Siem Reap. Compared to tuk-tuk ride in Bangkok, it’s much more chill, the scenery was pretty and the cool air felt nice in December.


Ta Som was serene and I loved the peacefulness of the site. There were not many tourists when we got there which was nice. My photos do not do justice of Ta Som. I hope you’ll have a chance to visit Ta Som if you go visit Siem Reap.


I’m lucky to have my beautiful friends who were great models during the trip. I had so much fun photographing them!


Pre Rup ☆ Angkor, Cambodia

Pre Rup was the second ruin my two girl friends and I visited after our first site, Ta Prohm. Ta Prohm and Pre Rup are completely different in the way they look. The interesting part of Pre Rup was to be able to climb the temple and see the view of Angkor from the higher place. Three of us walked up the steep stairs. At first I wasn’t sure if I could climb up being 25 weeks pregnant. It felt like I was rock climbing when I was walking up the stairs.


When I got to the first tier, I was glad I did. The view was refreshing and beautiful. When I walked down the stairs, I tried not to fall. No one likes to see a pregnant woman roll down the stairs, right? Pre Rup would be hard to do with small children, but I saw a family with young children and a mom was climbing these steep stairs while she carried her child. I can’t imagine doing that myself, but kudos to her!


Ta Prohm ☆ Angkor, Cambodia

Ta Prohm is the very first temple my girl friends and I visited in Siem Reap. I was excited to go there as I heard that Ta Prohm was the most photogenic temple as it was left in much the same condition as it was found. I must say that it was breathtaking and serene. It was one of my favorite temples we visited (we visited 7 temples) in Siem Reap. If you love to take photos, you cannot miss Ta Prohm.


Even my friend’s son was into taking photos. He was so adorable. 

As I walked through the temple with my friends, I snapped away. There were so many scenes where I wish I could preserve in my camera as I saw, but it was not possible.


We were greeted by cute children on the way out.

We walked out of the gate and already felt tired walking around in the heat although we had cool breeze and shaded area was cooler. At the time, I was 25 weeks pregnant. I felt fine after touring Ta Prohm and was pumped up about seeing many more. I wonder if it was because it was dry and cool in Siem Reap in December or many areas were shaded. Can you tell my friend’s son was exhausted though?


As we walked to our tuk-tuk, we were bombarded by little kids who were trying to sell craft items for tourists. Jaime was so nice that she tried to find something to buy from a few kids and soon she was surrounded by many more.


Ta Prohm was magical. If you are in Siem Reap and have limited time to see a few ruins, Ta Prohm should be in your list. You would regret if you skip Ta Prohm.


Great World Serviced Apartments ☆ Singapore

I stayed in Singapore to give birth our third child from the beginning of February, 2012 till the beginning of April, 2012. Our third child, son, was born on February 29, 2012. Since my stay was considered medical evacuation from Jakarta, my husband’s work paid for the stay. I could choose a place to stay from many options in Singapore, but I picked Great World Serviced Apartment and I am very happy with my decision. I learned about Great World Serviced Apartment through people I know who have stayed there in the past. In fact, it is one of the most popular serviced apartments in Singapore. I’ll list the reasons why I like Great World Serviced Apartments blow for those who might be interested.


Living Room

Bed Rooms


Olympic Size Pool and Kids Pool

Kids Lounge Playroom

Arts and Craft Activity For Kids
Great World Serviced Apartment staff organizes a biweekly Arts and Craft Activity for child residents in the room next to a kids play zone on the 3rd floor. It is free of charge. You have to sign up early otherwise it can get fully booked and your child cannot get in. My girls loved the activities and it is one of the things I miss about living at the Great World!

The reasons why I liked staying at the Great World Serviced Apartment.

1. Convenience
The Great World Serviced Apartment is adjoined to the Great World City Shopping Center. There is a grocery store called “Cold Storage” on the basement of the Great World City Shopping Mall. It was really nice to be able to go down to the ground floor and walk over to the shopping center. I miss this convenience so much. The shopping mall has some nice shops such as Zara, Château de Sable (French Kids Clothing Brand), Starbucks, etc.

2. Location
It is centrally located. It is about 7 minute car ride from the mall to Orchard Road. Many people I met at Great World Serviced Apartment ended up finding a permanent residence near the Great World Serviced Apartment because they really liked living in this area. There is a river that runs right by the Great World City and you can walk along the river. There are many good restaurants along the river, too. We took a walk from our apartment to Clark Quay quite often during our stay. The path is very nice and in the evening many people jog or walk their dogs there.

3. Free Shuttle Bus Service to Orchard Road, China Town and City Hall
There is a Free Shuttle Bus that leaves from shopping mall to Lucky Plaza on Orchard every 30 minutes starting from 11:00 a.m. You can catch a free shuttle from the same Lucky Plaza back to Great World City and it is free for everyone to take it. The shuttle bus to China Town and City Hall leaves every hour from the Great World Shopping Center.

4. Kid Friendly
The indoor kids playroom as well as outdoor play ground were very nice and both of my children loved going there. My kids also loved going to the swimming pool as well. As I mentioned above, the Great World Serviced Apartment holds an arts and craft activity for young children. Every Friday is a movie night for children and a kids movie is shown (on a TV) in the Resident Lounge.

5. Good Services
If something breaks in the apartment, I could call the reception and they would arrange services to fix whatever the issues the apartment had. All the staff at the Great World Serviced Apartment was friendly.

Disclaimer: I wrote this based on my own experience and I am not paid by anyone to write the above.






Great World Serviced Apartment
2 Kim Seng Walk
Singapore 239404
Main Line: (65) 6722 7000
sales Hotline: (65) 6722 7766
Fax: (65) 6722 7001
Location Map

Monday Mode ☆ Meridian 110 Handbags

I met Starlet through blogging. She’s a fashion blogger living in the Bay Area in California. She has a cute blog called “Can you come home“. We actually took an online blogging class Blogging Your Way taught by the decor8 founder, Holly Becker, and A Creative Mint founder, Leslie Shewring. By the way, if you are looking for a course to learn about blogging, I highly recommend this class. We didn’t find each other till later through other source though.

She and her brother founded a handbag brand Meridian 110. She told me about her new business and I offered her to take photos of her new line. I’m an amateur photographer, but I do love styling, so I offered my unskilled photography and styling to her as a friend.

I had a chance to look at her products in person for taking photos. All I can say is that they are absolutely beautiful! I love products that integrate the tradition in a modern context. Starlet designed these purses using the traditional batik from Indonesia which can go well with any type of outfit. I photographed them at one of my favorite places in Jakarta, KOI Kemang Gallery. I thought that the contemporary gallery with furniture and the handbags would make a great match.

To learn more about Meridian 110, please visit their About page on Meridian 110 Homepage.

Sweet Starlet sent me and my girls necklaces as a gift. The first one is mine and the second one is my second daughter’s. There is a blue one which my older one received, but not in these photos. I have used mine many times. It’s a fun piece of jewelry to wear! Thanks, Starlet!

Meridian 110

Contact Information for Indonesia
TEL: +628179699188

Blog Can You Come Home
Can You Come Home Facebook

Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ KOI Kemang & Livingetc Indonesia October 2011

I had an honor to collaborate with Livingetc Indonesia about a month ago as a guest ‘stylist’ during a photo shoot for one section “decorating etc”. I worked on the side with Atri, the editor and technology specialist with Livingetc Indonesia. I had a lot of fun working with her. It was my dream come true! I had so much fun! I posted an article on the behind the scene of the photo shoot with Livingetc Indonesia. These above photos are the ones used in the October Issue of Livingetc Indonesia. I think they turned out very well!!

1ヶ月程前、Livingetc Indonesiaのデコレーティングetcの撮影に、ゲストスタイリストとして携わるという、素敵な機会に恵まれました。リビングエトセトラインドネシアの編集者であり技術関係を担当しているアトリと一緒にお仕事をして、とっても楽しかったです。スタイリスト(私の場合は名前ばかりですが)としてのお仕事は夢見ていたので、とても光栄でした。以前撮影の様子をブログの記事にして掲載したので、良かったら見てみて下さい。上の写真はリビングエトセトラの10月号に採用された最終の写真です。素敵に仕上がったと思います。

Project KOI XV ☆ Dining Set

It’s been a while I posted photos for Project KOI, the photos of the furniture sold at KOI of which I take photos at KOI Gallery in Kemang. I took these photos of furniture sold at KOI Kemang in June before I left for vacation. I haven’t gotten around to post them until now and it’s already the end of September. Ah, I wish I was more organized and motivated!!

For styling this dining set, I used simple props. I wanted the details of the furniture to be the focus of this set. I love the painting that is hanging on the wall for its abstract, simple, yet warm look. I can see myself having something like that in my house. Except I cannot afford the beautiful painting.

Project KOIのために写真を掲載するのは久しぶりです。Project KOIとは、KOIクマンのギャラリーで販売されている家具の写真のことで、撮影に携わっています。6月上旬に休暇に出る前にこれらの家具の写真を撮影しました。今までこの写真を掲載する時間が無かったのですが、もう9月も終わりなんですね。もっと計画性とやる気が欲しいです。


にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログへ

Bali Trip Photos



The last photo in this collage is my second daughter washing herself after having had an accident… Sigh.


The Italian restaurant UNO was fine. It was one of the popular restaurants in the Bali Collection. If you are going to spend money on Italian food though, I recommend Salsa Verde at Grand Hyatt.
Coco was a supermarket in Bali Collection. I ran out of pulsa (money charged for minutes for cell phone), so I went to Coco to purchase some pulsa. I picked up Rp. 50,000 (about $5.5) of pulsa which I ended up paying Rp. 75,000 for: 50% service charge. I learned that I need to check my pulsa before going on a trip to Nusa Dua if I didn’t want to pay the tourists price.



I decided to skip my Monday Mode today for the last post about this past summer vacation in Bali. I apologize for skipping my last Friday Finds as well. What’s going on with me? Simply busy. This past week was one of the biggest holidays in Indonesia called Lebaran which is a commonly used term in Indonesia for Eid ul-Fitr (or Idul Fitri). Lebaran comes after 29 to 30 days of Ramadan (fasting) for Moslems. Schools, offices, many restaurants and stores are closed and most Moslems go to their home towns to visit their families and relatives. It is said that 5 million Indonesians out of 9.5 million who live in Jakarta leave the city during Lebaran. Many expats travel as well, but my husband, our kids and I stayed in Jakarta. We enjoyed quiet Jakarta we get to experience once a year. It was lovely. How was your weekend?