Maomao Indie Top

Maomao Indie Top

Maomao is a brand founded by an Indonesian designer, Peggy, in Jakarta, Indonesia. When I lived in Jakarta, I always thought that Indonesians are quite fashionable people. There are many cool brands created by entrepreneurs. You’ll be amazed by all the talented people you find especially in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. I used to love going to the biggest popup market in Indonesia called Brightspot Market and Goods Department which is a store that was realized from the concept of Brightspot Market to find out the hot indie designers in Indonesia. Maomao owner, Peggy, came to visit Mumbai from Jakarta on a business trip and she made time to meet with me for the first time. She and her husband found my blog sometime ago, so she has contacted me and asked me for a possibility of collaborating with her brand. I agreed and we met at Suzette and […]

Monday Mode ☆ maomao Linen Blouses From Indonesia

maomao shima white-4

I had a pleasure of meeting lovely Peggy who flew from Jakarta, Indonesia to Mumbai, India for her work. Peggy told me that her husband, Herman, who started Lima Watch (beautiful watches) found my blog and told her that she would like my blog. So she checked it out and she did. I found this story very sweet. It’s such an honor to be followed by two talented Indonesian artists/entrepreneurs like Peggy and Herman. I also love hearing how people have found my blog because my blog does not have a huge following compared to a blog superstars out there. The interesting thing, though, is that Indonesia seems to still rank the highest in term of traffic to my blog even a year and a half after I had relocated to Mumbai, India. I am very flattered! Thank you, readers in Indonesia!! One day Peggy emailed me and told me […]

Tegallalang Handicraft Center in Ubud ☆ Bali Indonesia ☆ Throwback Thursday

Tegallalang Ubud Bali

When you visit an island of Bali, you realize that Bali is much bigger than you’ve imagined. With the existing traffic, it can take a long time to get around, too. For instance, it took me about an hour and a half from the airport to our villa in Ubud. If you ever have a chance to visit Bali, I highly recommend visiting the Ubud area. The coast line of Bali is amazing, but I am convinced that the magic of Bali exists in inland, Ubud, where you see step fields. If you look up “Tegallalang” on google, you will find many images of what Ubud is about. In Ubud, there are many different streets for shopping, dining and relaxing at spas. The main shopping area that is popular among tourists covers Jalan Monkey Forest, Jalan Hanoman, and Jalan Raya Ubud. If you look them up on a map, these […]

Pasar Mayestik ☆ Jakarta Indonesia ☆ Throwback Thursday

Pasar Mayestik Jakarta

PASAR MAYESTIK To this day the biggest readership for my blog comes from Indonesia. I’d like to thank dear readers and stumble-upon visitors in Indonesia for coming to my blog even after I moved to India. I hope the information for Indonesia on my blog is not too outdated yet (I’m sure there is some). I have many photos that I had taken before we left Jakarta, Indonesia, which I have not used on my blog. I did not have enough time to write about all the places that I had visited and taken photos at especially towards the end of our time in Jakarta and thus I have some photos that have been stored on my computer without being edited. I decided to pull out some of the photos to write about the places from which I think and hope that current expats and other readers in Indonesia will […]

Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Tin Boxes As Storage & Decoration ☆ Souvenirs From Jakarta Indonesia

One of the items that I use almost daily today which I wish I had bought more back in Jakarta, Indonesia where I used to live, is tin boxes. Tin boxes are great for storage and I have them in many different rooms in my current home in Mumbai, India. These dotted tin boxes in the two photos above and below are my favorite tin boxes which I purchased at Cayenne. I have written about Cayenne in August, 2010 HERE. There are many stores in Jakarta where you can find tin boxes. Cayenne in Kemang Selatan in Jakarta used to have a variety of tin boxes like these when I still lived in Jakarta. I don’t know if they still carry them any more as they seem to have changed their featured items at the store. I have checked Cayenne’s Instagram account which has many beautiful items that they sell […]

Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Tin Boxes As Storage & Decoration ☆ Souvenirs From Jakarta Indonesia

Cayenne Tin Boxes-001

One of the items that I use almost daily today which I wish I had bought more back in Jakarta, Indonesia where I used to live, is tin boxes. Tin boxes are great for storage and I have them in many different rooms in my current home in Mumbai, India. These dotted tin boxes in the two photos above and below are my favorite tin boxes which I purchased at Cayenne. I have written about Cayenne in August, 2010 HERE. There are many stores in Jakarta where you can find tin boxes. Cayenne in Kemang Selatan in Jakarta used to have a variety of tin boxes like these when I still lived in Jakarta. I don’t know if they still carry them any more as they seem to have changed their featured items at the store. I have checked Cayenne’s Instagram account which has many beautiful items that they sell […]

Inacraft 2013 ☆ Jakarta, Indonesia

Inacraft Jakarta 2013

I cannot believe that it’s been a year since the Inacraft 2013 and I was still in Jakarta a year ago. It feels like a life time ago when we lived in Jakarta. Sometimes, posts I meant to publish sooner and worked so hard get pushed to the side and buried under other posts by the ones with higher priorities. This post is one of them. I started working on my Inacraft post, edited, created collages with photos and uploaded them, but it sat in my draft file for nearly a year. If you are around my blog, you might have noticed that I have not been around this past week. The reason is my computer crashed. It had been working abnormally slow in the recent past, so I knew it was imminent. My friend on Facebook said something right on point. Computers have a lifespan and hard drives would […]

Friday Finds ☆ Jamu Spa in Cipete, Jakarta

Jamu Spa Jakarta

Jamu is traditional medicine in Indonesia mainly made from natural materials. It became popular during the Hindu Javanese period and is claimed to have originated in the Mataram Kingdom, a Hindu-Buddhist kingdom that was based in Central Java and later in East Java. Jamu is said to be influenced by Ayurveda. Having lived in India and learned a bit about Ayurveda, it is very interesting to know that India and Indonesia, the two countries I have lived back to back have such interesting historical ties. I dedicate this post to those who are in Jakarta, Indonesia. Even though I have left Jakarta 10 months ago, the biggest readership till today is in Indonesia. This is my humble way to say thank you to them. At the same time, Jamu is definitely blog worthy. Even though I learned about Jamu during my second year of our three-year stay in Jakarta, I […]

Adrian’s Adventures in Indonesia

Adiran's Adventure in Indonesia-2

I’m dedicating this post to my friends, Jaime (Jaime Teahen Sanders), the creator of the book “Adrian’s Adventures in Indonesia” and Liz (Elizabeth LaVally), who is an illustrator for the book. I met Jaime when I lived in Indonesia. She was one of the girl friends with whom I went Siem Reap, Cambodia in December, 2011 for a race. You can see some photos of us in my posts about Siem Reap, Cambodia under Travel tab. She’s one of the inspiring friends who worked and always had multiple projects going on when I knew her in Indonesia. I remember when she had told me about the idea of writing and publishing a children’s book and have illustration done by our friend, Liz. Not too long after that she really published a children’s book “Adrian’s Adventures in Indonesia”. I was floored. It taught me that if you set your mind to […]

Bali Bike Baik Cycling Tours ☆ Activity in Ubud, Bali

Bali Bike Baik Tours-22

日本語訳は下にあります。 When I go on a vacation, I tend to choose either a destination where we can lay on a beach and play in a pool or we go to a city and do typical touristy sight-seeing and shopping. You can see my travel posts in different destinations under a Travel tab. One of the things that was atypical in Ubud for me in terms of the way I typically spend my vacation was the activities I’ve got to do there. The activities were possible as I traveled without my kids. My friend, Kara, who volunteered to make arrangements for the group arranged two activities in Ubud, Bali: a biking trip and white water rafting trip. I’m going to share some photos from our bicycle trip which was a load of fun in this post and will share the photos from the white water rafting trip some other time. The […]

Dining Room ☆ Before & After Decorating

dining room before

Before our house hold effects arrived, our dining room in our new apartment in Mumbai looked like in the photo below. We moved into a furnished apartment which we have no say in what we would like to have. Honestly, it was a mere luck that we got assigned to live in an apartment that I fell in love with from the moment we moved in. It was a big contrast in the housing we had in Jakarta, Indonesia, which I fell in love with after I did a lot of work to decorate, but its bare state when we first moved in was nothing fancy like this. You can find my posts about my home in Jakarta, Indonesia under Interior Design. I must say that I had a good material to work with and anyone can probably make this look nice. Having a good design that was already in […]

KAFE ☆ Cafe in the Heart of Ubud, Bali

KAFE Ubud Bali

I have many fond memories from the trip in Ubud, Bali that I took with my friend, Kara, her sister and her friends who flew from the U.S. in May, 2013. I’m feeling nostalgic by looking at my photos from the trip. It has only been 4 months since the trip, but it feels as though the trip took place ages ago. I have only covered 1/3 of my trip on my blog. I have more to tell and want to tell quickly, but it feels like I cannot keep up with the speed of my life and I am still behind. Please forgive me if I jump from one post about a trip in Bali to a find in Mumbai, India, my current city of residence. My summer with a big move from Jakarta to our vacation points in Japan and the U.S. in between and then to Mumbai […]

Pandawas Villas ☆ Lovely Villas in Ubud, Bali

Pandawas Villas

My travel buddy, Kara, and I arrived at Pandawas Villas on the second night in Ubud, Bali. We split our stay in Ubud at two places. Kara traveled with her sister and her friends in Bali and I joined the very last part in Ubud, Bali. I’ll introduce the other place where Kara and I stayed for one night in another post along with the villas Kara’s sister and her friends stayed and my friend recommended. We arrived at Pandawas Villas quite late after we had a nice dinner at Three Monkeys (highly recommended!!! I don’t have any photos, so I won’t blog about it, but it was fantastic. I loved it!). The beautiful contemporary design with a touch of Indonesian culture in the lobby welcomed us. We got to our room and I was surprised by the spacious and gorgeously decorated villa. How can I resist taking photos even […]

KOU Cuisine ☆ Beautiful Jam & Salt Shop in Ubud, Bali

KOU Cuisine

On the first day of my first trip to Ubud in Bali, my friend, Kara, whom I traveled with and I went to Jalan Monkey Forest Street for our first outing together. We walked around and the first store that grabbed my attention on Monkey Forest Street was KOU Cuisine. We were on the other side of the street from the store, so I didn’t pay attention to the name of the store or what was sold there. I just thought that the store looked really pretty. I said to Kara pointing to the store, “do you mind if we check out that store?” and she replied “look what it says on the sign.” The reason she said that was because I shared a list of places my friend, Masako, recommended and KOU Cuisine was one of them. (You can read about Masako’s recommendations for Jakarta here.) I usually like […]

Ubud Bali Recommendations ☆ Indonesia

Alam Indah Ubud Bali

A trip to Ubud, Bali, in Indonesia in May 2013 with my friends before my family’s departure from a 3 year posting in Jakarta was one of the most fun and memorable trips I have ever made. I have always wondered what makes the world travelers go back to Bali over and over. I have been to Nusa Dua in Bali with my family. We had a great trip and Nusa Dua was beautiful, but to be honest with you, I wasn’t convinced by the reason why people get crazy about Bali through my single visit at Nusa Dua. I kept wondering about what distinguishes Bali from so many other beautiful world-class resorts. Until I went to Bali. Bali has Nusa Dua, Seminyak and Jimbaran in Kuta, Ubud and many more areas to explore and vacation. Even though I have only visited Nusa Dua and Ubud in the past 3 […]

Paisley Things ☆ Jakarta Indonesia

Paisley Things-3

NEW LOCATION Updated on February 5, 2015 Paisley Things have grown and moved to a new location! I have changed the address to the updated one. Please scroll down for the information. ペイズリー・シングズがお引っ越ししました!下の住所は、新しい店舗のものへと更新しました。 I received an email from the founder of Paisely Things, Caroline, informing me that Paisley Things has moved to a permanent location and now has a new beautiful showroom on the ground floor in their new building. The number of programs has grown and the number of artisans supported by the foundation has been added. They now have new talents and new products. Caroline is proud of each and every artisan for they have turned their life and prospered. I so wish I could come see their new shop and new products that they have launched. I’m envious of all of you who live in Jakarta and get to visit them at a new location! I also […]

Monday Mode ☆ Le Petit Society

Le Petit Society S-9

The other day I had a play date with my two girl friends in Jakarta, Erica of expatria, baby and Ana of Stumble Abroad. It was a play date with a fashion value added where all of our kids wore Le Petit Society clothes. Thanks to Erica and Le Petit Society, my baby son received a couple of really adorable outfits as a gift. Lucky boy! Thank you, Erica and Le Petit Society! The best part to me was that this gave me an excuse to see my two lovely girl friends, dress up my baby boy in adorable clothing, and take photos of the cute kids playing. That’s like a candy to me. Oh yes, by the way, I gave my son a haircut. Can you tell the amateur look…? 先日、ジャカルタで2人のお友達、expatria, babyのエリカとStumble Abroadのアナとプレイデートをしました。エリカとLe Petit Society(ル・プティ・ソサエティー)のお陰で、息子はとても可愛いお洋服を贈り物として頂いちゃいました。有り難いです。エリカとLe Petit Society、どうもありがとう!私にとってもっと嬉しかったのは、2人のお友達とプレイデートをする口実ができた事、息子に可愛い服を着せられた事、そして子供達が遊ぶ可愛い姿を写真に撮る事が出来た事です。私には嬉しい甘い出来事でした。 そうそう、息子の髪の毛を私が切りました。ド素人のカット分かります。。。? If you are interested in learning more about Le Petit Society, […]

Weekend Get-Away ☆ Sheraton, Bandung ☆ Indonesia

Sheraton Bundung Small53

On the last weekend of April, 2013, I took a trip with my 3 kids and nanny to Bandung as my husband was away on his man-cation in Bali and Komodo island for a week. The weekend away in Bandung was a blast!!! I only wish my husband was there with us, but you know what? It was great for him that he was in Komodo island snorkeling with his guy friends just like back in his college years. I was happy for him. I was also glad that I was able to go to Bandung one more time before leaving Indonesia. Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers made it possible for me. I was there for overnight from Saturday till Sunday, so it was a quick trip. It was well worth the almost 3-hour car ride from Jakarta to Bandung though. Even my kids did not want to leave on […]

Monday Mode ☆ Milky Way Gems & Jewelry

Milky Way Jewelry-26

In Japan, there is a proverb “Sit on a rock for 3 years” (“Ishi no ue ni mo 3 nen”). The origin of the saying means that if you continue to sit on a cold rock for 3 years, it’ll get warm. It refers to the philosophy that no matter how difficult and challenging it seems to achieve your goal, perseverance prevails. Thus, be patient. I have been blogging for a little over 3 years and I recently had two occasions that made me feel very rewarding and the meaning of the proverb felt close to my heart. It has never been my intention to blog in order to get a reward, but it certainly feels good to be rewarded for my hard work and know that what I do has a meaning. One of the occasions is a gift from Milky Way Gems & Jewelry. If you have been […]

Lunch Set Menu ☆ KOI Mahakam

KOI Mahakam Lunch Set-1

*日本語は下にあります。 I attended my first farewell get together last week with my Japanese friends. I have roughly a month left till our departure and it already started. Eight Japanese friends and I had lunch together at KOI Mahakam, which is the topic of this post, but please allow me to write a bit about personal side. In the past 2 years and 9 months of my stay in Jakarta, I have bid farewell to many of my friends. The turn over in the expat community every year is big in this city. I knew that my turn would come eventually at the end of our 3-year assignment, but now it has really arrived, it feels strange. In some way I don’t want any farewell gatherings for myself. I want my farewell to be a regular “see you”. I almost wish that I quietly leave Jakarta without saying a formal bye […]

Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta ☆ Indonesia

Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta-38

Welcomed with fragrant Jasmine leis Hyatt Gold Course Rooms Restaurant Menu for the little ones was quite popular among our kids. Weather It started raining in the early afternoon, which was the pattern everyday during our stay in March. Apparently, the rainy season was not over in Yogyakarta in March. Buffet Dinner Swimming Pools The big water slide was the biggest hit among our kids and it seems that it’s a big selling point for family tourists. We ran into some friends we knew who were also staying at Hyatt Regency for the spring break. We did not go anywhere as we have two very young children, but we did not mind it at all and the older kids, my two (8 and 5 years old) and our friends’ oldest one (6 years old) would go down the slide for hours straight. It seemed to be the case for other […]

Borobudur Sunrise ☆ Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Borobudur Yogyakarta-47

My family made a trip to Yogyakarta/Jogjakarta during a mid-term break this year. My husband was finally able to take some time off from work during our children’s mid-term break.  We debated whether we should go to Bali or Yogyakarta. I had never been to Yogyakarta and after having talked to some friends, I came to a conclusion that I needed to see Yogyakarta before leaving Indonesia. So we did. We got on a plane and went to Yogyakarta and saw Borobudur! 学期の中間休みに、ジョグジャカルタへ家族で行ってきました。夫もやっと子供の学期の休みに仕事の休みを取ってくれました。バリに行くかジョグジャカルタへ行くか迷ったのですが、色々な友人に相談してみた結果、インドネシア離任前にジョグジャカルタを見ておいた方が良いという結論に達しました。それなので、飛行機に乗ってジョグジャへ行き、憧れのボロブドゥールを見てきました! We got to Borobudur around 4:50 A.M. in the morning and it was still dark. 午前4:50頃ボロブドゥールに到着。まだ暗かったです。 I had my baby son in my Ergobaby Carrier and climbed the steps. It was actually easier than people have told me. The kids, 8, 6, and 5 years of age, had no problem going up to the top. 赤ちゃんである息子を、エルゴベビーの抱っこひもの中に入れ、ボロブドゥールの階段を登りました。聞いていたよりも楽でした。8歳、6歳、4歳になる子供達も、難無く上まで階段を上がって行きました。 Hungry Stomach Sleepy Eyes I was thrilled that we made a […]

Friday Finds ☆ Essential bed n’ bath


Essential bed n’ bath is a store with items to fill your space in a bedroom and bathroom as suggested in the name. Essential is part of the Vinoti Living group. There is a store in Kemang Club Villas where I took these photos. White interior design is my favorite, so I always admire their window displays whenever I pass by their store. Essential bed n’ bathは、名前の通り、バスルームやベッドルームを飾るもので溢れているお店です。エッセンシャルはVinoti Living(ビノッティ)グループに入っているそうです。Kemang Club Villas(クマン・クラブ・ビラズ)にお店があり、そこで写真を撮りました。クマンクラブビラズには、他にVinoti Livingのお店もあります。インテリアで私の一番好きな色は白なので、この前を通る時いつも素敵だな〜と思っていました。 I think the photos tell you what type of store Essential is. It’s a lovely store. I love their big silver tin decor. I have one heart and two stars at home which I love. I have also been eying on the fluffy rugs they sell, which my baby son could destroy it. Thus, I am contemplating whether to get one or not, but I would love to have the gray or white one. 写真から、どんなお店なのかお分かりになれるかと思います。Essentialはとっても素敵なお店です。ビーンバッグの上に飾ってあるシルバーの飾りは私のお気に入りです。家に、ハートのものが1つ、星を2つ飾ってあります。ふわふわのラグも可愛いな、と目を着けています。息子がきっと駄目にしてしまうので、買うのを躊躇しているのですが、グレーか白のものが欲しいななんて思います。 To go to Kemang […]

Wednesday Wall2Wall Design ☆ Office Design at Chevrolet NAW Pluit

Chevrolet NAW Pluit16

Have you seen a beautiful office like this? I was delighted to have such a wonderful opportunity to take photos of the Chevrolet NAW Pluit office located in Pluit, the north area of Jakarta where I have never been before. I felt like I was in a different country. Anyways, I loved the design of the Chevrolet office furnished with cool modern design furniture. Some, not all, furniture pieces are from KOI Kemang in South Jakarta. こんな素敵なオフィス見た事ありますか?ジャカルタの北に位置するプルイという地域にある、新しくオープンしたシェバレーディーラーのオフィスの撮影をするという機会に恵まれました。それにしてもプルイはとても遠かったです。まるで外国に居る気分でした。シェバレーオフィスはとても素敵でモダンな家具が置かれていて、とにかくお洒落でした。全てではないのですが、いくつかのお部屋は、KOI Kemangのデザインチームがデザインし、家具はKOI Kemangで調達されていました。 Furniture by KOI Kemang I was in awe the whole time I was taking photos. The design of each office was well thought through and beautiful. What a great idea to furnish your office with trendy furniture. Below areas were furnished with some furniture from different furniture companies. The tables in the three photos below were from KOI Kemang, but the chairs were from a different store. 写真を取っている時、とってもドキドキしてしまいました。各部屋とても考えてデザインされおり、とても素敵でした。トレンディーな家具で職場をデザインするってかっこ良いですね。家具でこんなに変わるんだなと思いました。 下の写真のスペースは、他の家具屋さんで購入された家具でデザインされたお部屋になります。下3枚の写真にあるテーブルだけは、KOI Kemangで購入したそうです。 Furniture […]

Friday Finds ☆ DYRT Design Jakarta

DYRT Jakarta39

It is my pleasure to present DYRT Design, which stands for Do You Recycle Too? DYRT Design is a unique shop in Indonesia where you can buy products that you don’t see in other parts of the world. DYRT Design products are all made with recycled materials such as toothpaste cases which you see on the products made with white and silver woven materials and billboard vinyl which you see in colorful products. I learned about DYRT Design when I went to the American Women’s Association bazaar in autumn 2010, soon after I moved to Indonesia. I’ve been wanting to come visit DYRT Design store in Kemang ever since the store opened above Le Souq in the same center as KOI Kemang. The concept of DYRT originates from trying to reduce waste. It is not just recycling the materials such as billboard vinyl. The founder of DYRT Design, Karen Isdaryono, […]