Monday Mode ☆ maomao linen shirts from Indonesia

maomao shima white-4

maomao shima white-5

I had a pleasure of meeting lovely Peggy who flew from Jakarta, Indonesia to Mumbai, India for her work. Peggy told me that her husband, Herman, who started Lima Watch (beautiful watches) found my blog and told her that she would like my blog. So she checked it out and she did. I found this story very sweet. It’s such an honor to be followed by two talented Indonesian artists/entrepreneurs like Peggy and Herman. I also love hearing how people have found my blog because my blog does not have a huge following compared to a blog superstars out there. The interesting thing, though, is that Indonesia seems to still rank the highest in term of traffic to my blog even a year and a half after I had relocated to Mumbai, India. I am very flattered! Thank you, readers in Indonesia!!

One day Peggy emailed me and told me that she recently started her lovely fashion line with linen textiles called maomao and she would like me to have some of her clothes. Then she gently asked if I would be interested in writing about them. She informed me that she would be coming to Mumbai for her work and asked me if we could meet up so that she could give me some clothes. I thought she might bring one item, but she gave me so many! I could not believe how generous she was! She also gave me a beautiful mug that she bought from Ayu Larasati who seems to be fast growing in popularity in Indonesia.

Life is interesting, isn’t it? I met Peggy for the first time at Suzette in Mumbai, but it felt like I met an old friend from Jakarta. It was so nice to meet with someone who came from the city that I was very familiar with and called home for the past 3 years prior to our move to Mumbai. The world of blog and social media seems to have changed the form of friendship. My blog that I started 5 years ago, a Chuzai Living Facebook page, and Instagram have brought some lovely friendship. I would have not met Peggy from Jakarta in Mumbai without them.

So, here’s my little contribution to Peggy who brought lovely clothes all the way from Jakarta, Indonesia to give me. By the way, Jakarta seems to be booming in the field of design and I am always drooling over the photos taken in Jakarta, Indonesia that I find on instagram. I still have more items of maomao that Peggy gave me to write about, but I’ll keep them for the future post! I especially fell in love this white “Shima” shirt. It is so comfortable, light, beautiful and perfect for the hot weather.

maomao shima white-6

maomao shima white-9

maomao shima white-2

maomao shima white-3

maomao shima white

maomao shima white-11

maomao yumi top navy shirt-3

maomao navy shirt

maomao yumi top navy shirt-6

maomao yumi top navy shirt-5

maomao yumi top navy shirt-9

maomao yumi top navy shirt-8

maomao shima white-10

I enjoyed styling for the three shirts. You could also see how maomao styles their shirts and find out about other shirts through maomao’s instagram photo gallery. Enjoy!

Three shirts by maomao in this post were gifted by Peggy of maomao and the rest of the outfit and accessories are my own.

Tegallalang Handicraft Center in Ubud ☆ Bali Indonesia ☆ Throwback Thursday

Tegallalang Ubud Bali

When you visit an island of Bali, you realize that Bali is much bigger than you’ve imagined. With the existing traffic, it can take a long time to get around, too. For instance, it took me about an hour and a half from the airport to our villa in Ubud.

If you ever have a chance to visit Bali, I highly recommend visiting the Ubud area. The coast line of Bali is amazing, but I am convinced that the magic of Bali exists in inland, Ubud, where you see step fields. If you look up “Tegallalang” on google, you will find many images of what Ubud is about. In Ubud, there are many different streets for shopping, dining and relaxing at spas. The main shopping area that is popular among tourists covers Jalan Monkey Forest, Jalan Hanoman, and Jalan Raya Ubud. If you look them up on a map, these three streets intersect and are close from each other.

You would want to go to Jalan Monkey Forest, Jalan Hanoman, and Jalan Raya Ubud, which are really fun and you can find high quality products there. On top of that, I highly recommend Tegallalang Handicraft Center in Ubud. If you go all the way out to Ubud, Bali, you’ve got to check out Jalan Raya Tegallalang.

Jl. Raya Tegalalang has so many handicrafts with great bargain prices (we still negotiated a bit) that you don’t see at other places in Bali. When you go to typical touristy areas in Bali such as Kuta, Nusa Dua, Seminyak and so forth, you’ll quickly learn that it’s not that cheap to shop in Bali. Jalan Raya Tegallalang was an exception. It also appeared to me that Jalan Raya Tegallalang was still not as well-known as other main shopping streets to the world tourists.

The reason why my friend, Kara, and I learned about Jalan Raya Tegallalang was because we stayed at Pandawas Villas which was located only a short drive away from Jalan Raya Tegallalang. Pandawas Villas was amazing, by the way!

I bought many items for our families and friends from the shops in Tegallalang Handicraft Center on Jalan Raya Tegallalang. I hope these photos on this post will help you get the ideas of what you can find on Jalan Raya Tegallalang. I have included the photos of the items that came from Tegallalang Handicraft Center and I own below, but if you would like to see more photos of the items purchased on Jalan Raya Tegallalang, you can see them in my previous post.

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-2

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-3

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-4

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-5

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-6

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-7

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-8

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-9

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-10

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-10

My friend got this beautiful wooden plate at Govinda.

Ubud Bali Shopping-4

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-12

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-16

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-13

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-14

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-15

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-17

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-18

The trees and candle holders came from the shop above that I don’t even know the name. I’m sorry!

Ubud Bali Shopping

Ubud Bali Shopping-3

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-19

Ubud Bali Shopping-7

Bali Ubud Jl Raya Tegallalang-20

Jalan Raya Tegallalang Map

I hope you enjoyed viewing the photos.

If you are looking into going to Bali, below are other posts on Bali.


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Pasar Mayestik ☆ Jakarta Indonesia ☆ Throwback Thursday

Pasar Mayestik Jakarta


To this day the biggest readership for my blog comes from Indonesia. I’d like to thank dear readers and stumble-upon visitors in Indonesia for coming to my blog even after I moved to India. I hope the information for Indonesia on my blog is not too outdated yet (I’m sure there is some).

I have many photos that I had taken before we left Jakarta, Indonesia, which I have not used on my blog. I did not have enough time to write about all the places that I had visited and taken photos at especially towards the end of our time in Jakarta and thus I have some photos that have been stored on my computer without being edited. I decided to pull out some of the photos to write about the places from which I think and hope that current expats and other readers in Indonesia will be able to benefit.

So here I am writing about Pasar Mayestik, one of the popular markets in Jakarta which is known for the fabric selections. I have been to the fabric market part before. I mentioned a fabric store called IKO BANA where I bought fabric for my formal gown. If you are interested, please visit this post.

In May 2013, my Japanese friend took me to Pasar Mayestik to show me a good place to buy tin boxes. Getting recommendations from expats who live in the city is my favorite way to learn about a new city whether for visitors and foreign residents from overseas. I visited Pasar Mayestik a few months after the newly built buildings opened. Back then, there are some spaces which were still not filled with shops. I

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-2

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-3



Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes Gatara Bali

Gatara Bali is the store recommended by my friend and it has many beautiful tin boxes with great reasonable prices. If you go to Bali, I’m sure you can find even better prices, but for shopping for tin boxes in Jakarta, I think that the prices you can get at Gatara Bali are as good as they might get. Gatara Bali had many tin boxes.

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-32

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-31

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-30

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-29

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-33

I bought about 5 or 6 tin boxes from Gatara Bali on that day. Knowing how practical and beautiful these tin boxes are, I wish I had bought more. These tin boxes are wonderful for storage and decoration. If you would like to see how I use them at my current home in Mumbai, India, please read the previous post Tin Boxes As Storage & Decoration.



Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-6


Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-5


These bags are popular among Japanese expat ladies.

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-7


Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-8

There were many more stores in the basement. It is a great place to find many things you need especially when you plan for a party.



Pasar Mayestik is especially known for its textile and craft stores. Toko Maju is a store for all the craft lovers in Jakarta. If you need anything for your craft project with fabric, Toko Maju seems to be the store to go to. It was quite impressive to see the wide selection of craft goods especially beads and buttons that were available at Toko Maju.

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-11

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-14

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-13

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-17

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-18

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-20

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-24

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-27

Pasar Mayestik Tin Boxes-19

Even if you are not a big craft person, you will have fun at Toko Maju, don’t you think?

I hope you enjoyed the post!

Pasar Mayestik
Kyai Maja St.
Gunung Village, Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta City 12120

Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Tin Boxes As Storage & Decoration ☆ Souvenirs From Jakarta Indonesia

Cayenne Tin Boxes-001

One of the items that I use almost daily today which I wish I had bought more back in Jakarta, Indonesia where I used to live, is tin boxes. Tin boxes are great for storage and I have them in many different rooms in my current home in Mumbai, India.

These dotted tin boxes in the two photos above and below are my favorite tin boxes which I purchased at Cayenne. I have written about Cayenne in August, 2010 HERE.

Tin Boxes Storage Cayenne Jakarta

There are many stores in Jakarta where you can find tin boxes. Cayenne in Kemang Selatan in Jakarta used to have a variety of tin boxes like these when I still lived in Jakarta. I don’t know if they still carry them any more as they seem to have changed their featured items at the store. I have checked Cayenne’s Instagram account which has many beautiful items that they sell at the store. I was drooling over all the beautiful items at Cayenne and I would love to go to Cayenne right now and shop!

Below are all the tin boxes I bought at Pasar Mayestik in Jakarta (except for the one at the very end). I will post (It’s on the blog. Please click on the name.) the information about the shop “Gatara Bali” where my stylish Japanese friend took me back in May, 2013 in the next post . I took photos then, but I never had a chance to write about the shop as the move came and then I got busy transitioning.

Tin Boxes from Jakarta Indonesia

Tin Boxes as Storage

You might laugh that we still have MD’s from 1990’s and we listen to them. This tin box is handy for their storage in the kitchen.

Tin Boxes as Storage

Tin boxes can be a great solution to tidy up a work space where it tends to collect clutter.

Tin Boxes as Storage

Tin Boxes as Storage

Tin Boxes as Storage

This one below was a gift from my friend, so I did not buy it at Pasar Mayestik myself, but I did see boxes in the same size.

Tin Boxes Bali Jakarta

I used to have this same box in my son’s nursery when we lived in Jakarta. I kept some wipes and diaper rash cream in the tin box. If you click on the photo, you can jump to the post about the baby boy nursery I had in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Baby Boy Nursery06

There are links above as well, but if you haven’t clicked and still are interested in reading about the shop “Gatara Bali” in Pasar Mayestik where I bought tin boxes in Jakarta, Indonesia, please click HERE. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Tin Boxes As Storage & Decoration ☆ Souvenirs From Jakarta Indonesia

Cayenne Tin Boxes-001

One of the items that I use almost daily today which I wish I had bought more back in Jakarta, Indonesia where I used to live, is tin boxes. Tin boxes are great for storage and I have them in many different rooms in my current home in Mumbai, India.

These dotted tin boxes in the two photos above and below are my favorite tin boxes which I purchased at Cayenne. I have written about Cayenne in August, 2010 HERE.

Tin Boxes Storage Cayenne Jakarta

There are many stores in Jakarta where you can find tin boxes. Cayenne in Kemang Selatan in Jakarta used to have a variety of tin boxes like these when I still lived in Jakarta. I don’t know if they still carry them any more as they seem to have changed their featured items at the store. I have checked Cayenne’s Instagram account which has many beautiful items that they sell at the store. I was drooling over all the beautiful items at Cayenne and I would love to go to Cayenne right now and shop!

Below are all the tin boxes I bought at Pasar Mayestik in Jakarta (except for the one at the very end). I will post (It’s on the blog. Please click on the name.) the information about the shop “Gatara Bali” where my stylish Japanese friend took me back in May, 2013 in the next post . I took photos then, but I never had a chance to write about the shop as the move came and then I got busy transitioning.

Tin Boxes from Jakarta Indonesia

Tin Boxes as Storage

You might laugh that we still have MD’s from 1990’s and we listen to them. This tin box is handy for their storage in the kitchen.

Tin Boxes as Storage

Tin boxes can be a great solution to tidy up a work space where it tends to collect clutter.

Tin Boxes as Storage

Tin Boxes as Storage

Tin Boxes as Storage

This one below was a gift from my friend, so I did not buy it at Pasar Mayestik myself, but I did see boxes in the same size.

Tin Boxes Bali Jakarta

I used to have this same box in my son’s nursery when we lived in Jakarta. I kept some wipes and diaper rash cream in the tin box. If you click on the photo, you can jump to the post about the baby boy nursery I had in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Baby Boy Nursery06

There are links above as well, but if you haven’t clicked and still are interested in reading about the shop “Gatara Bali” in Pasar Mayestik where I bought tin boxes in Jakarta, Indonesia, please click HERE. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Inacraft 2013 ☆ Jakarta, Indonesia

Inacraft Jakarta 2013-17

I cannot believe that it’s been a year since the Inacraft 2013 and I was still in Jakarta a year ago. It feels like a life time ago when we lived in Jakarta. Sometimes, posts I meant to publish sooner and worked so hard get pushed to the side and buried under other posts by the ones with higher priorities. This post is one of them. I started working on my Inacraft post, edited, created collages with photos and uploaded them, but it sat in my draft file for nearly a year.

If you are around my blog, you might have noticed that I have not been around this past week. The reason is my computer crashed. It had been working abnormally slow in the recent past, so I knew it was imminent. My friend on Facebook said something right on point. Computers have a lifespan and hard drives would eventually die. Thus, you have to back up your precious files. I’m not new to crashes and I had learned a hard way in the past, so this time I did make backups. What a relief!

Especially for expats who move frequently from one country to another, backing up files is critical. It takes a toll on any computers with the physical move, change of voltage, different environmental factors such as climate, dust, humidity, and so forth. I did not realize until now why our computers in the past had not lasted as long as some others, but it totally makes sense.

Anyways, while I wait for my computer to work again in the future, I wanted to post at least Friday Finds and I looked at my draft file. There I found the Inacraft post draft. I decided to finish this and publish it. How can I write even though I don’t have my computer? I am writing on our old crippled computer with missing keys because of my son who removed them. It’s not easy to type on, but it is our life saver as my husband’s computer also crashed in the same week. Yes, it’s one of those weeks.


What’s Inacraft? You can check out Inacraft website for details, but in short it is a biggest handicraft trade show for gifts and housewares in Jakarta, Indonesia. You can find any crafts you can imagine from all over Indonesia in one place and it’s like an amusement park. It is something that needs to be on a bucket list of those expats in Jakarta before leaving.

As I am writing this post, I learn that the 16th Inacraft in 2014 is happening in Jakarta right now this week between April 23 and 27, 2014. Believe it or not, my decision to post this now happened with a mere coincidence because of the unavailability of my computer to edit photos due to its crash. There is always a reason for something to happen, isn’t there?

Thanks to my friend, Anita, I went to Inacraft in 2013. Thank you, Anita! I was very busy at this time a year ago as I was trying to get as much done before the end of our tour in Jakarta coming in less than 2 months. You know, the rush you get before leaving any place for good “oh my gosh, I might not get to buy, eat, or see this ever once I leave!” I am so glad with the decision to go to Inacraft when Anita asked even though it crossed my mind that I could spend the time to do something else.

Inacraft Jakarta 2013-33


Be My Bean


Inacraft Jakarta 2013

Inacraft Jakarta 20132

Inacraft Jakarta 20131

Inacraft Jakarta 20133

Inacraft Jakarta 20134

Inacraft Jakarta 20135


hang it


Inacraft Jakarta 20139

Inacraft Jakarta 201310

Inacraft Jakarta 2013-30

Inacraft Jakarta 2013-32




Inacraft Jakarta 201311

Inacraft Jakarta 201312

Inacraft Jakarta 201313

Inacraft Jakarta 201314




Inacraft Jakarta 2013-16

interior + furniture design
Bungur 37 Karangsetra, Bandung 40153
TEL: +62 22 203 2564

Inacraft Jakarta 20136

Inacraft Jakarta 20137

Inacraft Jakarta 20138

Inacraft was amazing and fun! What I feature here is just one corner of Inacraft. There is so much more to this trade show.

You just have to see it.

I hope you enjoy seeing my photos from last year in 2013. They give me a shopping bug!

Happy Shopping!

Friday Finds ☆ Jamu Spa in Cipete, Jakarta

Jamu Spa Jakarta

Jamu Spa Jakarta-2

Jamu Spa Jakarta1

    Jamu is traditional medicine in Indonesia mainly made from natural materials. It became popular during the Hindu Javanese period and is claimed to have originated in the Mataram Kingdom, a Hindu-Buddhist kingdom that was based in Central Java and later in East Java. Jamu is said to be influenced by Ayurveda.

    Having lived in India and learned a bit about Ayurveda, it is very interesting to know that India and Indonesia, the two countries I have lived back to back have such interesting historical ties.

I dedicate this post to those who are in Jakarta, Indonesia. Even though I have left Jakarta 10 months ago, the biggest readership till today is in Indonesia. This is my humble way to say thank you to them. At the same time, Jamu is definitely blog worthy. Even though I learned about Jamu during my second year of our three-year stay in Jakarta, I did not visit Jamu until the last month of our stay. It is such a shame. The good thing is that I’ve got to visit twice! I am eternally thankful to my Japanese friend, Kaori, who gave me the two opportunities to visit Jamu. Thank you, Kaori!! If you are an expat in Indonesia, I hope you take advantage of the wonderful spas available in Indonesia. Spas in Indonesia are something else. I don’t think I truly appreciated the spas in Indonesia until I left.


Jamu is a wonderful place for the purpose of getting pampered in a true meaning with all natural materials as the name Jamu suggests. The cream bath at Jamu is probably the best among all the places I tried cream bath. Cream bath is a hair and massage treatment where the massage starts from the head and continues to the neck, shoulders and arms. It is divine and very relaxing. If you ever visit Indonesia, I highly recommend trying out a cream bath.

Jamu Spa Jakarta6

Other Recommended Spas in Jakarta
That Are Popular Among Expats

I have posted two other spas in Jakarta in the past. Now with Jamu, I recommend all three of them for different reasons and they are very popular among the expats I know in Jakarta. I love Puri Santi for the combination of the service, ambiance and reasonable pricing. It is a great place to bring your out-of-town guests. I loved going to A Mi Casa in Kemang for getting a pedicure by myself for a quick pampering and it is the cheapest among three which is the reason why I went there for regular pedicure every time my feet felt like rocks.

Jamu Spa Jakarta5

Jamu Spa Jakarta2

Jamu Spa Jakarta3

Jamu Spa Jakarta4

Jamu Spa Jakarta-13

Jamu Spa Jakarta-14

Jamu Spa Jakarta-12

At the first visit, I had a cream bath and at the second visit, I had a massage treatment. Both were absolutely fantastic.

To read more about Jamu Concept, please click here.

at Cipete, South Jakarta, Indonesia
Jl. Cipete VIII/94B Cipete,
South Jakarta, Indonesia
Tel : 021-765 9691
Fax: 021-765 9693



There is another spa that I went with my great friend, Anita. She was so sweet to treat me to the spa and I absolutely loved their massage. I might say that their massage was one of the most relaxing. I would love to write about it, but I cannot find the photos or remember the name of the spa! One of many things that is tough about moving is losing information in the hectic transition. If I can find the information and photos, I hope to post them here. In the process of looking for the photos of the spa, I saw many photos of several places in Jakarta that I would love to share with you here especially for my readers in Indonesia and potential expats or visitors to Jakarta. Let’s hope that I will be organized enough to get my act together!


Want to know what other people thought of Jamu?

I posted about Jamu on my Facebook and I received very positive responses. I wanted to embed the post, but it’s not working well. Please click to see my Facebook page post and the comments. Thank you!

Adrian’s Adventures in Indonesia

Adiran's Adventure in Indonesia-4

I’m dedicating this post to my friends, Jaime (Jaime Teahen Sanders), the creator of the book “Adrian’s Adventures in Indonesia” and Liz (Elizabeth LaVally), who is an illustrator for the book.

I met Jaime when I lived in Indonesia. She was one of the girl friends with whom I went Siem Reap, Cambodia in December, 2011 for a race. You can see some photos of us in my posts about Siem Reap, Cambodia under Travel tab. She’s one of the inspiring friends who worked and always had multiple projects going on when I knew her in Indonesia. I remember when she had told me about the idea of writing and publishing a children’s book and have illustration done by our friend, Liz. Not too long after that she really published a children’s book “Adrian’s Adventures in Indonesia”. I was floored. It taught me that if you set your mind to achieve a goal and dedicate your time and energy for it, you can realize it.

Adiran's Adventure in Indonesia-2

Adiran's Adventure in Indonesia-7

I met Liz for the first time through Jaime. I always knew her as a working mom with the U.S. Air Force which I was already impressed with. Until Jaime told me that Liz was going to illustrate for her book, I had no idea that she was an artist. She totally surprised me with her talent. I love the soft lines of color pencils in the illustrations which feel very warm. At the time when she was drawing for the book, her boys were very young and I was impressed that she had managed to find the time to illustrate. It seems that I can’t find enough time to do everything I need to do these days!

Adiran's Adventure in Indonesia-6

Adiran's Adventure in Indonesia-5

Adrian’s Adventures in Indonesia teach children (and adults) about Indonesia’s different islands, their natural habitats and the environments with words and illustrations. It would make a great gift for children who have lived there for memorabilia and for children who are moving to Indonesia in the future to get them excited about their own new adventures. For someone moving to Indonesia, what can be more appropriate than to give “Adrian’s Adventures in Indonesia” as a farewell present? Even if you don’t have any ties with Indonesia, this would be a great book to teach children about Indonesia.

“Adrian’s Adventures in Indonesia” is available at the following stores online.
Barnes & Noble.
*The author would love it if you could write a review of the story on the sites if you have already read the book!

If you are in Indonesia, you can order the book online or ask your local bookstore to order it or stock it.

I would like to also add that a portion of the proceeds from the book will support the fight against child trafficking.

Adiran's Adventure in Indonesia-3

Bali Bike Baik Cycling Tours ☆ Activity in Ubud, Bali

Bali Bike Baik Tours-52


When I go on a vacation, I tend to choose either a destination where we can lay on a beach and play in a pool or we go to a city and do typical touristy sight-seeing and shopping. You can see my travel posts in different destinations under a Travel tab.

One of the things that was atypical in Ubud for me in terms of the way I typically spend my vacation was the activities I’ve got to do there. The activities were possible as I traveled without my kids. My friend, Kara, who volunteered to make arrangements for the group arranged two activities in Ubud, Bali: a biking trip and white water rafting trip. I’m going to share some photos from our bicycle trip which was a load of fun in this post and will share the photos from the white water rafting trip some other time.

The company Kara picked for the bicycle trip is Bali Bike Baik Cycling Tours. (Baik means “good” in Bahasa Indonesia.) She found the company, made a reservation and everything, so all I had to do was to show up and pay money. Yes, I was very lucky! It’s a family owned business run by the owner, Wayan Sujana, who speaks English very well. The package we used was a Cycling Tour and we paid IDR 450,000 (US$45) for it as we stayed in Ubud. (There are different pricing for different areas. Please check them here.)

It’s a whole day tour. They pick you up from your hotel, take you to the residence of Wayan Sujana and you have some breakfast. Then you go on a tour on a bike. I’d like to say that the tour takes about 3 to 4 hours. The tour ends at the residence again and you have home-made Balinese meal for lunch. You get to see Wayan Sujana and his family’s home from outside and learn about how some cultural aspects of family life in Bali, which concludes the tour. Then you get on their shuttle bus again and they take you back to your hotel. More details can be found in the Bali Bike Baik Cycling Tours tab on their website.

You see the parts of Bali that is more local through the biking trip and I really enjoyed the nice breeze you get while you bike. It also feels great that you are working out without really feeling it. We did not go that fast and there were stops every 15 minutes or so to do some sightseeing, so you don’t have to feel intimidated by the exercise aspect of biking. Make sure you bring your sunscreen and if you don’t want to use a helmet (you probably want to wear one for safety, but I chose not to wear it. I know. That was not good.), bring your cap or hat!

Bali Bike Baik Tours3-001

Kopi Luwak ☆ Luwak Coffee Tasting

Bali Bike Baik Tours-001

Luwak Coffee Beans

Bali Bike Baik Tours4

Tea & Coffee Tasting

Bali Bike Baik Tours2

Bali Bike Baik Tours1

Bali Bike Baik Tours15

Bali Bike Baik Tours3

Bali Bike Baik Tours5

Bali Bike Baik Tours-22

Bali Bike Baik Tours6

Bali Bike Baik Tours7

Bali Bike Baik Tours8

Bali Bike Baik Tours9

Bali Bike Baik Tours10

Bali Bike Baik Tours-36

Bali Bike Baik Tours17

Bali Bike Baik Tours-43

Bali Bike Baik Tours-50

Bali Bike Baik Tours11

Bali Bike Baik Tours-47

Bali Bike Baik Tours-52

Bali Bike Baik Tours13

Bali Bike Baik Tours12


Bali Bike Baik Tours-58

Bali Bike Baik Tours14

I hope you enjoyed my photos of the bike tour. I am sure there are other great companies. I wanted to share our experience and I would be happy if my post can be helpful to your travel planning.

Address: Banjar Laplapan, Petulu, Ubud – Bali
Phone: +62 0361-978052
Fax: +62 0361-978052
Mobile: 081338673852
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Bali Bike Baik Tours-63



利用した会社は、Bali Bike Baik Cycling Toursでした。(Baik「バイク」とはインドネシア語で「良い」という意味を表します。)ワヤン・スジャヤさんが経営する、家族で行っているツアーの会社です。ツアーは朝から午後まであるので、ほぼ一日掛かりです。シャトルバスでホテルまで向かえに来てくれ、ワヤンさんのご自宅まで行き、軽く朝食を頂きます。その後ツアーが始まるのですが、自転車に乗る時間は3時間から4時間くらいだったかと思います。ツアーの後またワイヤンさんのご自宅へ戻り、そこで昼食を食べ、その後ワイヤンさんのご自宅の敷地内でバリの人々がどのように生活をしているかの文化紹介が行われた後ツアー終了となり、最後またシャトルバスでホテルまで送って下さいます。ツアー自体は、450,000ルピア(日本円で大体4500円くらい)しました。詳しいツアー情報をご覧になりたい方は、英語のBali Bike Baik Cycling Toursのツアー詳細ページをご覧下さい。



Address: Banjar Laplapan, Petulu, Ubud – Bali
Phone: +62 0361-978052
Fax: +62 0361-978052
Mobile: 081338673852
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Dining Room ☆ Before & After Decorating

dining room-5

Before our house hold effects arrived, our dining room in our new apartment in Mumbai looked like in the photo below. We moved into a furnished apartment which we have no say in what we would like to have. Honestly, it was a mere luck that we got assigned to live in an apartment that I fell in love with from the moment we moved in. It was a big contrast in the housing we had in Jakarta, Indonesia, which I fell in love with after I did a lot of work to decorate, but its bare state when we first moved in was nothing fancy like this. You can find my posts about my home in Jakarta, Indonesia under Interior Design.

dining room before

I must say that I had a good material to work with and anyone can probably make this look nice. Having a good design that was already in the apartment helped me with setting up my home. Can you guess my favorite color?

Dining Room

I didn’t get all of these in one day. I have collected the white plates in the span of 8 years. A lot of them came from the discount dinnerware shops in Jakarta, Indonesia.

My husband likes antique maps. These are maps of Indonesia, our previous home for 3 years. I love the look of the gray guitar that my husband has. I found it in Okinawa, Japan and I am so glad I bought it for him although it tends to be a decorative piece as my husband plays the other acoustic guitar he owns.

Dining Room6

Dining Room5

Dining Room4

One of the most recent favorite items in my home is these white Matryoshka Measuring Cups shown in the photo below from my friend, Anita. Thank you, Anita!! She got them for me as a farewell gift from Jakarta. I’ve never mentioned to her that I had wanted them for a while. It was like as though she read my mind! I love them so much that I have to use them as my decor.
Dining Room3

The silver trees are my purchase at Inacraft 2013 in Jakarta. Originally I had an idea to use them as jewelry hangers in my bedroom, but I like them in our dining room at the moment.

Dining Room2

My inspirations come from the photos I have pinned in my Pinterest Interiors I Heart board. Below are some examples of where I got ideas from for the dining room.



>via Susanna Vento & Emmas Designblogg

via Alexandra Angle Interior Design

It makes it easier for me to entertain as well to have plates and cups near the table. The only thing is that they can collect dust and I have to rinse the dishes that I don’t use often before using, but other than that, I love the idea of seeing what I love everyday.

Dining Room1

KAFE ☆ Cafe in the Heart of Ubud, Bali

KAFE Ubud Bali

I have many fond memories from the trip in Ubud, Bali that I took with my friend, Kara, her sister and her friends who flew from the U.S. in May, 2013. I’m feeling nostalgic by looking at my photos from the trip. It has only been 4 months since the trip, but it feels as though the trip took place ages ago. I have only covered 1/3 of my trip on my blog. I have more to tell and want to tell quickly, but it feels like I cannot keep up with the speed of my life and I am still behind. Please forgive me if I jump from one post about a trip in Bali to a find in Mumbai, India, my current city of residence.

My summer with a big move from Jakarta to our vacation points in Japan and the U.S. in between and then to Mumbai took my time away from blogging. It was good that I was able to focus on my family. Even though I love the process of moving despite the lengthy process to prepare, pack and once move in, unpack, and organize the new home, sometimes it makes me feel vulnerable and exhausted to the point that I just want to drop everything. Then I get to the place where I am happy in my new home. That’s where I am.

I am very grateful that I can finally find some time to talk about my trip in Bali on my blog. If you ever visit Bali, I hope you’ll take some time to stay in Ubud, the land many people fall in love with.

KAFE Ubud Bali

KAFE was one place I saw from the car window a couple of time as we passed by on Jalan Hanoman, one of the main streets in downtown Ubud, Bali. I was looking outside to see if there was any cool cafe to eat out and it was easy to spot KAFE. When I went there, KAFE was as cool as I imagined and the food was delicious.

KAFE Ubud Bali-2

KAFE Ubud Bali1

KAFE Ubud Bali2

KAFE seems to be in a really good location for breakfast before shopping, lunch to get some energy for shopping, afternoon coffee for a shopping break on Jalan Hanoman or dinner after finishing up shopping in the area. I had a plate of sandwich and a glass of fresh juice. There are nice looking desserts in the glass case inside the cafe. Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of KAFE’s sweets, but I can tell you that I loved their pumpkin bread!

Jl.Hanoman 44B
Ubud, Bali 80571
TEL: +62 361 7803802
Email: or kafe
Website | Facebook

KAFE Ubud Bali-6

Pandawas Villas ☆ Lovely Villas in Ubud, Bali

Pandawas Villas

Pandawas Villas-3

My travel buddy, Kara, and I arrived at Pandawas Villas on the second night in Ubud, Bali. We split our stay in Ubud at two places. Kara traveled with her sister and her friends in Bali and I joined the very last part in Ubud, Bali. I’ll introduce the other place where Kara and I stayed for one night in another post along with the villas Kara’s sister and her friends stayed and my friend recommended.

We arrived at Pandawas Villas quite late after we had a nice dinner at Three Monkeys (highly recommended!!! I don’t have any photos, so I won’t blog about it, but it was fantastic. I loved it!). The beautiful contemporary design with a touch of Indonesian culture in the lobby welcomed us. We got to our room and I was surprised by the spacious and gorgeously decorated villa. How can I resist taking photos even in the dark?


Pandawas Villas7

I went into the bathroom and started snapping away. Can you feel my excitement?

Pandawas Villas4

Pandawas Villas5

Pandawas Villas6

After my personal photo session, I hopped in an outdoor shower and went to bed. I wish I could’ve stayed up and enjoy the hotel instead of sleeping, but I took a much needed sleep and rest to prepare for the third day in Ubud.

Hours later I woke up. The sun was out and it was refreshing.


Pandawas Villas-2-2

Pandawas Villas10

Pandawas Villas9

The view outside from our window was spectacular. You don’t need paintings, do you?

Pandawas Villas11

A bathroom in the daylight looked even more beautiful.

Pandawas Villas

Let’s step outside.

Pandawas Villas-14

Pandawas Villas18

Pandawas Villas22

Pandawas Villas-16

I wish I could spend a whole afternoon out at the swimming pool.

Let me take you to a tour of Pandawas Villas from the front gate.

Pandawas Villas13

Pandawas Villas-41

Pandawas Villas25

Pandawas Villas15


Pandawas Villas16

Pandawas Villas17

There are two areas where you can have breakfast. Kara and I picked the porch on the pond on the first morning.

Pandawas Villas21

Pandawas Villas20

Pandawas Villas19


You order breakfast from 4 options. I picked a plate of pancakes.

Pandawas Villas2

Pandawas Villas3

On the second day at Pandawas Villas, Kara’s sister and her friends joined us so that we could spend more time. We had breakfast at the front lobby area. It was a beautiful morning!

Pandawas Villas breakfast2

When you plan a trip, you probably pick an accommodation after purchasing plane tickets. You can pick a budget option or splurge on a lodging. Pandawas Villas will be more on a luxurious stay side, but when you start looking for a place to stay in Bali, you quickly learn that many accommodations in Bali are quite expensive. If you would like to experience the peaceful and luxurious stay in a beautiful Bali nature, Pandawas Villas offers first class vacation villas with spacious rooms, stylish designs and lovely Bali environment. There are only 4 villas in the premises, which provides a very private and personal feel.

I would also like to add that Pandawas Villas is very close to a great whole sale shopping street, Jalan Raya Andong, in Bali. I will post about shopping on Jalan Tegallalang in the future. Through shopping on Jalan Tegallalang, I found many best deals I have seen in Indonesia.

As for Pandawas Villas location in terms of proximity to the center of the Ubud City, it’s not a walking distance, but it is not far, either. From Jalan Monkey Forest Street, it was less than a 10-minute drive without traffic. (I was there before the peak travel season, so I hardly hit the traffic, but I hear that the traffic can be quite bad in Ubud because of all the narrow and many one way streets.)

Here’s a map to give you an idea where about the hotel is located from the Jalan Raya Ubud.

Pandawas Villas Ubud Bali

I hope you enjoyed a virtual tour of my Pandawas Villas post. When I plan a trip (This time Kara planned everything for me and she was amazing, so it was really easy for me! Thanks, Kara!!), I always check photos, so I hope this post helps many people for their decisions.

Ubud has a lot to offer. I stayed in Ubud, Bali for 3 nights during my trip in May, 2013. The three nights and four days allowed me to fully enjoy the time in Ubud, but I wish I had 4 nights. Since this was a trip with my friend and I left my three kids with my two helpers and my husband, my absence from home for three nights was long enough for my children.

Lastly, if you live in Indonesia or in the neighboring country, are thinking about going to Ubud, Bali and you have very young kids, you might want to consider making an adult only trip at least once. As much as I felt guilty to leave my kids and do a girl’s trip, I realized it was necessary for me to have my own time to feel like a human again after having committed my time to take care of my third baby and two older children. I am eternally grateful for my husband for allowing me to go on this trip.

Pandawas Villas-breakfast

KOU Cuisine ☆ Beautiful Jam & Salt Shop in Ubud, Bali

KOU Cuisine-5

On the first day of my first trip to Ubud in Bali, my friend, Kara, whom I traveled with and I went to Jalan Monkey Forest Street for our first outing together. We walked around and the first store that grabbed my attention on Monkey Forest Street was KOU Cuisine. We were on the other side of the street from the store, so I didn’t pay attention to the name of the store or what was sold there. I just thought that the store looked really pretty.

KOU Cuisine

I said to Kara pointing to the store, “do you mind if we check out that store?” and she replied “look what it says on the sign.” The reason she said that was because I shared a list of places my friend, Masako, recommended and KOU Cuisine was one of them. (You can read about Masako’s recommendations for Jakarta here.)

KOU Cuisine

KOU Cuisine-6

KOU Cuisine-10

I usually like to get my souvenir shopping done at the beginning of a trip, so this was perfect. Otherwise, I sometimes run out of time to do souvenir shopping and I get nervous and end up making poor choices. I love buying perishable items for souvenir so that the receivers don’t feel obliged to keep it. The only thing about salt and jam for souvenir is that you have to carry a heavy bag around when you’re walking and also you can buy so much of it because it becomes weight in your suitcase.

KOU Cuisine-8

KOU Cuisine-9

KOU Cuisine1

KOU Cuisine-13

KOU Cuisine-14

KOU Cuisine is a beautiful store as you can see. I passed KOU Cuisine a couple of times during our 4 day trip in Ubud, and it seems that there were always tourists shopping there. KOU also has another store which is called KOU BALI that sells hand-made soaps and bath salt. It was about 10 minute walk from the KOU Cuisine. If you ever go to Ubud, Bali, I’m sure you will go to Jalan Monkey Forest Street for shopping and will recognize this store. If I ever have a chance to go back to Ubud (I hope!!), I would love to visit KOU Cuisine again.

Jl. Monkey Forest
Ubud, Bali
TEL: 0361 972 319

Jl. Dewi Sita
Ubud, Bali
TEL: 0361 971 905

KOU Cuisine KOU Ubud Bali

KOU Cuisine-2

Ubud Bali Recommendations ☆ Indonesia

Ubud Bali Recommendations

A trip to Ubud, Bali, in Indonesia in May 2013 with my friends before my family’s departure from a 3 year posting in Jakarta was one of the most fun and memorable trips I have ever made. I have always wondered what makes the world travelers go back to Bali over and over. I have been to Nusa Dua in Bali with my family. We had a great trip and Nusa Dua was beautiful, but to be honest with you, I wasn’t convinced by the reason why people get crazy about Bali through my single visit at Nusa Dua.

I kept wondering about what distinguishes Bali from so many other beautiful world-class resorts.

Until I went to Bali.

Alam Indah Ubud Bali

Alam Indah Ubud Bali-3

Alam Indah Ubud Bali-4

Bali has Nusa Dua, Seminyak and Jimbaran in Kuta, Ubud and many more areas to explore and vacation. Even though I have only visited Nusa Dua and Ubud in the past 3 years, the answer for Bali craze to me is Ubud.

Ubud is a true gem.

I have many photos I would love to show you. Please allow me to post photos little by little while featuring some of my favorite spots in Bali in the coming weeks under the categories I list below. When I look at the photos, it makes me smile and brings back the fuzzy warm feelings from the trip.

Here is my recommendations I would give to anyone based on our own experiences in Ubud, Bali. I hope that you will benefit from the information that I share with you when you plan a trip to go to Ubud, Bali.

I hope you will come back to view my posts of my trip in Ubud, Bali. Meanwhile, I will leave you with some photos for a preview.

*I have added links to the posts published after this poast.



Santi Mandala Ubud

Pandawas Villas

Pandawas Villas-27

Pandawas Villas-3-2



Warung Sopa

Warung Sopa-11

KAFE ☆ Cool healthy cafe in Ubud

Shopping in Ubud Bali-15

Shopping in Ubud Bali-16



KOU CUISINE ☆ Jam & Salt Shop

KOU Cuisine-5

Shopping in Ubud Bali-13

Shopping Ubud Bali-5

Shopping Ubud Bali-3

Shopping Ubud Bali-7

Shopping Ubud Bali-12

Shopping Ubud Bali-15

Shopping Ubud Bali-11

Jalan Raya Gentong Shopping in Ubud



Sang Spa Ubud Bali-4

Sang Spa Ubud Bali-6



Bali Bike Baik Tour ☆ Biking tour in Ubud

Bali Bike Baik Tours-9

Bali Bike Baik Tours-28

Bali Bike Baik Tours-37

Bali Bike Baik Tours-40



Frog Dance Ubud Bali-6



White Water Rafting ☆ Fun white water rafting tour on Ayung River in Ubud, Bali
White Water Rafting Ubud Bali-29



Shopping in Ubud Bali-2

Shopping in Ubud Bali-4

Ubud Bali-2

Thank you, Kara, for inviting me to your fabulous trip!

Paisley Things by paisleydesign ☆ Jakarta, Indonesia

Updated on February 5, 2015

Paisley Things have grown and moved to a new location! I have changed the address to the updated one. Please scroll down for the information.


Paisley Things-9

I received an email from the founder of Paisely Things, Caroline, informing me that Paisley Things has moved to a permanent location and now has a new beautiful showroom on the ground floor in their new building. The number of programs has grown and the number of artisans supported by the foundation has been added. They now have new talents and new products. Caroline is proud of each and every artisan for they have turned their life and prospered.

I so wish I could come see their new shop and new products that they have launched. I’m envious of all of you who live in Jakarta and get to visit them at a new location! I also hear from various people that Jakarta has so many more cool places to go since I left in 2013. I stay in touch with Jakarta through some Instagram photos and blogs and it makes me so happy to see how much Jakarta has flourished. I hope that the young power in Jakarta will keep up the great work.
(Added on February 5, 2015)




I went to one of the women’s associations’ bazaars in the spring 2013 (There are many in Jakarta and you must check them out if you live there! They are really fun and provide great opportunities for you to discover local venders.) and saw Paisley Things. I didn’t buy anything from Paisley Things then, but later my stylish Japanese friend, Masako, took me to Paisley Things. Remember her? She is the one who introduced me to a Spanish tapas restaurant Plan B, a cute zakka store Tan Living, discount dish-ware shop called Toko Dewi, gorgeous cafe inside Papilion in Kemang called Huize van Wely, and Harvest Cafe. She also had me over at her place for stylish morning tea.

2013年の春のある女性協会のバザーに行った際、Paisley Thingsを知りました。その時は可愛いな〜とは思ったのものの、買い物はせず通り過ぎました。後に偶然にも友人のまさこさんがPaisley Thingsへ連れて行ってくれました。まさこさんは、その前にもスペインタパスレストランであるPlan Bや可愛い雑貨の店Tan Living、安く食器が買えるToko Dewi、クマンにあるパピリオンという建物の中にあるお洒落なカフェHuize van Wely、そしてHarvest Cafeを教えてくれたお洒落な友人です。彼女には、一度とっても素敵なお茶にも招待していただいたことがあり、<a href="stylish morning tea” title=”モーニングティー” target=”_blank”>ブログにも紹介した事があります。

Paisley Things-3

Anyways, this time I fell in love with Paisley Things all over again. Paisley Things is a vendor who sells the products made by a local artisans. The Paisley Design, which at the time of my visit was led by a French lady, Caroline, who studied design, provided the plans and designs for the products that the local Indonesian artisans made and overlooked the production. I had a chance to meet Caroline as I went there when she was in the shop. She’s very nice and I love meeting creators behind the products. I love that about going to an independent store. The artisans benefited from this organization as they created very original products with polished designs thanks to the help from the Paisley Design and they attracted many customers. Have you seen anything like this?

Paisley Thingsのお店に行った時、Paisley Thingsの魅力に圧倒されました。Paisley Thingsでは、インドネシア人工芸家達によって作られた工芸品を売っています。私がお店に行った時は、ペイズリーデザインはCaroline(キャロリン(フランス語読み)キャロライン(英語読み))というフランス人でデザインを勉強された女性によって経営されており、現地のインドネシア人工芸人が作る工芸品のデザインとアイディアを提供し、また製造を監督をする役割を果たしていました。私がたまたまお店に行った際、キャロリンさんがいらっしゃったので、お話をする機会がありました。とてもフレンドリーで、優しい方ですよ。単独のお店に行くと、商品を作るクリエーターに会えることがとても嬉しいと感じます。ペイズリーデザインのお陰で、洗練されたデザインとオリジナリティーに溢れる工芸品を作り、その商品は人気を集めていました。こんな素敵な商品見た事がありますか?

Paisley Things-5

Paisley Things

Paisley Things-24

Paisley Things2

Paisley Things12

Paisley Things5

Paisley Things7

Paisley Things8

Paisley Things1

Some products are made out of recycled items. For example, the candle jars on the left photo below are made with recycled hospital jars.
Paisley Things3

Paisley Things11

I just think that the products sold at Paisley Things are gorgeous. The little house filled with the Paisleydesign products made me feel like I stepped into a house in a little town in France. If you haven’t been to the Paisley Things store, maybe you want to make the time to visit. I purchased a birdcage shape photo wire that is shown in the photo below on the right side. The one in the back is the one I purchased, but I bought one in white. I plan on showing you the products when I put it up in my new home in Mumbai. It will probably be in the fall time (in the northern hemisphere).

Paisley Thingsの工芸品はとても素敵だと思いませんか?Paisley Thingsのお店に入った途端、まるでフランスの小さな街のお店に入ったような気がしますよ。ジャカルタ在住で、もしまだPaisley Thingsに行った事が無ければ、是非行ってみて下さい!私は右下の写真にある鳥かごの後ろの方の商品で白いものを購入しました。ムンバイの新しい家で飾った後ブログで紹介したいと思います。きっと秋頃になってしまうかとは思いますが、良かったら見てやって下さい。

Paisley Things4

Paisley Things
Updated on February 5, 2015
Jl Bumi No 31
(next to SMP 29, near Pasar Majestic)
Kebayoran Baru
TEL: 21-27510156

Webpage :

Paisley Things9

Monday Mode ☆ Le Petit Society

Le Petit Society S-9

The other day I had a play date with my two girl friends in Jakarta, Erica of expatria, baby and Ana of Stumble Abroad. It was a play date with a fashion value added where all of our kids wore Le Petit Society clothes. Thanks to Erica and Le Petit Society, my baby son received a couple of really adorable outfits as a gift. Lucky boy! Thank you, Erica and Le Petit Society! The best part to me was that this gave me an excuse to see my two lovely girl friends, dress up my baby boy in adorable clothing, and take photos of the cute kids playing. That’s like a candy to me.

Oh yes, by the way, I gave my son a haircut. Can you tell the amateur look…?

先日、ジャカルタで2人のお友達、expatria, babyのエリカとStumble Abroadのアナとプレイデートをしました。エリカとLe Petit Society(ル・プティ・ソサエティー)のお陰で、息子はとても可愛いお洋服を贈り物として頂いちゃいました。有り難いです。エリカとLe Petit Society、どうもありがとう!私にとってもっと嬉しかったのは、2人のお友達とプレイデートをする口実ができた事、息子に可愛い服を着せられた事、そして子供達が遊ぶ可愛い姿を写真に撮る事が出来た事です。私には嬉しい甘い出来事でした。


If you are interested in learning more about Le Petit Society, please scroll down.
Le Petit Societyについて興味がある方は、下の方までどうぞ。

Le Petit Society SLe Petit Society S-5Le Petit Society S1Le Petit Society S2Le Petit Society S-4Le Petit Society S3Le Petit Society S-14Le Petit Society S-15Le Petit Society S4Le Petit Society S5Le Petit Society S6Le Petit Society S7Le Petit Society S8Le Petit Society S9Le Petit Society S-30Le Petit Society S10Le Petit Society S11Le Petit Society S12Le Petit Society S13Le Petit Society S14

expatria, baby

I found Erica’s blog through Little Steps Asia. I was attracted to her blog because she was an expat blogger in Jakarta just like me. As soon as I entered her blog, I fell in love with Erica’s breath-taking photos which she takes in Jakarta and I was sucked into her world of beauty. I’ve been fortunate to have opportunities to get to know her in Jakarta. Here’s Erica’s “rained out play dates and le petit society”.

エリカの事は、Little Steps Asiaというサイトを通して知りました。彼女は私と同じようにジャカルタに住む駐在員で、しかもブログをしているというところに惹かれました。彼女のブログに行き、ジャカルタで撮る彼女の写真の虜になり、エリカの素敵な世界に引き込まれました。ジャカルタに居たお陰で、彼女とお友達になれる機会に恵まれました。こちらがエリカのブログに掲載された“rained out play dates and le petit society”

Le Petit Society S15

Stumble Abroad

Ana is a talented friend of mine with amazing eye for design. I have had prestige to witness her stunning birthday parties for her sons. Here are the posts for Nautical Birthday Party and Space Birthday Party. We both were pregnant at the same time in 2011 and now we have boys of the same age. She’s been a wonderful friend and a blogger buddy to me in Jakarta. Here is Ana’s “{Review} Le Petit Society”.

アナは、デザインセンス抜群のとても才能を持つ友人です。ジャカルタ在住中、彼女が息子さん2人のために開いたお誕生日パーティーを実際に見る機会に恵まれました。以下が彼女の誕生日パーティーのブログの記事になります。航海がテーマのパーティー and 宇宙がテーマのパーティー。彼女も私も2011年に妊娠しており、今は同い年になる息子がいます。ジャカルタでのとても素敵なお友達であり、ブログ仲間でもあります。こちらがアナのブログに掲載された“{Review} Le Petit Society”

Le Petit Society S16

Le Petit Society S-17

Le Petit Society

Le Petit Socity is a babies and kids clothing brand found by two Singaporeans who base their business in Hong Kong: Robyn Liang and Dylan Onga. Le Petit Socity is a harbinger in kids fashion based in Asia who aims to be the brand that is trendy, chic, and fun to wear with European quality and more importantly, approachable prices. Great news for those who live in Asia is that shipping within Asia is free! (Le Petit Society Shipping Information)

Happy Shopping!

ル・プティ・ソサエティーは、ベビー服とキッズ服のブランドで、香港をベースにする2人のシンガポール人、ロビン・リアンとディラン・オンガによって創立されました。ル・プティ・ソサエティーは、質はヨーロッパ並みでも値段はお手頃で、デザインはトレンディーで、シックで、ポップな服を目指すアジアベースのキッズファッション業界の先駆者です。アジア在住の人に嬉しいのは、アジア圏内の郵送料が無料ということ。(詳しくはLe Petit Society Shipping Informationまで)


Le Petit Society

Le Petit Society Tag-1

Weekend Get-Away ☆ Sheraton, Bandung ☆ Indonesia

Sheraton Bundung -44

On the last weekend of April, 2013, I took a trip with my 3 kids and nanny to Bandung as my husband was away on his man-cation in Bali and Komodo island for a week. The weekend away in Bandung was a blast!!! I only wish my husband was there with us, but you know what? It was great for him that he was in Komodo island snorkeling with his guy friends just like back in his college years. I was happy for him. I was also glad that I was able to go to Bandung one more time before leaving Indonesia. Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers made it possible for me. I was there for overnight from Saturday till Sunday, so it was a quick trip. It was well worth the almost 3-hour car ride from Jakarta to Bandung though. Even my kids did not want to leave on the next day. Thank you, Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers!!!



Sheraton Bundung -1

Lobby For Tower Guests

I felt like I was in a resort hotel in a mountain in the U.S.

Sheraton Bundung -3Sheraton Bundung Small51Sheraton Bundung Small

How this trip came about was one email I received from Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers. I got invited to stay with Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers and the marketing personnel, Ari, mentioned a post about my experience. I was delighted. This is another gift besides the jewelry from Milky Way Gem & Jewelry that I recently received as a result of blogging over 3 years. Who would not take a free stay at a beautiful hotel like Sheraton in Bandung? Moreover, I get to take as many photos of the hotel as I want. It sounded like a great deal to me, so it was realized. What a great gift to receive from Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers and the timing could have not been better. If the email came 2 months later, I probably would have not been able to make this trip.


Our Room in Tower

Sheraton Bundung Small1Sheraton Bundung Small3

I asked for a crib for my son and a cute blue crib arrived.

Sheraton Bundung Small4
I set up a little office for myself.
Sheraton Bundung Small5

A little photography session with my excited kids.
Sheraton Bundung Small2


Sheraton Bundung Small47Sheraton Bundung Small6Sheraton Bundung Small8Sheraton Bundung Small9Sheraton Bundung Small10Sheraton Bundung Small11Sheraton Bundung Small7Sheraton Bundung Small12

After lunch, we went to Kampung Gajah for strawberry picking as requested by my two daughters.


Tea Break

For the Tower guests, tea is available after Lunch hours.
Sheraton Bundung Small13Sheraton Bundung Small26

Happy Hour

Sheraton BandungSheraton Bundung Small43Sheraton Bundung Small24Sheraton Bundung Small25


You will notice that I ate every single meal at Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers. When I visited Bandung before, I went to restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Vanilla, a cafe I fell in love with at the last Bandung visit, crossed my mind, but during my stay this time, I was really happy staying at Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers with all three of my kids especially with my busy 14-months-old. This was the easiest and most relaxing option for me and we all enjoyed the food at the hotel.


Sheraton Bundung Small33Sheraton Bundung Small34Sheraton Bundung Small35Sheraton Bundung Small39Sheraton Bundung Small37


I admit that I went a little crazy over taking photos of the food. I never have this free opportunity to take whatever photos I can take of a hotel and I went a bit overboard!


Sheraton Bundung Small23Sheraton Bundung Small36Sheraton Bundung Small40Sheraton Bundung Small41Sheraton Bundung -7Sheraton Bundung Small42

Activities With Kids


Sheraton Bundung Small15Sheraton Bundung Small17Sheraton Bundung Small18Sheraton Bundung Small19Sheraton Bundung Small20Sheraton Bundung Small16

Seating Areas with Gazebo

Sheraton Bundung Small21Sheraton Bundung Small22

Horse Back Riding

A horse back riding is offered for free on weekends. I just paid tips after each ride. My kids were really excited and loved this!
Sheraton Bandung 2Sheraton Bundung -19

Swimming Pool

Sheraton Bundung Small53Sheraton Bundung Small28

What To Do in Sheraton Bandung

Massage at Spa was fantastic. I highly recommend getting one if you stay because it was very inexpensive and well worth it!! I loved the traditional Indonesia Massage. I felt so relaxed that night!!!
Sheraton Bundung Small38


Sheraton Bundung Small44


My kids loved getting in the jacuzzi as the weather was a bit chilly for swimming in Bandung.

Sheraton Bundung Small45Sheraton Bundung Small31Sheraton Bundung Small30

Last Lunch during the weekend get-away at Sheraton, Bandung

Sheraton Bundung Small46Sheraton Bundung Small49

We did not want to leave! I get this expression often from my 14-month-old son.

Sheraton Bundung Small48

Thanks to everyone at the Sheraton Hotel in Bandung being very nice and welcoming all of us with warm hospitality, we had a fabulous time. If we ever have a chance to go back to Bandung again, I would love to stay there again.


Sheraton Bundung Small52

Thank you Ari and Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers!

Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers
Jalan Ir. H. Juanda No. 390
Bandung, West Java 40135
Phone: (62)(22) 2500303

Sheraton Bundung Small32Sheraton Bundung Small29

Monday Mode ☆ Milky Way Gems & Jewelry

Milky Way Jewelry-26

In Japan, there is a proverb “Sit on a rock for 3 years” (“Ishi no ue ni mo 3 nen”). The origin of the saying means that if you continue to sit on a cold rock for 3 years, it’ll get warm. It refers to the philosophy that no matter how difficult and challenging it seems to achieve your goal, perseverance prevails. Thus, be patient. I have been blogging for a little over 3 years and I recently had two occasions that made me feel very rewarding and the meaning of the proverb felt close to my heart. It has never been my intention to blog in order to get a reward, but it certainly feels good to be rewarded for my hard work and know that what I do has a meaning.

One of the occasions is a gift from Milky Way Gems & Jewelry. If you have been around in the blog sphere for a while, it is very obvious that bloggers receive different kinds of deals. This is my very first time to receive a gift as a result of blogging. One of the founders of Milky Way Gems & Jewelry had left a few comments on my blog a while back. I’ve got to know her a bit as I also visited her blog. It was a long before she launched her business. Then recently I heard from her again by email. She wrote to me that she would like to send me some items of the jewelry sold in her online jewelry store, which was launched in April, 2013. She softly mentioned a blog post with the jewelry. I looked at the jewelry and said yes. I saw some items in the list that I could see myself wearing. I like fashion and even though I sort of fell off the track of Monday Mode, I am happy to have a resource to write and photograph about for my Monday Mode column. I was honored that Milky Way Gems & Jewelry thought of me and picked me to wear their jewelry.

So, here I am posing in front of my camera, took photos of myself and shamefully posting them on my blog. (It’s been a while since I took photos of myself for this blog, so I feel shy about this.) I wish I was a better photographer and know how to Photoshop. All the photos are pretty much untouched except for exposure, shadows, saturation and temperature. You see my blemish, red spot, pimples, wrinkles and dark spots, so I apologize. I hope that these photos can get you interested in Milky Way Gems & Jewelry. It was a pleasant surprise from my reader and it marked a nice 3 year blog-anniversary. Thank you, Milky Way Gems & Jewelry!

Milky Way Gems-3

Milky Way Gems-1

Milky Way Gems-4

Milky Way Gems Small6

Milky Way Gems-15

Black & White

Milky Way Gems Small2

With a black outfit or with a white outfit, you can wear it in a more formal way or dress down with a casual wear with this jewelry.

Milky Way Gems Small8

Happy Shopping!

Milky Way Gems & Jewelry

PHONE: +62 87 888 579 381
BBM PIN: 20F728B1

Lunch Set Menu ☆ KOI Mahakam

KOI Mahakam Lunch Set-4

I attended my first farewell get together last week with my Japanese friends. I have roughly a month left till our departure and it already started. Eight Japanese friends and I had lunch together at KOI Mahakam, which is the topic of this post, but please allow me to write a bit about personal side.

In the past 2 years and 9 months of my stay in Jakarta, I have bid farewell to many of my friends. The turn over in the expat community every year is big in this city. I knew that my turn would come eventually at the end of our 3-year assignment, but now it has really arrived, it feels strange. In some way I don’t want any farewell gatherings for myself. I want my farewell to be a regular “see you”. I almost wish that I quietly leave Jakarta without saying a formal bye to my friends. Why? It’s easier emotionally that way. I have already teared up a couple of times with the thought of leaving Jakarta. At the same time though, I recognize that I need a closure to our time in Jakarta and maybe the farewell parties are the answer.

先日、ジャカルタで初めての私のお別れ会に行ってきました。ジャカルタを離れるまで残す所1ヶ月あまりとなったのですが、もう始まりました。8人の日本人の友人と私でKOI Mahakam(マハカム)へ行ってきました。KOI Mahakamが今回の本題なのですが、少しだけ私事を語らせて下さい。


KOI Mahakam Lunch Set-2

Now back on the topic, the lunch at KOI Mahakam – it was fantastic. KOI Mahakam recently started a lunch set menu which is a great deal for everyone. Only for IDR 95,000 ++ (about US$9.5), you can either get a combination of an appetizer and main dish or a main dish and dessert. I ordered the chicken dish in the photo above and apple crumble. YUM! My friends who know that I have a blog encouraged me to take photos of their dishes. Aren’t they nice? The apple crumble come with a homemade ice cream made by Benoit, the head chef of KOI Mahakam as well as KOI Kemang. I love anything homemade, but I have a weak spot for a homemade ice cream. It was delicious!

この記事の本題に戻りますと、KOI Mahakam(マハカム)でのランチ – とても良かったですよ〜。実はKOI Mahakam(マハカム)は最近ランチセットメニューを始めました。95,000ルピア++(950円くらい)で前菜と主菜の組み合わせか主菜とデザートの組み合わせを選べます。私は上の写真にある鶏肉を主菜に、デザートにはアップルクランブルを頼みました。下の写真は、友人達は私がブログをやっていることを知っているので、親切に写真を撮ったらどうか、と撮影を後押しして下さいました。アップルクランブルはKOIの自家製アイスクリームが付いてきます。自家製と聞くと弱い私なのですが、特に自家製アイスクリームには目がありません。アイスクリーム美味しかった!

KOI Mahakam Lunch Set-3

KOI Mahakam Lunch Set-5

KOI Mahakam Lunch Set-6

My friend is holding my son. She has a great taste for interior design. She invited me to take photos of her home last Christmas in December 2012. You can see her Christmas decoration at her home here.


KOI Mahakam Lunch Set-1

My heart is filled with gratitude. Thank you.


Jl Mahakam I No. 2
Jakarta Selatan
Phone: + 62 21 722 2864
KOI Mahakam is close to Blok M plaza and right next to Grand Mahakam Hotel.
Facebook: Koimahakam
Twitter: @koimahakam

Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta ☆ Indonesia

Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta-38

Welcomed with fragrant Jasmine leis

Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta small

Hyatt Gold Course

Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta-4

Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta small13Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta small2Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta-7Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta small12


Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta-23Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta small3Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta small1Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta small5


Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta small6Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta-17Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta small19Menu for the little ones was quite popular among our kids.


It started raining in the early afternoon, which was the pattern everyday during our stay in March. Apparently, the rainy season was not over in Yogyakarta in March.
Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta-20Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta small18Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta-22

Buffet Dinner

Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta small4Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta small7

Swimming Pools

Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta small10Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta-40Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta small8Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta small9Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta small11The big water slide was the biggest hit among our kids and it seems that it’s a big selling point for family tourists. We ran into some friends we knew who were also staying at Hyatt Regency for the spring break. We did not go anywhere as we have two very young children, but we did not mind it at all and the older kids, my two (8 and 5 years old) and our friends’ oldest one (6 years old) would go down the slide for hours straight. It seemed to be the case for other kids as well.

Ramayana Special Dinner

Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta small14Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta small16Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta small15Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta small17Can you tell that kids got really into it? The three girls in the front were my friend’s and our girls.Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta-50The Ramayana Dinner is offered every Saturday. It was IDR150.000++ per person. I find it very reasonable for dinner and performance and the best part is that you don’t have to leave the hotel! As I started to feel very sick on the last night of our stay in Yogyakarta/Jogjakarta, I could only see the performance for a short while and I had to go back to our room to rest. It worked out fine as our baby son needed to go to sleep by then. The Ramayana dinner started at 7:00 p.m.

My daughters still to this day talk about our trip and ask if we could go back to Yogyakarta. Even though I got sick towards the end of our trip, I had a blast. It was a successful trip and we always think fondly of our time. If you have good family friends who would travel with you to Yogyakarta, I highly recommend doing so. It was really FUN!!!

The cost of the hotel was about IDR 1.500.000 (US$155) with KITAS (foreign registration card) which does not include breakfast and breakfast for 4 people was IDR 280.000 (US$28). Therefore, it ended up being a little over IDR 1.800.000 (US$185) for a family of 5. Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta requires an additional room if you have 2 children or more if I remember correctly. The annexed room had a discount price, so the room rate for an annexed room was less or about half of a regular room and thus it was not too bad.

Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta-49


Jalan Palagan Tentara Pelajar
Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 55581
Tel: +62 274 86 9123
Fax: +62 274 86 9588

Borobudur Sunrise ☆ Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Borobudur Yogyakarta-24

My family made a trip to Yogyakarta/Jogjakarta during a mid-term break this year. My husband was finally able to take some time off from work during our children’s mid-term break.  We debated whether we should go to Bali or Yogyakarta. I had never been to Yogyakarta and after having talked to some friends, I came to a conclusion that I needed to see Yogyakarta before leaving Indonesia. So we did. We got on a plane and went to Yogyakarta and saw Borobudur!


Borobudur Yogyakarta-43

We got to Borobudur around 4:50 A.M. in the morning and it was still dark.


Borobudur Yogyakarta-45

I had my baby son in my Ergobaby Carrier and climbed the steps. It was actually easier than people have told me. The kids, 8, 6, and 5 years of age, had no problem going up to the top.


Borobudur Yogyakarta-46

Borobudur Yogyakarta-47

Borobudur Yogyakarta-48

Borobudur Yogyakarta-49

Borobudur Yogyakarta-50

Borobudur Yogyakarta-54

Borobudur Yogyakarta-55

Borobudur Yogyakarta-57

Borobudur Yogyakarta-58

Borobudur Yogyakarta-69

Borobudur Yogyakarta3

Borobudur Yogyakarta4

Borobudur Yogyakarta-3

Borobudur Yogyakarta-60-2

Borobudur Yogyakarta-65

Borobudur Yogyakarta-61

Borobudur Yogyakarta-62

Borobudur Yogyakarta5

Borobudur Yogyakarta-64

Borobudur Yogyakarta-70

Borobudur Yogyakarta-4

Borobudur Yogyakarta

Borobudur Yogyakarta-8

Hungry Stomach

Borobudur Yogyakarta1

Sleepy Eyes

Borobudur Yogyakarta2

I was thrilled that we made a trip to Yogyakarta and saw Borobudur. Now I can say that I saw Borobudur!! I loved seeing the sun rise at Borobudur, which I have seen so many pictures on many blogs in the past 2 and a half years which made me long for it even more.


Borobudur Yogyakarta-15

Borobudur Yogyakarta-12

Many of the photos you see on blogs and internet probably don’t show what it was like to be at the top of Borobudur because people look for angles or a spot where they can avoid having tourists to be in their photos. When we were at the top of the Borobudur site, it looked like this below.


Borobudur Yogyakarta-59

Steep Steps

The steps were pretty steep and each step was tall, so it is not easy for elderly and little people to go down.

Borobudur Yogyakarta-17

Borobudur Yogyakarta-21

Borobudur Yogyakarta-22

Borobudur Yogyakarta-23

We went down the exit that leads to the Manohara Hotel (#4 Dark Blue on the map below) because we did a Borobudur Sunrise Tour through Manohara Hotel. If you do a regular tour entering from the regular Borobudur Office (#4 Light Blue on the map), I imagine that you will probably have a different exit. I heard from my friends that there are a few different exits and one of them is out to a long walk with souvenir shops. If you want to shop, that’s fine, but if you’re tired after the tour and want to go out, I hear that it could be tiring. They said that people guide you to go to this one exit that leads you to the market, but there is another exit and you do not have to go through the shopping. You might want to check before you go to Borobudur.


Borobudur Yogyakarta-26

I turned back to look at Borobudur again after we had descended. What an amazing place…


Borobudur Yogyakarta-27

via Wikitravel



We did a Borobudur Sunrise Tour. Thus, we went to Manohara Hotel (#4 on the map), hotel only 5-minute walk from Saraswati Borobudur Hotel (#8 on the map) which is where we stayed. We were instructed by the receptionist at Saraswati Borobudur Hotel to go to Manohara Hotel for the tour, and we paid IDR 250,000 (about US$25) with our KITAS, a foreign residency permit. The admission fee for the Borobudur Sunrise Tour for a foreign visitor who does not reside in Indonesia is IDR 380,000. With this ticket, you get a flash light, an escort to the bottom of the steps and a light snack with coffee or tea after the tour at the Hotel breakfast area.

I thought that it was quite pricy and I found out later that it was much cheaper to go to Borobudur during the regular hours which is from 6:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. The whole reason why we stayed at Saraswati Borobudur Hotel was so that we could see the sunrise at Borobudur with our young children, so it didn’t even cross my mind to check what the cost would be or if there are different charges for different times. It was, however, well worth the money and efforts to do the Borobudur Sunrise Tour and I do recommend it. If you want to do the Sunrise Tour, I recommend you stay near Borobudur. We stayed at Saraswati Borobudur Hotel and were happy with our accommodation. Do I recommend you to stay at Saraswati Borobudur Hotel? Sure. I don’t know other hotels, but we liked it. It was also recommended by a few expat friends to stay there.

From 6:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M., the Borobudur regular tour opens to public. For more information, I recommend checking Wikitravel sight.




Borobudur Yogyakarta-14

I enjoyed our whole trip in Yogyakarta even though I started to feel sick a day before we returned to Jakarta. We were staying at Hyatt at that time and thanks to the hotel, I actually had a great time even though I wasn’t feeling well. On the day we flew back to Jakarta, I felt even worse. Apparently I had a stomach virus. It was very challenging for me to go to the airport, get on the airplane and come back. I wasn’t sure if I could make it, but thanks to my friends and family’s support, I did. Thank you!! What a relief! Thus I did not blog for a quite a while because I was on vacation and then had been sick in bed. I’m better now.

My 2 Cents

We stayed at two different hotels during our 5-day trip in Jogja. We first stayed at Saraswati Borobudur Hotel, which is located literally 1 minute walk from the gate to Borobudur, for the first 2 nights and then we moved to Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta for the last 2 nights. We were happy about the way we scheduled our stay and I recommend both hotels for people who want to visit Jogja, but for different reasons. I will write posts about both Saraswati Borobudur Hotel and Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta next.




Borobudur Yogyakarta-76

Friday Finds ☆ Essential bed n’ bath


Essential bed n’ bath is a store with items to fill your space in a bedroom and bathroom as suggested in the name. Essential is part of the Vinoti Living group. There is a store in Kemang Club Villas where I took these photos. White interior design is my favorite, so I always admire their window displays whenever I pass by their store.

Essential bed n’ bathは、名前の通り、バスルームやベッドルームを飾るもので溢れているお店です。エッセンシャルはVinoti Living(ビノッティ)グループに入っているそうです。Kemang Club Villas(クマン・クラブ・ビラズ)にお店があり、そこで写真を撮りました。クマンクラブビラズには、他にVinoti Livingのお店もあります。インテリアで私の一番好きな色は白なので、この前を通る時いつも素敵だな〜と思っていました。



I think the photos tell you what type of store Essential is. It’s a lovely store. I love their big silver tin decor. I have one heart and two stars at home which I love. I have also been eying on the fluffy rugs they sell, which my baby son could destroy it. Thus, I am contemplating whether to get one or not, but I would love to have the gray or white one.









To go to Kemang Club Villas from Kemang Raya, a main road in Kemang, you take a left on the small street next to The Papilion and Kemang Club Villas is at the end of the street. There are a great Kiwi/Australian cafe Antipodean, and Vinoti Living, in the same center and Authentique French Bakery close by.

Kemang Club Villasは、クマンラヤのパピリオンの横の道をずっと奥に行った所にあり、同じセンターには、お洒落なニュージーランド/オーストラリアのカフェAntipodeanや家具屋さんのVinoti Living、近くにはフランスパン屋さんのAuthentique French Bakeryなどもあります。


Kemang Club Villas
Jl Kemang Selatan I,
Ph, +62 21 71791667
Fax +62 21 71791688

All Vinoti Living & Brio Stores
Seibu Grand Indonesia, 2nd Floor
Sogo Plaza Senayan, 4th Floor
Sogo Pondok Indah Mall 2, 2nd Floor
Sogo Emporium Pluit, 3rd Floor
Centro Mall of Indonesia, Mezzanine Floor

Facebook Essential bed n’ bath
Twitter @Essential_Home

Wednesday Wall2Wall Design ☆ Office Design at Chevrolet NAW Pluit

Chevrolet NAW Pluit16

Have you seen a beautiful office like this? I was delighted to have such a wonderful opportunity to take photos of the Chevrolet NAW Pluit office located in Pluit, the north area of Jakarta where I have never been before. I felt like I was in a different country. Anyways, I loved the design of the Chevrolet office furnished with cool modern design furniture. Some, not all, furniture pieces are from KOI Kemang in South Jakarta.

こんな素敵なオフィス見た事ありますか?ジャカルタの北に位置するプルイという地域にある、新しくオープンしたシェバレーディーラーのオフィスの撮影をするという機会に恵まれました。それにしてもプルイはとても遠かったです。まるで外国に居る気分でした。シェバレーオフィスはとても素敵でモダンな家具が置かれていて、とにかくお洒落でした。全てではないのですが、いくつかのお部屋は、KOI Kemangのデザインチームがデザインし、家具はKOI Kemangで調達されていました。

Furniture by KOI Kemang

Chevrolet NAW Pluit01

Chevrolet NAW Pluit02

Chevrolet NAW Pluit03

Chevrolet NAW Pluit10

Chevrolet NAW Pluit09

Chevrolet NAW Pluit1

Chevrolet NAW Pluit2

Chevrolet NAW Pluit17

Chevrolet NAW Pluit20

Chevrolet NAW Pluit3

Chevrolet NAW Pluit7

Chevrolet NAW Pluit08

Chevrolet NAW Pluit07

I was in awe the whole time I was taking photos. The design of each office was well thought through and beautiful. What a great idea to furnish your office with trendy furniture.

Below areas were furnished with some furniture from different furniture companies. The tables in the three photos below were from KOI Kemang, but the chairs were from a different store.


下の写真のスペースは、他の家具屋さんで購入された家具でデザインされたお部屋になります。下3枚の写真にあるテーブルだけは、KOI Kemangで購入したそうです。

Furniture from Other Stores

Chevrolet NAW Pluit24

Chevrolet NAW Pluit

This little area used as a library was lovely.

Chevrolet NAW Pluit06

Chevrolet NAW Pluit05

Chevrolet NAW Pluit25

Chevrolet NAW Pluit26

Chevrolet NAW Pluit32Chevrolet NAW Pluit6

Chevrolet NAW Pluit5Chevrolet NAW Pluit4

I enjoyed taking photos of the whole office building. I didn’t take photos of the bathroom, but the design inside the bathroom was really neat as well. What a gorgeous place to work in, don’t you think? I felt like I was in a magazine.


KOI Kemang has a design team who can work with you and help design offices and homes. For more information, you may call or email.

KOI Kemangには、デザインチームがあり、オフィスや家庭のインテリアをデザインするお手伝いをしています。詳しくは下の連絡先まで。


Jl. Kemang Raya No 72 – Jakarta Selatan
Phone: +62 21 719 5668

Friday Finds ☆ DYRT Design Jakarta

DYRT Jakarta39

It is my pleasure to present DYRT Design, which stands for Do You Recycle Too? DYRT Design is a unique shop in Indonesia where you can buy products that you don’t see in other parts of the world. DYRT Design products are all made with recycled materials such as toothpaste cases which you see on the products made with white and silver woven materials and billboard vinyl which you see in colorful products.

I learned about DYRT Design when I went to the American Women’s Association bazaar in autumn 2010, soon after I moved to Indonesia. I’ve been wanting to come visit DYRT Design store in Kemang ever since the store opened above Le Souq in the same center as KOI Kemang.

The concept of DYRT originates from trying to reduce waste. It is not just recycling the materials such as billboard vinyl. The founder of DYRT Design, Karen Isdaryono, recreate waste into products with a style and trendy look. You can view the collections on DYRT Design’s homepage. (Is it hacked? I can’t access it. What’s going on there?)

I think the products from this store make good souvenirs. You can buy one-of-a-kind products to take to your family and friends back home.

DYRTデザインをご紹介できることを光栄に思います。DYRTデザインとは、「あなたもリサイクルしてますか?」(Do you recycle Too?)という英語の文章の単語の頭文字を繋げてあります。DYRTデザインの商品は全てリサイクルの材料で作られています。例えば白とシルバーの歯磨き粉のケースをリサイクルして使ったものや、もう一つはカラフルな宣伝に使用されたビニールのバナーを使用しています。

2010年の秋にアメリカ婦人協会のバザーに行った際、DYRTの事を知りました。クマンのKOI KemangやインテリアショップであるLe Souq(ル・スーク)があるセンターにDYRTデザインが開店して以来ずっと行ってみたかった場所で、最近やっと行ってきました。



DYRT Jakarta01

DYRT Jakarta05

DYRT Jakarta10

DYRT Jakarta2

DYRT Jakarta3

DYRT Jakarta1

DYRT Jakarta04

DYRT Jakarta03

DYRT Jakarta41

DYRT Jakarta18

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Monday Mode ☆ Gingersnaps


Are you ready for a cuteness overdose?

Ever since I heard about Gingersnaps a couple of years ago from one of the readers and my friend, The Diplomatic Wife, I have been meaning to go to Gingersnaps. Gingersnaps is a brand for children’s and maternity wear in the Philippines. To read more about Gingersnaps, click here.

I have been wanting to feature Gingersnaps on my blog and I finally did. Why did it take me so long to do this? Please don’t ask me that question. I don’t know the answer, either…

I can’t afford to buy many outfits from the store, but I wanted to show my readers as many outfits as possible and say this is Gingersnaps, so I wrote an email message to the company. Sometimes I can be organized. I wanted to take photos of their clothes at the store and I needed a permission to do so. Gladly I received a permit to take photos at a store in Gandaria City. Since I am not skilled to shoot indoors under the light like that, the colors did not turn out as well as I wished. I apologize for the low quality of my photos. My photos did not do justice to the beautiful store.

Anyhow, here I present Gingersnaps from the Philippines.

Enjoy the dreamy fashion of Gingersnaps.


Gingersnaps Indonesia1

Gingersnaps Indonesia2

Gingersnaps Indonesia3

Gingersnaps Indonesia4

Gingersnaps Indonesia5

Gingersnaps Indonesia6

Gingersnaps Indonesia7

Gingersnaps Indonesia8

Gingersnaps Indonesia9

Gingersnaps Indonesia10

Gingersnaps Indonesia11

Gingersnaps Indonesia13

Gingersnaps Indonesia12

Gingersnaps Indonesia14

Gingersnaps Indonesia15

Gingersnaps Indonesia16

Gingersnaps Indonesia22

Gingersnaps Indonesia20

Gingersnaps Indonesia21

Gingersnaps Indonesia19

Maternity Clothes

Gingersnaps Indonesia18

Gingersnaps Indonesia17


How was it?

Do you know what I mean? Don’t you just love Gingersnaps? I spotted many designs that I would totally wear myself and I would like to ask Gingersnaps if they would make in adult women sizes. I made a few purchases at Gingersnaps for my girls. They love the new shirts from Gingersnaps.

Gingersnaps50Even the shopping bag from Gingersnaps is cute.




Miniapolis Plaza Indonesia
Level 3 – Unit #E07
Tel: 021 310-7540

Pondok Indah Mall 2
Level 2 – Unit #222A
Tel: 021 7592 0965

Gandaria City
Level UG – Unit #U39
Tel: 021 2905 3201

Mall Kuningan City
Level 2 – Unit #52
Tel: 021 3048 0725

Senayan City
Level 4 – Unit #93
Tel: 021 7278 1355

Puri Indah Mall
Level 1 – Unit #126
Tel: 021 582 2699

Paris Van Java


Ciputra World Surabaya

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