Arife Lamoulde Baking Equipment Mumbai

Arife Bake Shop Mumbai

Arife Lamoulde Mumbai is for all the bakers in the city. Arife Lamoulde is a baking equipment store that sells items such as chocolate moulds, sprinkles, fondant, fondant molds, baking supplies and so forth. You can read more about Arife Lamoulde on this page. Arife might be a well known bake shop for the local people in Mumbai, but I had no idea about this shop and it felt like a hidden gem to me even though I have lived in Mumbai for a year and a half! I started hearing about Arife from a couple of friends in the recent past. They always referred to Arife as a shop across the street from “Shoppers Stop” on Linking Road. However, having gone to the shop, it was one of those places where you would not find unless someone gives you a step-by-step directions, so I decided to write a post […]

Friday Finds ☆ Hai Bao Seafood Shabu Shabu by China Gate Group in Juhu Mumbai

Hai Bao Juhu Mumbai-6

My Japanese friend organized a group to have a seafood lunch together at a Chinese shabu shabu (hot pot) restaurant, Hai Bao. During the monsoon season, we were told not to eat seafood which is the rule that the local people follow. Since the monsoon season seemed to be officially over, the Japanese friends of mine decided to go to a seafood shabu shabu restaurant as we all were kind of craving them! After you get seated, each customer gets to pick sauces to take to the table. The seafood that is brought to the table is not for eating raw! Everything went into the broth. The restaurant serves Indian rice at the end to put in the broth to make porridge, but the Japanese friends of mine wanted to have the soup with the Japanese rice, so some of them brought Japanese rice in a Tupperware and cooked it […]

Friday Finds ☆ Hearsch Bakery & Puff Pastry in Mumbai

Puff Pastry 1

Puff pastry dough is useful, isn’t it? Everyone needs it once in a while for baking! Puff pastries can be used to make pigs in blankets. They are an easy snack and especially great for kids parties. I’ve been looking for non-spicy sausages in Mumbai and tried a bunch of different kinds. I thought that this one in the photo above looked promising, but as soon as I took a bite I knew it wasn’t the right kind for my kids. They were “picy!” as my son said. I have been hearing about this “puff pastry shop” on Hill Road from different expats. No expats really knew the name and how to explain where it was located. Then one of my friend’s gave me more detailed directions recently. Even though I did not take notes, it sounded like an easy way to find, so I gave myself a try. I […]

Friday Finds ☆ Hearsch Bakery & Puff Pastry in Mumbai

Puff pastry dough is useful, isn’t it? Everyone needs it once in a while for baking! Puff pastries can be used to make pigs in blankets. They are an easy snack and especially great for kids parties. I’ve been looking for non-spicy sausages in Mumbai and tried a bunch of different kinds. I thought that this one in the photo above looked promising, but as soon as I took a bite I knew it wasn’t the right kind for my kids. They were “picy!” as my son said. I have been hearing about this “puff pastry shop” on Hill Road from different expats. No expats really knew the name and how to explain where it was located. Then one of my friend’s gave me more detailed directions recently. Even though I did not take notes, it sounded like an easy way to find, so I gave myself a try. I […]

Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Thai Cooking Class by Vandana ☆ Mumbai India

Vandana Thai Cooking Class Mumbai2

In May I had a fabulous accidental opportunity to take Thai lessons twice thanks to my friend, Katie whom I met in Mumbai in 2013. Sadly for me, she left Mumbai in March 2014 to move to New Delhi. Then in May 2014, she moved back to the U.S. for her husband’s job. She’s a talented designer and you can see how talented she is on her work site here and her personal site here. I love her taste. I’m one of those people who are lazy about taking classes. Katie invited me to join her to learn Thai cooking back in March 2014, but the classes took place in the morning and my son was little and stayed home (he’s still little and stays home), so I could not commit to it and passed the opportunity. Several weeks went by and suddenly she had to literary pack her home […]

The Yoga House ☆ Yoga Studio & Healthy Cafe in Bandra West, Mumbai

The Yoga House-9

Humans are creatures of habit, aren’t they? Do you have a place where you tend to go more often than others because you feel at peace? When I lived in Jakarta, KOI Kemang was that place for me. Now in Mumbai, it looks like The Yoga House has become that place for me. Every time I move to a new city, I seek out places for comfort and having that type of place makes me feel at home. When you live overseas, especially in a big city like Mumbai, having a place where you can relax and remove yourself from the hustle and bustle helps you find your balance and sanity. The Yoga House is not just for the yogis. Anyone can go relax and enjoy their healthy and tasty macrobiotic food and drinks. 人間は惰性で行動する生き物ですね。なんとなく行ってしまう場所ってありますか?ジャカルタ在住の時は、KOI Kemangがそういう場所でした。ムンバイに住む今、ヨガハウスがそのような場所になっている感じがします。新しい街に行く度に、くつろげる場所をどうしても探してしまいます。 海外、特にムンバイみたいな大都会に住むと、日常の喧騒から避難できて落ち着ける場所があるだけで、心にゆとりと平穏を保てる気がします。ヨガハウスはヨガをする人だけのためではありません。誰でも行ってヨガハウスのマクロバイオティックのお食事と健康的な飲み物を楽しめますよ。 After you finish your tea or meal, how about checking out their shop? […]

Friday Finds ☆ The Baker’s Dozen in Mumbai, India

The Baker's Dozen-18

I apologize for the tardy Friday Finds! When my life needs to be prioritized, blogging, my hobby, has to be secondary and that often happens. I would like to introduce you to my favorite baker in Mumbai. I’m a big fan of Challah bread and the Baker’s Dozen makes great Challah bread! I first learned about The Baker’s Dozen through, an online grocery website in India. I ordered some Challah bread made by The Baker’s Dozen sold on Foodesto and I was very pleased with it. I liked every bread I tried from The Baker’s Dozen. I would love for them to make real New York style bagels as well if they are open to any requests! When Foodesto delivered my order, the Baker’s Dozen bread came in an adorable white paper bag with lovely typography (shown below). I love stores that put values on its style and design. […]

Friday Finds ☆ Palate Culinary Studio ☆ Santacruz, Mumbai

Palate Culinary Studio-29

Parents are constantly on the lookout for birthday party ideas, aren’t they? This was a birthday party where the kids were invited to have a cooking experience at the Palate Culinary Studio in Santacruz, Mumbai. My daughter loved it! They all made a cupcake in a jar. Isn’t this such a cute idea? The Palate Culinary Studio offers cooking classes for a variety of cuisines, baking and decorating cakes. You can take a look at their cooking schedule and rates for the classes in the near future here and a list of courses with rates here on their website. The rates are between 2000 Rupees (US$30+) and 3500 Rupees (US$60) per class. I find the rates rather pricy, but Palate Culinary Studio looks like a celebrity cooking studio and the chef instructor seems like a celebrity, too, so I guess that’s the price you have to pay. It’s expensive to […]

Suzette ☆ Crêperie in Mumbai, India

Suzette Creperie Bandra Mumbai-5

My friend and I took our boys to Suzette for a brunch a couple of weeks ago. Suzette is one of those places where your expat friends ask if you have tried Suzette yet or post a photo of a crêpe on Facebook and say how delicious the crêpes were. It took me a while, 5 months to be exact, to get to Suzette for the first time. Then after that, I went to Suzette 4 times within a 3-week span. Who wouldn’t like sweet or savory crêpes? To me, I love Suzette for its authenticity (well, according a Japanese person…), price and design as a whole package. I had a chance to even meet and speak a little bit with the owners. In French! They speak English very well. Their sweet personalities and their great style and passion for food are all reflected in Suzette. I hope you’ll enjoy […]

Holiday Icing Cookies by TH Bakes ☆ Mumbai

Holiday Icing Cookies TH Bakes-2

I ordered the holiday design icing cookies from TH Bakes for a cookie exchange my friend hosted which I went with my daughters this past weekend. I had a very busy week and did not have the time to bake 6 dozen cookies to attend, but my daughters wanted to go to the cookie exchange, so ordering cookies from TH Bakes in Mumbai was a solution to me. I baked 3 dozen cookies, and I added these sugar cookies. I found the design and colors online and requested TH Bakes to make the same cookies. I was impressed how beautifully they came out! It removed stress on my part, too. I wrote about TH Bakes when I featured the mehndi icing cookies I ordered from them for my girls birthday party. It is in the post about the dessert table I had for the Bollywood Dance Birthday Party. Please click […]

Friday Finds ☆ Good Earth & Tasting Room ☆ Lower Parel Mumbai

The Tasting Room-2

Even though I have only been in Mumbai, India for 4 months at this point, if you were to ask me where would be my favorite place to eat out, my answer would be The Tasting Room. There are so many other good restaurants in Mumbai, but The Tasting Room is a winner for me for overall package with its design, ambiance, music, taste of the food, variety of food, kids meal, service and Good Earth being attached to the restaurant. In the past 4 months, I have gone to the Tasting Room 3 times even though it is not in an easy access area for me to eat out. The Tasting Room is one of the places where it is so exotic and dreamy that you forget where you are. On top of that, the food is tasty and reasonable. My stylish Indian friend took me here. She’s so […]

Bollywood Dance Party ☆ How to Steal This Party

fast forward dance academy

As an expat, it is always hard to plan a party in a city where one is new and doesn’t know how to navigate the city. I learned as I planned and asked around for information. I hope this post can be useful for some parents who wish to have the same type of party. Since I still don’t have a car, I managed to get around and go shopping by rickshaw. I think it helped a lot to make it possible for me to have this party thanks to free delivery service help I got in India. It was not easy nevertheless, but I am glad I did it. It was worthwhile. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing my daughters’ happy smiles on their faces. There are many things to take into consideration when you plan a party. I am lucky as I have two girls whose birthdays are […]

Organic Farmers’ Market in Mumbai ☆ Maharashtra Nature Park

Farmers Market Maharashtra Nature Park-32

When my friend, Kati, invited me to go to an organic farmers’ market near BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex) in Mumbai one Sunday morning, I had no idea what to expect. I’ve been to farmers’ markets before, but they were in the U.S. In India? In a megalopolis, Mumbai? Out of curiosity and a chance to take a little break from taking care of my kids, especially my toddler son who has been attached to my hip for 4 straight days (this is another story), I was intrigued. Having visited the Farmers’ Market in Maharashtra Nature Park in Mumbai with my two girl friends, I can say that I was so glad I went and had a great time. At the Organic Farmers’ Market there were amazing products. Everything is organic and friendly to the environment and our nature earth. And I mean EVERYTHING! I love the concept of recycling. I […]

Friday Finds ☆ Le Pain Quotidien in BKC ☆ Mumbai

Le Pain Quotidien-7

Yes, I am talking about Le Pain Quotidien. In Mumbai, India! Le Pain Quotidien is a well-known restaurant, but did you know that there is one in Mumbai? We are familiar with Le Pain Quotidien in other cities, so we were excited when we learned that Le Pain Quotidien was in Mumbai. There is nothing like seeing some familiar places sometimes when living in a foreign country. Believe it or not, it is one of our favorite places to eat out in Mumbai. Le Pain Quotidien is located in BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex), a new planned commercial district in Bandra East, North Mumbai. When you enter BKC road, it feels like you are in a different city. The roads are wider and nicer. There are many constructions going on and you can tell that the area is booming. Le Pain Quotidien is inside a business complex near the Kalanagar Flyover […]

Friday Finds ☆ Le 15 Patisserie ☆ Mumbai

Le 15 Pattisserie-6

Le 15 Patisserie is a little gem in Bandra West. I have heard about it from other expat friends and then I spotted the store as I passed by in a car because the store painted in light baby pink stands out and looks so adorable that it’s hard not to notice. The other day I had a chance to walk into the store with my friend and we treated ourselves with their cupcakes. They are smaller than the usual cupcake size you find in the U.S., but I find this small size just right. It’s not too much and it’s not too little. It’s a guilt-free size. After I finished eating mine, it left me with a feeling that I could get another one. I find it the perfect time to stop and I need to be better about stopping right there. I picked a chocolate cupcake and salted […]

Chicken-Butternut Tagine

Chicken-Butternut Tagine-5

日本語訳は下 My good friend started a Facebook cooking group where a recipe is announced at the beginning of a month and the members are supposed to cook the recipe individually at their home sometime during that month. If you cook, you post a photo or two of the dish and at the end of the month, you participate in a group discussion. I find that it is a great way to be inspired to cook! Our first recipe was Chicken-Butternut Tagine which I have never made or even tempted to make, so this gave me a great opportunity for me to cook outside of my comfort zone which I don’t do often enough. When you move overseas, it often becomes very challenging to cook or a bit uninspired to cook at the beginning because the shopping environment can be completely different from what you’re familiar with. Since I am a […]

Pizza Metro Pizza ☆ Italian Restaurant in Mumbai

Pizza Metro Pizza Mumbai-3

One of the most popular and widely loved cuisines in the world must be Italian food. Prior to coming to Mumbai, I never imagined that I would find one of my favorite Italian restaurants in Mumbai, Pizza Metro Pizza. I have never been to Italy, so I am not the right person to speak about its authenticity, but if I may say, you will probably not find another Neapolitan pizzeria as authentic as Pizza Metro Pizza in Mumbai or even in India. I imagine that it would be hard to find a restaurant that brings as much of an Italian neighborhood restaurant experience outside of Italy as Pizza Metro Pizza in all of Asia. This is a side note and I’ve only been to restaurants a handful of times in Mumbai, but I’ve experienced in my few restaurant visits that I ordered western food and the dishes came with a […]

Joseph Cold Storage ☆ Bandra, Mumbai

Joseph Cold Storage-13

Yes. I’m writing about a butcher, Joseph Cold Storage in Mumbai. No, this meat is not for sale. お肉屋さんのジョセフコールドストーレジに関しての記事です。 ちなみに、このお肉は販売しておりません。 I went to Joseph Cold Storage because according to many friends I met in Mumbai, Joseph Cold Storage is the best place to buy meat in Mumbai. Apparently they cater to hotels and restaurants as well, so they circulate quite a bit. I was told by a few friends to not go there to shop and just make a phone call and have the meat delivered to my place. The great thing about Mumbai which I LOVE about is that they deliver anything. ANYTHING! So, you can call Joseph Cold Storage to order meat and it will show up at your door! How cool is this? However, I’m a type of person who needs to see the store before I place an order by phone. ムンバイで出会った友人達によると、ジョセフコールドストレージはムンバイで一番良いお肉屋さんであるとか。ムンバイ内のホテルやレストランにも搬送しているので、お肉の回転も速く、新鮮で良いそうです。お肉はやっぱり新鮮が一番ですよね。友人には、お店には行かずに、電話して注文してデリバリーをしてもらった方が良いと言われました。ムンバイの素晴らしい所は、何でも配送してくれる所です。本当に何でも配送してくれるんですよ!!しかし、私の性格的には注文する前にどこから注文しているのかを自分の目で見てみたかったので、行ってみる事にしました。 I was intimidated when […]

Friday Finds ☆ Bonjour Japanese French Pastry in Grand Indonesia


Shiraki Roll in the photo below seems to be a signature cake from the Bonjour among Japanese customers. The marvelous combination of soft spongy cake and not too sweet cream seems to be a very good match. It makes a very nice gift to bring to your friend’s, too. In terms of pricing, the Shiraki Rolls are more reasonable and approachable than other cakes and cookies sold at Bonjour Patisserie. 写真下のシラキロールは、日本人の間では知る人ぞ知るボンジュールのロールケーキです。ふわふわのケーキに甘さが日本人には丁度良い美味しいクリームが挟まって、お友達にお土産として買って持って行っても喜ばれる上、体裁が良いと感じます。シラキロールのお値も、他のケーキやクッキーに比べてお手頃だと感じます Bonjour is a Japanese Pastry shop located in the lower level of the East Mall at the Grand Indonesia. I learned about Bonjour from my Japanese friends who brought me cakes and cookies from the shop. Bonjour’s cakes and cookies taste just like those that you find in Japan. For us, Japanese, Bonjour gives us a sweet taste of home. Bonjour was founded by a pastry chef, Yuji Shiraki, who was trained in Japan and France. He has a […]

Friday Finds ☆ Authentique French Bakery ☆ Kemang Jakarta

Authentique French Bakery06

There is a cute French bakery just opened in Kemang at the end of 2012 which is owned by a French lady, Sophie. It is called Authentique. The name as you can see from the word means “authentic” and is spelled in French. I know Sophie since she used to own a French crèche (daycare) where my middle daughter went for almost a year. Unfortunately, this daycare is now closed. It was my Japanese friend who told me that our kids’ former French daycare teacher opened up a little French bakery in Kemang. She told me that the interior of the bakery is just like a boulangerie (bakery) in Paris. It is, indeed, very cute and feels like you are somewhere in France. I loved Authentique’s madeleine (small almond shape cake) and pain au chocolat. They were delicious! I’m no French, but I think their pain au chocolat is probably […]

Friday Finds ☆ Taco Local ☆ Panglima Polim South Jakarta

Taco Local03

Melany of wanderlust and wonder once told me before she had left Jakarta that I should go eat at TACO LOCAL. She is a friend of mine who was one of my great source of Jakarta finds. She always knew hip and trendy places to go in Jakarta and I loved her taste and choices. I believe this is the article Melany wrote about TACO LOCAL. I realized how much I miss having her in Jakarta now I think of her. Tucked in on a small street, Jalan Panglima Polim 5, Taco Local stands alongside with SATCAS, ORBIS STORE (ORBIS has a cool blog where you can browse their items) and Lomography Embassy Store Jakarta (Lomography Facebook). Jalan Panglima Polim 5 apparently is spoken as an emerging hip area of South Jakarta. I believe it. I stepped outside of the car and I asked myself where I was. The area […]

Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Outdoor Christmas Party Decoration

Christmas Party Decoration04

My husband’s office had an annual office holiday lunch party. This red table was the one we used as a dessert table. I regret that I did not take a photo after desserts were placed on the table. He and I took charge in planning of the party with another couple. It was the third time that we took part in organizing for it and it was a lot of work, but at the same time it was totally worth it. Since we’ve gone over the same preparations two years in a row last year and year before as well, it was actually easy in terms of preparing as we already had decoration and knew what to do. We used a catering service “Upper Crust”. As my husband is from Texas, we picked Tex-Mex food to serve for the holiday lunch in the first year. Upper Crust has Tex-Mex and […]

Hamburger and Venison Burger ☆ KOI Kemang

KOI Burger1

I’m not usually drawn towards fast food, but I love to indulge in hamburgers with fries once in a while and I enjoy them very much. I like KOI’s hamburger. The presentation that KOI does to serve a hamburger makes it feel like it’s a fancier meal than a casual meal. It’s perfect for lunch or dinner to satisfy your appetite for a hamburger and the salty french fries hits the spot when you are in a hot weather. VENISON BURGER I’ve never tasted a venison burger until I had it at KOI and I was pleasantly surprised. I liked it. If you feel like something different other than your regular hamburger, try a venison burger. This sauce in the background is the key ingredient to me. The flavorful sauce spreads in your mouth with the meat and it’s a new discovery of taste. Disclosure The photography for KOI Kemang […]

KOI Kemang Desserts

Red Fruit PavloRe

I used to style and take photos of the furniture at KOI Kemang Restaurant & Gallery. In case you are curious, you can see my photography portfolio on my blog posts about KOI furniture here. I love KOI Kemang’s gallery. If you live in Jakarta and like modern industrial style, I highly recommend going there. I don’t say this because I used to take their furniture photos. I say this because it truly makes me a happy person just to walk around in the KOI Gallery. I really enjoyed a photo taking gig/project with KOI Kemang Gallery almost for a year. Then I got pregnant in the middle of 2011 and it put my life on hold. That’s fine. Life goes on and I moved on. I gave birth at the end of February 2012. I think it was around the time when my baby son turned 5 months. I […]

Papaya ☆ Japanese Grocery Shop In Jakarta


Papaya Japanese Supermarket PAPAYA is a Japanese supermarket in Jakarta. Every time I put my step into Papaya, it felt like I was in Japan. You can find all the essential ingredients for Japanese home cooking at Papaya. The bakery inside Papaya is my children’s favorite bakery in town. There are three Japanese grocery stores as of now in 2012 that I know of: Papaya, COSMO and Kamome. Japanese Curry The colorful boxed packages in the photo above are the boxes of Japanese Curry mix. Japanese curry is very easy to make if you buy this curry mix in a box. You chop potatoes, carrots, and onions. Then you stir fry them with meat of your choice (beef or chicken usually), add water and cook them till the vegetables are soft and add the curry mix and stir. You pour sauce on top of rice on a plate. That’s it! […]