Monday Mode ☆ AND Gray Dress

AND gray dress

I walked into AND India store one day not realizing that was the store my friend recommended and I totally fell in love with the brand! I took photos of the dress and posted on my instagram because I wasn’t sure. I knew I liked it, but it was more than I normally spend on a dress. It wasn’t expensive. I’m frugal. Then I received responses, which made it easier for me to make a decision. Thank you! AND Indiaは、友人が良いと教えてくれていたブランドだったのですが、ある日そうとは気づかずに入り、すぐに好きになりました。 その時このドレスが気に入ったのですが、普段自分の服に掛けるお金より高かったので、躊躇しました。ANDのお値段が高いという分けでは無いです。私の自分の服の予算が低いだけなんです。取り敢えず写真だけ撮って、インスタグラムに載せた所、反応があり、お陰で結局購入しました。有り難かったです! I love this AND gray dress especially because of the design on the back which is not commonly seen. I also like the high waist which allows my body to look better proportioned and balanced. It is a long dress, so it suits well in India. I have one more dress I bought from AND. That is for another day! このAND Indiaのグレーのドレスは、あまり見ない背中のデザインが気に入りました。ハイウェイストなので、全身のバランスを良く見せてくれるところも嬉しいです。また、ロングドレスなので、インドで着るには合っているかなと思いました。 ANDでもう一着買ったのですが、それは他の機会に! AND WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER […]

Monday Mode ☆ Meeting Stephanie ☆ Behind iSanctuary

meeting iSanctuary-8

From the left Meredith, Alex (front), Stephanie (back), & Sunita Some of you probably already know that I am a big fan of iSanctuary. Since my first post on iSanctuary, I have worn iSanctuary jewelry on 7 posts. I added a list of my styling with iSanctuary jewelry (I’d love it!) on this post. Please scroll down to the bottom to see the list if you are so inclined! Thank you! お気づきの方もいるかと思うのですが、私はiSanctuaryというアクセサリーブランドのファンです。iSanctuaryに関する初めての記事を書いてから、7つのファッションのブログの記事にiSanctuaryのジュエリーを着けた写真を載せています。この記事の一番下にリストを載せてありますので、ご興味がある方は、リストの記事をご覧頂けると、非常に嬉しいです。 I first learned about iSanctuary when I saw an iSanctuary vendor booth at a German Christmas event at the Turf Club in Mumbai in December 2013. Alex, the manager with iSanctuary in Mumbai, was at the booth and I asked her who designed the jewelry for iSanctuary because I recognized that the design was different from what I typically see in Mumbai and I could tell that it had a Western touch. She told me briefly about iSanctuary […]

Monday Mode ☆ Cottonworld Blue Shirt

Cottonworld Blue Shirt

Today is a holiday in India called Holi. It is a spring festival also known as a festival of colors. I’m sure you have seen some photos or documentary on TV about Holi with people covered with colored powder and water. I’m excited to experience my first Holi in India, but I’m worried about getting sprayed!! I bought this Indian design blue shirt at Cottonworld. I wrote about Cottonworld before here with its casual sleeveless T-shirt. I often wear this blue shirt with white jeans, but I decided to wear it with dark denim pants which I purchased at UNIQLO in Tokyo, one of my favorite shops to go to when I visit my family in Japan. I sometimes tuck the shirt in, but this time I had it out and used a belt to add a form. I wore it with 3 different pairs of shoes/sandals to play around […]

Monday Mode ☆ Styling with scarves

neon pants yellow scarf Sanctum-4

Indian women are great with scarves. I didn’t know that scarves in India are not only for the styling purpose in fashion but also for a practical reason to accommodate the climate. It gets quite cool in Mumbai from November to February. It can get cold in December and January after the sunset and as you know, scarves keep you warm. I started to style with a scarf more frequently after I moved to India. I love my converse, but for someone like me who need some help with heels, I must say that pumps balance out the proportion better. I love my neon pants from GAP, but they are not necessarily in the most flattering shape. I love the casual look you get with converse, but if I want to emphasize more on the look as a whole, I would pick a pair of pumps. The pumps also add […]

How To Shop For Sari / Saree ☆ Santacruz Mumbai

Santacruz Sari Shopping-10

When you live or visit India, women probably get tempted to buy a sari(s). I didn’t know that there is an art of buying a sari until I went shopping for one myself with my foreign friend, Rachel, who bought a couple of saris before. Rachel, thank you so much for your help! Without you, I would have been lost! In case you don’t have a friend who can guide you with the steps of buying a sari, I hope you can use this post as your guide or to get a general idea from it. There are two important thing to remember if you shop at a local store that caters to locals in India. 1. Most likely the sari blouses are tailor-made which means that you will need to calculate in 2-4 days until it’s complete. 2. You need to get a petticoat to wear underneath from a […]

New Shirt From Cottonworld ☆ Mumbai, India

Cottonworld shirt-9-2

I have passed by Cottonworld many times, but I never thought to stop by. Then a couple of months ago my friend was wearing a very cute shirt, so I asked where she bought it (Not that I mean to copy my friend, but I like to ask) and she told me that she got it at Cottonworld. I went to the shop with my friend the other day since we had some time and it just happened that Cottonworld was having a sale. Cottonworld apparently delivers, too. It says free delivery on the Cottonworld’s website. I assume that the free delivery in India only. Please check their website for the timing of their sale as well as delivery details. I also bought two pairs of Capri pants in pastel colors which are very comfortable and I love and some shirts for my family. Cottonworld has a ton of very […]

Monday Mode ☆ iSanctuary Blue Braided Necklace With Zara white shirt & two kinds of jeans

iSanctuary blue necklace & jeans1

I fell in love with this shirt at Zara in Mumbai, India. I’m so happy we can shop at Zara and Mango in India! Mwah! I used to wear this shirt by itself and I always felt that something was missing. I kept thinking, what is it…? How about a BELT? I think it looks much better with a belt! At least in my opinion. The front is quite ordinary, but the back is like “hello~!” I decided to compare the look with another jeans: boyfriend jeans by GAP. It’s interesting how the different kinds of jeans changed the look although they are about the same length. I loved how the jeans fit on my legs, but the waist was big. If I bought these pair of jeans based on my waist, my legs won’t fit. (It’s true.) That’s the thing about buying a pair of boyfriend jeans. iSanctuary Necklace […]

Indian Jewelry with Mango shirt + Old Navy pants

Old Navy Mango Indian jewelry

Indian jewelry pieces such as earrings and bangles are sparkly, elaborate and pretty. They are made to go with Indian clothing, but I think they would look pretty combined with western clothes as well. What do you think? インドのジュエリー、例えばイヤリングやバングルは、キラキラして、デザインが精巧で、奇麗ですね。インドの服に合うようにデザインされていますが、西洋の服に合わせてもとても可愛いと思います。どうでしょう? Have a great Monday and nice week!! 月曜日ですね!今週も一週間頑張りましょう。

Monday Mode ☆ Stripe Shirt & Maxi Skirt

Pali Village Cafe-28

Necklace iSanctuary (Mumbai, India), stripe shirt H&M (in Singapore), skirt WAREHOUSE (in Jakarta, Indonesia), shoes Target (U.S.) A photo of my husband and myself taken by our oldest child/older daughter (above) and the photo of us taken by our middle child/second daughter (below). 長女に撮ってもらったツーショット(上)と次女に撮ってもらったツーショット(下)。 Camera is my favorite toy (expensive!) when I play with my kids. 子供と遊ぶ時の一番好きな玩具(めっちゃ高級!)がカメラ。

Monday Mode ☆ Black & White Polka Dot Shirt

B&W Polkadot Shirt-2

I found this polkadot shirt at Zara and could not help buying it. I used to not wear black and white so much even though I like the look of fashion in both colors. I grew to really love black and white combination for outfits since I moved to India. I wonder if it’s because I don’t look like I’m copying the rest of the population any more because Indian people and even foreigners who live in India wear colorful outfits which look amazing in this country. My daughter’s friend saw me walking around in the apartment with my camera. She went “Do I have to take your photos today?” She said this because I asked my 6-year-old daughter to take photos while she was having a play date with the same girl the other day. (The photos from that day are not up yet.) I replied “No, you don’t […]

How To Wear A Saree / Sari

how to wear a saree-6

If you have a saree / sari, you need instructions to wear it. I learned how to do it by seeing when I went sari shopping. It is actually not that hard. Also, safety pins are your friends if you would like to secure your sari. 1. Petticoat When you buy a sari, you need to buy a petticoat as well at a petticoat shop. You buy them already made. Mine was 200 Rupees (US$3+) and they come in different sizes: Small, Medium or Large. You should ask your sari shop to provide you with a little piece of your sari fabric to take it to the petticoat shop. Then the petticoat shop keeper will pull out the one in a color that is close to your sari color. 2. Place a sari’s pleats in front of you and figure out where on your waist one end of a sari […]

Mint Green Saree ☆ ミントグリーン色のサリー

Mint Green Saree e

If you follow Chuzai Living Facebook, you have probably seen this photo of my wearing saree a couple of weeks ago. Since I was in high school, I have always wanted to try a saree. Isn’t it one of the ethnical outfits that are absolutely intriguing? Being invited to an Indian wedding a couple of weeks ago (you can see the invitation HERE) gave me a perfect opportunity to wear a saree. It felt like a princess dress up. Chuzai Livingのフェイスブックをフォローして下さっている方の間では、私がサリーを着ているこの写真を見た方も居るかと思います。高校生の時からずっとサリーを着てみたいと思っていました。サリーって民族衣装の中でもとても興味をそそられる衣装であると感じるのですが、どうでしょう?数週間前にインドの結婚式にご招待を受けたのが、サリーを買う、そして着る機会を与えてくれました。お姫様にドレスアップしたような気持ちになりました。 I realized that dark hair does not do well with a loose bun like this. Please ignore the messy look! やっぱり髪の毛の色が黒いとこういう無造作な髪型ってぼさぼさ感が出てしまいますね。。。 髪の毛は見ないように! There are different ways to wear a saree. サリーの羽織り方は何種類かあるんですね。 This below was a deal with my daughter. She said “if you let me wear my Indian dress, I will take your pictures!” Then “Mommy, it’s my turn now. Will you take my pictures?” I feel responsible for […]

Monday Mode ☆ Neon Yellow Maxi Dress & Leather Bag by MANGO

Mango Maxi Dress & Purse-001

  I had a chance to attend one of the shows during the Indonesia Fashion Week in Jakarta in February of 2013 thanks to my friend. Jakarta was our home until June 2013 before we were posted to Mumbai. I saw this dress and was inspired.     Then I saw a maxi dress at MANGO in Jakarta in their sale rack. (There are MANGO stores in Mumbai, too!) It had a bargain price, but the price was still more than I usually pay for my dresses (I give myself a very small budget for my outfits), so it took me a couple of weeks to make a decision, but I am SO GLAD I bought it. It’s one of my favorite dresses. This dress makes me look taller and thinner than I actually am.   My favorite iSanctuary jewelry. I love how versatile the necklace is. It goes really […]

Monday Mode ☆ Mango Shirt, Gap Green Pants & iSanctuary Jewelry + Technical Difficulty with a Camera Remote Control

iSanctuary Mango Stripe Shirt Gap Green Pants-5

I stopped at MANGO store at a shopping mall in Mumbai, India the other day and saw this shirt. In a sale rack. I had to get it. I love how it’s soft, longer on the back, cute baggy and it’s my favorite border shirt. These green cargo pants are my favorite from GAP in Tokyo. They were also on sale and very inexpensive. Most people think that it’s expensive to shop in Tokyo. I think it depends on where and which store you go to. I find the sale rack at GAP in Tokyo always have cute items with great pricing. iSanctuary is my most recent favorite jewelry shop I learned about in Mumbai. Not only does iSanctuary make amazing jewelry and sell for very reasonable prices, but they also work to fight against human trafficking. To read more about iSanctuary, please check my post Monday Mode ☆ iSanctuary […]

Monday Mode ☆ Indian Dresses for Girls ☆ Bollywood Dance Party

Indian Dresses

These are Indian dresses I purchased for my daughters for their birthday party. The theme was Bollywood Dance since we live in the land of Bollywood! It was really fun! I combined their birthday celebrations which I have done in the last three years. I will write two more posts related to their Bollywood dance birthday party. The next one will be a dessert table design post and the last one will be on how to steal Bollywood Dance Birthday Party. Where I Got the Dresses One of the outdoor stalls in the Linking Road Market in Bandra West, Mumbai Happy Monday!

Monday Mode ☆ Silver Ball Gown

Silver Ball Gown 1

和訳は下にあります。 Photos were taken by my 5-year-old daughter. When I looked at these photos, I thought that I needed to state that I was/am not pregnant (no need!). I purchased this gown online two years ago. Without trying it out. I know. Bold. It was not cheap, either. What was I thinking? I have a good excuse for you, though. I was pregnant at the time. My breast is small (sadly, but what can I do?), so I picked a dress based on my chest size. I should have measured myself before picking a size. Dugh?! Women who have gotten pregnant know that when they get pregnant, their lower rib cage expands on top of the change in their breast size. I underestimated the rib cage size change. I could not fit in it when I was pregnant and I had to make a ball gown in a rush. You […]

Monday Mode ☆ Azure Blue & Yellow Shirts

azure navy shirt

I love fashion, so I would love to make my fashion posts more frequent and regular. However, I admit that doing fashion posts is difficult to me and that’s why I have not posted a Monday Mode post in a while. Do you have a favorite fashion blog? I would love it if you could share with me which fashion blog(s) you like and why. Thank you! These two shirts from Azure in Chennai were my first Indian brand clothes purchases and I am very happy to own them. They are comfortable as you might be able to tell. When I live overseas, I try to find clothing brands where I can shop from. I pick brands based on their designs, quality and reasonable prices. Azure is definitely one of them. Unfortunately Azure does not have a shop in Mumbai. I hope Azure will come out to open one in […]

Monday Mode ☆ Le Petit Society

Le Petit Society S-9

The other day I had a play date with my two girl friends in Jakarta, Erica of expatria, baby and Ana of Stumble Abroad. It was a play date with a fashion value added where all of our kids wore Le Petit Society clothes. Thanks to Erica and Le Petit Society, my baby son received a couple of really adorable outfits as a gift. Lucky boy! Thank you, Erica and Le Petit Society! The best part to me was that this gave me an excuse to see my two lovely girl friends, dress up my baby boy in adorable clothing, and take photos of the cute kids playing. That’s like a candy to me. Oh yes, by the way, I gave my son a haircut. Can you tell the amateur look…? 先日、ジャカルタで2人のお友達、expatria, babyのエリカとStumble Abroadのアナとプレイデートをしました。エリカとLe Petit Society(ル・プティ・ソサエティー)のお陰で、息子はとても可愛いお洋服を贈り物として頂いちゃいました。有り難いです。エリカとLe Petit Society、どうもありがとう!私にとってもっと嬉しかったのは、2人のお友達とプレイデートをする口実ができた事、息子に可愛い服を着せられた事、そして子供達が遊ぶ可愛い姿を写真に撮る事が出来た事です。私には嬉しい甘い出来事でした。 そうそう、息子の髪の毛を私が切りました。ド素人のカット分かります。。。? If you are interested in learning more about Le Petit Society, […]

Monday Mode ☆ Milky Way Gems & Jewelry

Milky Way Jewelry-26

In Japan, there is a proverb “Sit on a rock for 3 years” (“Ishi no ue ni mo 3 nen”). The origin of the saying means that if you continue to sit on a cold rock for 3 years, it’ll get warm. It refers to the philosophy that no matter how difficult and challenging it seems to achieve your goal, perseverance prevails. Thus, be patient. I have been blogging for a little over 3 years and I recently had two occasions that made me feel very rewarding and the meaning of the proverb felt close to my heart. It has never been my intention to blog in order to get a reward, but it certainly feels good to be rewarded for my hard work and know that what I do has a meaning. One of the occasions is a gift from Milky Way Gems & Jewelry. If you have been […]

Monday Mode ☆ Target Mint Green Shirt

Target Mint Color Shirt

I don’t know anyone from the States or who have lived in the U.S. who would not love Target. When I ask my female friends from the U.S. who live overseas what they would like to do back home when they go visit, many of them answer “go to Target”. I got two mint color shirts with a heart for both of my girls at Target. I love mint green color. In fact, that’s my favorite color these days. The shirt is still too big on my middle child as you can see from folded sleeve… アメリカのターゲットってご存知ですか?日本では同じ様な感じのお店が無いのですが、敢えて言えばヨーカドーや西友といった感じでしょうか。ターゲットは、大きなお店であれば、食品から、電化製品、食器、服、家具、文房具と何でも揃うお店です。アメリカ人やアメリカに住んでいた外国人の友人で、ターゲットが大好きでない人を知らないくらい、とにかくアメリカ人には人気のお店です。ターゲットの魅力なのですが、ターゲットブランドの値段がとてもお手頃であること、そしてターゲットはデザイナーとコラボをして、普段手に届かない商品をお手頃価格で売る、といったような企画をやったり、1ドルコーナーを充実したり、常に可愛い商品を入れたりと、常に消費者の心を奪う戦略を使っていると思います。 このミント色のシャツはそのターゲットで買いました。最近ミント色にハマっていて、私の一番お気に入りの色です。このシャツは、まだ次女にはちょっと大きすぎて、袖を捲っています。 What are these numbers? My girl came up with this. They are the numbers representing the ages of her siblings and herself. She is 5! 娘が自分で考えてポーズしました。何の番号かというと、本人も入れた兄弟の年齢。彼女は5歳です! In the past week or so, I’ve been very tired and could not stay up past 10:00 pm. I had a very busy week up to […]

Monday Mode ☆ Gingersnaps


Are you ready for a cuteness overdose? Ever since I heard about Gingersnaps a couple of years ago from one of the readers and my friend, The Diplomatic Wife, I have been meaning to go to Gingersnaps. Gingersnaps is a brand for children’s and maternity wear in the Philippines. To read more about Gingersnaps, click here. I have been wanting to feature Gingersnaps on my blog and I finally did. Why did it take me so long to do this? Please don’t ask me that question. I don’t know the answer, either… I can’t afford to buy many outfits from the store, but I wanted to show my readers as many outfits as possible and say this is Gingersnaps, so I wrote an email message to the company. Sometimes I can be organized. I wanted to take photos of their clothes at the store and I needed a permission to […]

Monday Mode ☆ Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 ☆ Ivan Gunawan

Jakarta Fashion Week 201349

I am sorry for abandoning my Monday Mode for a while. It’s not always easy for me to take photos of my kids or myself posing for a fashion post. I need to find a magic potion to motivate myself. Anyways, I had a rare chance to go to an Indonesian Fashion Week 2013 show thanks to my friend, Gladys. Thank you! I would like to share with you what I saw at the Indonesian Fashion Week 2013 last week. As you probably know, I love fashion. I have only been to a fashion show a handful of times and all of them are in Jakarta. I loved every single one of them. The first show I went was Bazaar’s Fashion Concerto 2010. Arrived at the Jakarta Convention Center, the venue for the Indonesia Fashion Week 2013, guests were greeted with the dresses displayed at the front. Before Ivan Gunawan’s […]

Monday Mode ☆ J.Crew Kids Crewcut Shirt

Zara shirt 1

The J.Crew’s Kids line called Crewcut has many cute clothes. My sisters sent my girls these cute navy blue shirts for their birthdays. I love navy blue on girls. Below photo was taken at the hotel we stayed during our vacation. Usually my first child is not into my taking her photos, but that day, my second child was giving me a hard time. She was upset about something and gave me this look. I have many photos of my girls that I had to delete as she looked very upset. I don’t even remember the reason why she got upset and she did not want to be in the photo. This was the best I could do. We went to Lombok island in Indonesia which sits next to Bali island at the beginning of January before the school started. It was lovely and we all felt very rejuvenated after […]

Monday Mode ☆ Château de Sable

Chateau de Sable

This outfit my son is wearing was given to my son by my very sweet Japanese friend that I met in Singapore. It’s an outfit from Château de sable. She was so nice to get an outfit for him. I love it when he wears it and I think of my friend in Singapore. My son looks like a big boy in a shirt and shorts, doesn’t he? The colors are soft and pretty and the texture is very comfortable, too. 息子が着ているのは、Château de sable(シャトー・ドゥ・サーブル/砂の城)というブランドの服です。シンガポールに去年2ヶ月程滞在していた時知りあった素敵な日本人の友人が、出産祝いに息子に服を買ってくれました。(涙)この服を着ると、ちょっと大きくなったように見えて、しかもとても可愛いんです。色がとてもフランス人っぽい淡い色で、服の肌触りもとても気持ち良いんですよ。息子は猿みたいなのに、この服を着るとちょっとお洒落な感じになれて親の私もわくわくしちゃいます。 Château de sable is a clothing brand that was started by a French designer Stephanie Lemaire. Château de sable means “sand castle” in French and their logo is an adorable sand castle which is on their lovely gift boxes as well. She started her brand when she lived in Singapore if I remember correctly. Now she has stores in many countries. If you live in Jakarta […]