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Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite stores on earth next to IKEA. That’s where I do my weekly grocery shopping. The produce section does not have the best selections, but I can live with that. I love everything about that store including their original candies. Their packaging is so appealing, too! What they are brilliant about is that they usually have a basket filled with seasonal goodies like holiday gummy candies at a cashier. I’m a total sucker for these. I work hard to stay away from candies (well, to tell the truth, I do grab a couple while I go through the isle of candies) while I’m focusing on my list of groceries. Then at the cashier, I’m like, ah, why don’t I get this one, too… The packaging is usually irresistible. Come on. I’m Japanese. All Japanese girls and women fall for cute stuff!!!

Following are my new discovery at Trader Joe’s.

My all time favorite so far is this one.

Aren’t they just daring?

The best part is the inside.

It has sour juice inside. The sweet melange of sugary gummy and sour juice is absolutely refreshing.

My next favorite is this one.
I just want to look at them rather than eat them. They look like beads or jewelry, don’t you think?

They have very fruity flavor that spreads in your mouth. The drops are softer and chewier than gummy.

I spotted this one below because of the package as well. It’s made with 97% fruit, which was a selling point to me. No sugar or artificial flavoring added. What better candies can you give to your kids? It has a subtle sweet taste which I like a lot.

My cute little hyena girls were eager to eat them while I was shooting the candies. They were surrounding the table while I was working on it.

There will be no Trader Joe’s in Jakarta. What am I going to do without TJ after this summer…? Can we take you with us?


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