Friday Finds ☆ Cafe Zoe ☆ Lower Parel, Mumbai

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One of the things I love about living in a mega city like Mumbai is to be able to go to a cool restaurant like Cafe Zoe. Cafe Zoe was airy with a high ceiling with many windows and cozy with a contemporary design. The smooth music in the background made it a very comfortable place. I loved the couches and tables. The food was great, too. I can see myself sitting at one of the tables in Cafe Zoe with my lap top and a cup of coffee in my hand.

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Cafe Zoe

I read these rules to the kids and every time they started to get a bit restless, I said to the kids “do you want to stand in that corner?” It worked. Cafe Zoe is a kid friendly cafe, though. Everyone was very nice to the kids. The rules are reasonable and I think that they probably help make Cafe Zoe a relaxing place for everyone. I like their humor, too.

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Then, the food came.

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This was a day off so I said to the kids that they could have breakfast for lunch if they wished.

The really did.

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After they finished licking their plates, they all said…

“I’m still HUNGRY!”


Okay, okay.

“I will order a plate of pancakes and you all can share one, okay?”


Cafe Zoe-24

This pancake was gone in one minute.

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Keeping Mr. Toad (his nickname) was my No. 1 goal. Please. No tantrum. I want to come back to Cafe Zoe.

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Cafe Zoe is on a tiny street in Mathuladas Mill Complex.

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How I learned about Cafe Zoe was a bit accidental. I wanted to take the kids to Funky Monkeys, an indoor play ground, but we got totally lost and by the time we figured out, it was lunch time. My friend, my daughters’ girl friends’ mom, has been to Cafe Zoe and she recommended it, too, so it was an easy pick. Funky Monkey was just okay for the price I paid, but the kids had fun. I recommend going there with other kids.

Funky Monkeys and Cafe Zoe are walking distance from each other in the Mathuladas Mill Complex. The entrance to the Mathuladas Mill Complex, which is on Elphinestone Flyover, does not have any sign in an obvious place (at least I didn’t see any), so either the driver has to know or he has to ask someone on the street where it is. They might only point at the general direction, which didn’t help in our case and we drove around the circle so many times! I hope my map will help you.

The kids are walking towards the building where Funky Monkeys is located. It’s an office building.
Cafe Zoe-28


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Todi / Mathuradas Mill Compound
N. M. Joshi Marg, Lower Parel
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400013

HOURS: Mon – Sun: 7:30 am – 1:30 am
PHONE: +91 22 24902065

Cafe Zoe & Funky Monkey Map


  1. says

    You always find the most stylish cafes! This one looks so roomy and nice. And I’m also a sucker for “breakfast as lunch” (or dinner! hehehe) so the food is making my mouth water 😉

    • says

      I would love to do breakfast for dinner, but my husband might not agree with me. I have to do it when he is not home for dinner! Thanks for the compliment, Miwa!

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