Friday Finds ☆ Bonjour Japanese French Pastry in Grand Indonesia


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Shiraki Roll in the photo below seems to be a signature cake from the Bonjour among Japanese customers. The marvelous combination of soft spongy cake and not too sweet cream seems to be a very good match. It makes a very nice gift to bring to your friend’s, too. In terms of pricing, the Shiraki Rolls are more reasonable and approachable than other cakes and cookies sold at Bonjour Patisserie.

Bonjour Pattiserie Jakarta4

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Bonjour is a Japanese Pastry shop located in the lower level of the East Mall at the Grand Indonesia. I learned about Bonjour from my Japanese friends who brought me cakes and cookies from the shop. Bonjour’s cakes and cookies taste just like those that you find in Japan. For us, Japanese, Bonjour gives us a sweet taste of home. Bonjour was founded by a pastry chef, Yuji Shiraki, who was trained in Japan and France. He has a store in Gardena, Los Angeles. I could not find any official information in Japanese, but here is more about Bonjour if you are curious. If you have never tasted Shiraki Roll before, I hope you’ll stop by Bonjour when you have a chance to go to Grand Indonesia and try their Shiraki Roll.





Japanese French Pastry
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Lower Ground, East Mall
Jl. M.H Thamrin No.1
Jakarta Pusat
Tel: +62 21 23581914
Bonjour Website


  1. Fenny says

    Hi Kaho,
    Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve passed Bonjour many times, but somehow I kept forgetting to drop by. I’m going to Grand Indonesia tomorrow, I will definitely try the Shiraki Roll!

    • says

      Hi, Fenny! Thanks for the comment! I just bought two Shiraki Rolls for our friends yesterday at Grand Indonesia. One with chocolate and the other with regular cream. Yum, yum. I hope you’ll like it!!!

      • Fenny says

        I’m eating it as I type now hahaha..
        I find the cake slightly sweet for me; even though I had scraped off the topping hahaha.. but it’s surprisingly moist! The filling reminds me of Beard Papa’s cream puff, also from Japan ;D.

        I also tried the macarons, but I prefer the ones in TWG Singapore. Their tea infusion gives the macarons an interesting twist that I haven’t found anywhere else.

        Oh btw, in case you didn’t know, Bonjour also has a branch in Ranch Market Pondok Indah, maybe it’s closer to you.

        • says

          I saw that they were opening a new location. Great! When I’m in that area, I will definitely check out Bonjour in Ranch Market Pondok Indah. I’ve got a sweet tooth. I want to cut the sugar intake actually. I want to be able to say something is too sweet…

          • Fenny says

            I also got sweet tooth, Kaho. But sometimes I think my taste bud is weird ;D, sometimes the food I taste would be too sweet, but for my friend it’s normal. The other time I would taste something and say it’s just normal, then that same person would say it’s way too sweet. Confused? I know I am hahaha..

          • says

            Interesting! Everyone has a different taste bud. I would like to be able to remove processed sugar from my diet and it’s hard for me.

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