Monday Mode ☆ Black And Pink Outfit & Summer Dresses

shirt: Target, skirt: Target, sandals: J.Crew Kids
dress: ITC Permata Hijau, sandals: Target
Sky looked so pretty and blue, which don’t get to see often in Jakarta.
right: faded face painting
dress: OLD NAVY
Monday is here! Spring break is over and my daughters are back to school today. I have to get up at 6:00 a.m. to pack lunch and snack for my older one. Sigh. I really enjoyed spending time with them and sleeping in (truth comes out). We didn’t make a trip to anywhere special like Bali or Jogjakarta during the spring break like some other families, but we went to a Safari Park (Taman Safari), Lollipops (indoor play ground), and had several play dates. My kids enjoyed the week full of small events. How was your spring break?


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    Aw, welcome back to the daily grind! I’m sure it was fun to have some quality time with them though. Summer will be right around the corner! Do they go to an international school?

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    Your children are sooo beautiful, just like their Mummy :) Loving their playful poses….so natural and pretty. I think it helps that mum is the photographer. Your photography always looks like it belongs in a magazine.

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    Hi! what a lovely post. i love the joy of it.
    I haven’t had a spring break, we don’t have that here, but then easter is coming up soon, and i’m so longing for it.Can’t wait to see my mom and dad again..
    Your daughters are so cute and im so glad to see their smiles 😉
    thanks for sharing your spring break story.
    wish you a wonderful week ahead

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