Bits and Pieces from Tokyo Trip

Summer Festival

This is my husband walking under this umbrella looking thing. One lady was recruiting men at the festival to carry this and walk around. She came and grabbed my husband to do it.

Finally this is the last one from our Japan trip we did last month. We were there only for a week and I don’t think I took that many pictures, but it took me forever to go through them. Am I getting old? Getting adjusted to a new environment really sucks much energy from me just by going out to run errands. Don’t get me wrong. I’m loving it here in Jakarta and I will get into that in my next post.

We had a chance to go to a summer festival near my parents this summer. I was excited since I hadn’t gone to one of those festival for ages and I LOVE them. Being at the festival brought back many great memories of my childhood when my grandparents took me and my sisters to a summer festival during our summer vacation. We sometimes wore Yukata (summer kimono). I was tempted to buy yukata for our girls, but I didn’t since we didn’t really have the space in our suitcases for them. What a bummer!

Japanese Plates and Food

We went out for lunch with my aunt at a Japanese restaurant. The place we went was a cute little place close to my parents which is actually one of my favorite places to go when I go home. I enjoyed seeing their plates, food and interior design. Japanese ceramics are one of the things I wish I bought more when we lived in Japan. They are simple, unique and pretty to look at. I think food looks fancier in modern Japanese plates.

Kaiten Zushi (Sushi-Go-Round)

My dad took me and my husband to a sushi-go-round. He originally planned on taking my husband to have a guys dinner-out since he loves sushi, but I tagged along. Come on, I need to eat as much sushi when there is a chance. My sisters watched our girls. Having sisters around who would happily watch our girls and with whom I don’t feel any guilt leaving our kids was wonderful. It was the second time in a week my dad took us out for sushi. The first time was at a small sushi joint where the sushi chef would be right in front of you to make sushi and put pieces on your plate from behind the counter. The fish we had was so fresh and delicious we were speechless. I forgot to take my camera. Darn! Needless to say we devoured our sushi both times.

Long Slide

The slide in the last groups of photos is quite long. You would never see any slide like that in the States. It has liability written all over it. It is intimidating to go down this slide, but my 5-year-old daughter went down by herself. It apparently goes fast. I was wearing a long white skirt, so I didn’t go down, but if I was wearing jeans, I would’ve gone down to play!

Our week in Tokyo went by as if it was fast forward and it felt too short. In some ways, I wish I could’ve stayed longer, but at the same time, it felt like a good amount of time. We spent 3 weeks in Texas and Oklahoma prior to arriving in Tokyo and before we moved to Jakarta. Four weeks of traveling can be quite a bit of work for parents. There is so much living out of suitcase you can do with kids. The best part to stop by in Japan for our move this time was to get over the jet-lag before we arrived in Jakarta. My husband and I stayed at a hotel and our girls stayed with my parents and sisters, so we did not have to do any hard work to play with our girls when they went to bed at 2:00 a.m. and woke up at 4:00 a.m. except for the time we were in Kamakura. Thanks, sistas!

We said sayonara to Japan and konnichiwa to Jakarta. Our new chapter of life has started. I hope you’ll come back to visit me here…


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