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My kids were invited to 3 parties this past weekend. My husband and I chauffeured them around all day. Every time I go to a birthday party, I see parents work to a great extent for their kids. Birthday parties you see in the U.S. are nothing like those you see in Japan. I only had a few small birthday parties growing up when I was in elementary school and only remember going to my friends’ birthday parties a handful of times growing up. Not many kids have a birthday party and if they do, it’s usually in a small-scale and low-key compared to those in the States. No bouncy house, no carnival, no Build-A-Bear. We still had fun. Parents don’t bring cakes to preschool or school either. You might say that’s boring, but if you grow up in that, it’s just how it is and wouldn’t even think that is not fun. When you become a parent, it is a lot more work and money to have birthdays for your kids in the U.S.

I get ideas from being at different birthday parties. There are different themes and games people choose for their parties and it’s fun to see them. My older daughter is getting to the age where her friends are starting to have drop-off birthday parties. I know that when kids turn 6 or 7, they start having a sleep-over birthday party. That sounds like fun. I can’t wait to have a smaller scale party for my girls especially since their birthdays are only two days apart around Thanksgiving and my life gets so hectic.

The photos are from one of the birthday parties my kids went to this past weekend. It was a perfect day for a backyard birthday party. I loved the decoration with the tutus and goodie bags hung on the clothes line. It looked so cute and whimsical. My friend, the mom of the birthday girl, made all the tutus. She spent many hours hand crafting for the party and believe it or not she has a 5-month-old baby as well. The rocket on the cake was also made by her. It’s made with rice crispy treat. She said she molded the rice crispy treat into a shape of a rocket while it was still warm. Then she frosted it. She said that making the frosting and coloring it into different colors took more time than decorating the rice crispy treat. The whole production sounded like a lot of work!

Now I’m thinking what I should do for my girls this year. The great thing about moving to Indonesia is that I’ll have an outdoor option for my daughters’ birthday party and it’ll be less expensive than having one in the States. Even though my daughters’ birthdays are at the end of November when it usually gets too cold for an outdoor party here in the DC Metro area, the tropical weather in Indonesia will allow us to have an outdoor or even a pool party!


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    So there it is ! you are moving to Indonesia!!! Sounds great, although I havent been to Jakarta yet, I am sure it is gonna be really nice to move there. So we will be neighbours as you mentioned :) it brings a smile to my face…
    I was not sure either if you were Japanese, but I guess you are from Japan… I used to live in Tokyo for a while and absolutely LOVED it. And I miss it now.

    Anyways about bday parties, as a kid we had simple ones as well, and it was great. I love planning parties for my daughetr but I believe in simple yet stylish/ creative parties. I think when she is turning 5 (2 more years to go) I would love to have a small tea fairy party :))

    The pictures you posted look like the mom spent a lot of time organizing it. It looks amazing though!!! Bravo <3

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      Yeah, we’re very excited about moving to Indonesia!! I used to live in Singapore when I was in high school, so I’m excited about moving back to the region. And yes, I’m Japanese. You lived in Tokyo! I grew up there! Tea party is always a good one for girls birthday!! Oh, the girls LOVE it. My friend had a princess tea party theme b-day and the little girls were ecstatic.

  2. Sophie's mom says

    If I had energy to throw a party at my place with cleaning, cooking, decorating…… well, I guess I will never have that energy. We threw a lot bigger parties while in Dakar with more space in both inside and yard, helpers, even chef to prepare finger foods…. plus, more family friends too. I guess that what you are expecting now. So pack up cute goodie bags and decorations!! wait….. your stuff will not arrive before girls birthday?

    • says

      If someone can help me with cleaning, I’d be so happy! It takes me a while to come up with an idea for a b-day party, so I might as well start now! Going to a birthday party of my friend’s child(ren) definitely gives me an opportunity to think about the future b-day party of my own kids.

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