Before & After ☆ Master Bedroom


Our Study

Jewelry Stand: Pier 1 import

dress: H&M (I picked it up from a sales rack and it was only $25!!)

shower curtain: Urban Outfitter

I finished decorating our master bedroom. I feel good! I picked up frames and fabric from IKEA and put them together. It was an inexpensive, easy and simple way to decorate the wall and I highly recommend it. I might make more changes in the room eventually, but for now, this is the look. The small area where there used to be an orange-ish brown table and huge mirror were placed was converted into our little study. My husband uses the area more now that his computer is there. Before, it was more like a wasted space that we didn’t really use except it collected some stuff on the floor.

I bought the shower curtain from Urban Outfitter on line. It’s one of my favorite stores. I ♥ them!!


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    Wow! That’s quite a change! It’s so much more cosy now! You did good :)

    I love the way you dress btw. – great style!

    Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my blog post today! Glad you liked it!


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    Lovely! Like your fluffy carpeted floors, it came with it when you moved in?
    I wanted framed images on my bedroom wall too BUT as tenants, we can’t drill/ stickered hooks on the wall. SIGH big time!

    Enjoy! :)

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      Elaine! The carpet came with our house. I use those removable sticky strips called “Command” by 3M. Those frames with fabric is so light, I feel comfortable using that sticky strips to hang the frames above our head. Even if it falls on our face, I don’t think it’ll hurt much. So I hope.

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      Really? Thanks, Yumi!! The head board decides the mood of the room, doesn’t it? My hubby wasn’t into the idea, but I’m glad I did. Thanks always for your comments!

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    I love the artwork above your bed and the colours of your bedroom are so calm and peaceful, exactly like a bedroom should be. I’m still in the middle of making a few changes to our bedroom. I haven’t been to Urban Outfitters – will have to check them out…

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    I love what you did with the bed and the paintings overhead. I have always been hesitant to put anything over the bed, because it might fall over during an earth quake and I use 3M command strips to put stuff up so I don’t wreck the wall and have to pay for it after =P And they always warn not to use to put stuff up over one’s bed. I am curious, what did you use to put up the paintings? I guess cloth covered paintings mounted on light wood would be much safer than traditional paintings with heavy frames. Maybe I should reconsider, because it really changed the look of the bedroom and made it so much more personal =D

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      Hi! Thanks!! I use 3M command strips for those! One in the middle fell once when I pushed it by accident, but other than that they have been fine. I wanted framed photos or paintings above our head, but I was worried about the same thing. Especially Indonesia is not strange to earthquakes, we have to be careful. Thanks for the question!!

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      Thank you! I wish I kept the sheet with the names of the colors. I did up till this past June right before I packed out from Jakarta. It was a very light gray, but had a blueish tone.


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