Before & After ☆ Dining Room

Katsuyuki Nishijima

Our house is furnished. None of the furniture in our dining area belongs to us. The pieces were locally made and it’s very nice. It is differet to decorate with the furniture that was picked by someone else, but I certainly enjoyed it a lot! We love Katsuyuki Nishijima’s painting as you can probably see.

Our dining room is infused with Japanese/Asian items. Since we have Japanese and Asia-inspired decor, I needed to have a room in our house to have them and I thought that dining room would be nice and practical for that. There are things I would like to change and add some stuff if I can find the items here. It might take a while till I get around to do it though.

We have a balcony with a patio furniture, but we have never used it. We have iron bars and it’s heavy to open, so we get lazy to get outside. It doesn’t help that there is a sewer running behind our backyard and it is not so appetizing to get outside and eat…

Thank you for coming to visit this site! I really appreciate it.


  1. says

    Wow, I love that spiral candle holder on your wall. It must be hard to decorate with items which aren’t your own pieces of furniture – I think you’ve done a wonderful job of making everything work and look stylish with all of your homely accessories. I really like that outdoor table setting, what a shame you don’t use it more often.

  2. Ichiyo says

    I love it :) It is simple and very clean feel. I am sure you can find many great stuff in Indonesia to add to this Asian-theme room! I love the white dishes, I bought similar ones in Nitori. Where are yours from?

  3. says

    Dear Kaho, you did a wonderful job considering the furniture are not yours! I would love to know where you got your capiz balls (similar to the material of my lamp which you said reminds you of the philippines) As you know my theme is modern Filipiniana with capiz highlights so I am always on the lookout for capiz items. Thanks! =)


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