I had a wonderful opportunity to go to a fashion show, BAZAAR FASHION CONCERTO 2010 (music starts when you access the site), the very first time in my life, thanks to my new friend, Vicky, the store manager of Chic Mart whom I met when I was at the store last time to take some photos for my blog. The opportunity came suddenly. She called me and offered me a ticket to go to a fashion show tonight. As you can imagine, I jumped on it. I didn’t know until I saw her today at the venue that she used to work for BAZAAR before having moved to Chic Mart. Attending a real fashion show was one of a kind and amazing experience that I will never forget. I also thought that I probably could have not had the opportunity, had I not been in Jakarta. This opportunity came because of blogging and I am very grateful for it. At the same time I could not help feeling guilty for leaving my kids with my help at home and go out at night. Such a dilemma. Anyways, I will have to wait till later to report the fashion show from tonight. I need to get some sleep before getting up early tomorrow morning. Ciao, ciao.


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    yay!!! how cool!!! see isn’t blogging grand, haha :) How very nice of her to offer a ticket – I’m so excited for you :) Can’t wait to read more about it!
    So yeah – we celebrate Thanksgiving – but the Swiss don’t have anything like it. The ones that were at our dinner sure didn’t complain though :)


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