BAZAAR Fashion Concerto 2010 hosted by Harper’s BAZAAR Indonesia was simply incredible and fascinating. I have always dreamed of going to a fashion show and thanks to my friend, Vicky, the manager of Chic Mart, my dream come true. Thank you, Vicky!!

Fashion Concerto 2010 was held at Jakarta Convention Center in Senayan City. Outside of the venue there were Indonesian celebrities, models, former models, and fashionable people taking photos and I joined the group of paparazzi to take some photos of them (I’m not shy in this type of situation). It’s a shame that I have not been in Jakarta long enough to recognize any of the celebrities and appreciate seeing them in person.

My friend and I walked into the venue and beautiful modern white decoration came into my sight. At the hall people were hanging out there eating, drinking and mingling. I imagine this is what models and fashion industry people do at parties like this. It was so foreign to me and it felt very surreal. I was like a kid visiting Disneyland for the first time.

I have to warn you that there are many photos on this post. Our seats were in the back and neither do I have a very good lens for my camera nor a camera for the photo taking in the poor lighting, so the quality of photos I have is not as good as I would have loved, but I hope you can get the glimpse of what I saw.








WITA for BIN house





Susan Budihardjo’s collection was my favorite. By the way, the number of photos does not necessarily shows that it reflects my interest for the collection. It shows that the lighting was not strong enough for my camera to take any decent photos. I took a ton of photos and I deleted a ton at home. I could see myself wearing Susan Budihardjo’s dresses. I loved what she created.


I did my best to indicate the names of the designers and performers you might be interested in knowing. If you notice any of my mistakes, please kindly indicate them in the comment section. I’ll try to fix them. Thanks!!

I usually do not post on a weekend, but I had an urge to post about BAZAAR Fashion Concerto 2010 sooner than later. I hope you enjoyed my report.


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    Coool!! I love Melly Goeslaw & Dewi Sandra…
    My only one fashion show experience was when preparing my wedding and went to a wedding exhibition where there were they showed international and national wedding gown… hmmm… I wonder where the picture went! gotta upload them too sometime!

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    Emy, thanks for stopping by!

    Krystal, thanks! How interesting you looked up the celebs as well! That makes me feel better!

    Tazki, you like Melly Goeslaw & Dewi Sandra as well! I loved Dewi! I thought she was so cool looking. She doesn’t look so Indonesian to me. Is she mixed?

    Dina, thanks! I like making people speechless! Thanks for leaving me a comment though! :)

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    You took great pictures, Kaho!!

    I always love Susan Budiharjo – her students are also pretty amazing. A couple of my friends went there and their final show were incredible (from the pictures, since I couldn’t be there). I also like Sally Koeswanto.

    Melly Goeslaw is one of my favorite singers – and I always get a kick out of Dewi Sandra’s style. Ya, i believe she is mixed – if I remember right, she has British in her.

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      Thanks, Starlet! I would love to see another show of Susan Budiharjo. Sally Koeswanto was pretty cool, too! Melly Goeslaw is such a unique musician! I saw her other music video on YouTube! :) Dewi is beautiful.


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