Bayon ☆ Angkor, Cambodia

The Bayon stands at the center of Angkor Thom. Bayon was a really cool Khmer temple to visit. We did not see other parts of Angkor Thom, but I am really happy that we went to Bayon.

We visited Bayon after we finished our races in Angkor Wat, which I plan on writing about in the future post. The photo below on the left is me (on the left) and my girl friends.

Bayon is different from all other places we have visited. The giant faces on the walls make Bayon unique and distinctive of all the temples in Angkor, Cambodia.

Can you tell how big those faces are? No, I’m not talking about our faces.

It felt like we were walking in rocky mountains.

There were some places that I thought would be a cool place to take portrait photos. My friend, Kara, is on the left. Kara is always beautiful, even in her running outfit! I’m on the right. This is one of my few pregnancy photos I have with my third child.

Angkor, Cambodia is one of the places I would love to visit again in the future. Bayon is not to be missed and I will bring my family to see Bayon for sure. Angkor temples are absolutely stunning and their mysterious and magical atmosphere makes the whole experience in Angkor spectacular and one of a kind.


  1. Lynn says

    Thank you for sharing, Kaho… It’s really inspiring and make me want to go to siam reap one day. Would you tell me what airline/flight brought you there from jakarta

    • says

      Lynn, you’re welcome and thank you!!! I hope you’ll go to Siam Reap one day because it was absolutely gorgeous. We used Air Asia because that was the cheapest option for us. The flight times for going there wasn’t so great and we had to stay in an Air Asia’s hotel near the airport, but it was worth it.


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