bathroom ☆ guest bedroom ☆ hall way

shower curtain: CB2, white soap pump: MUJI, baskets: cayenne

I didn’t get into the colors used in this bathroom. I wanted to brighten up the room as it looked dark to me, plus, I just didn’t think this tone of orange was attractive looking, so I decided to use white to tone it down. White goes with any colors even this type of orange, right? I also didn’t want to make this bathroom very girly as this is also a bathroom our house guests will use. I didn’t want to blind our guests with more pink. Can you tell I do not care about tree branches at all? Ha! I end up collecting all the trees and branches on decal and curtain in my new house. Believe it or not, I didn’t intend to do so. It just happened that everything I fell in love with had to do with branches and trees. I must like them very much.

wall decal birds: Etsy NouWall, wall decal branch: Urban Outfitters / Apartment

pillows: a store in Dakar, Senegal

Our guest bedroom is very plain. I feel like it’s still undone. I don’t have a picture of the foot side of the bed, but the wall is empty. I do think we need to buy paintings or fabric to hang on the wall. I’ll get to it someday. I like the wall decal of birds. They were actually free and came with the big tree wall decal in the living room. My friend, Kara, has the white bird on the wall above the head of a bed in her guest bedroom, too, and I got the idea from her.

Before After

prints and frames: IKEA, plates: naaj by Veronique Janvier

Those plates were the creation of Naaj by Janvier Veronique. When my husband and I lived in Dakar, Senegal, I purchased one set and the other set was a farewell gift from my Japanese friends whom I met in Dakar, Senegal. They both are wonderful keepsake from Senegal and every time I look at them, they remind me of our fun time in Senegal. I was looking for the information about Naaj and finally found a blog written by Veronique Janvier. You can read about her and Naaj here, but it’s all written in French. Here is a little bit of translation I did for those of you who might be interested in her work.

Sénégal: une Française met la peinture sous verre à table
DAKAR (AFP) – La Française Véronique Janvier s’est fait un nom dans la peinture sous verre, art typique du Sénégal où elle est installée depuis neuf ans. Mais au lieu de tableaux, c’est sur des assiettes et verres qu’elle créé ses personnages, inspirés de l’Afrique et parés de couleurs éclatantes.

“Ma source d’inspiration, c’est la peinture sous verre, mais je l’ai adaptée à l’art de la table”, déclare à l’AFP Mme Janvier, originaire de Grenade-sur-l’Adour, dans le sud-ouest de la France.

“J’ai créé vraiment un esprit art de la table qui n’existait pas avant”, le “fixé” (sous-verre) sur vaisselle, ajoute cette énergique rousse de 49 ans qui signe ses articles “Naaj” (“Soleil”, en wolof).

Naaj, c’est aussi le nom de la société qu’elle a créée début 2000 et qui emploie aujourd’hui une douzaine de personnes. Après plusieurs années dans le quartier résidentiel du Point E, elle a déplacé son atelier en septembre à Thiaroye-Azur, dans la banlieue est de Dakar, d’où viennent la plupart de ses employés.

Senegal: A French put the panting on framed glass
DAKAR – French Veronique Janvier made her name in the painting on glass, the art typical of Senegal where she has established her work 9 years ago. However, instead of in frames, paintings are on plates and glasses where she has created her trademark inspired by Arica and adorned with the bright and colors.

“My source of inspiration is the painting on the glass, but I adopted it into the art for the table” says Mrs. Janvier, origin of Grenade-sur-l’Adour, in south-western France.

I created the real spirit of art of the table that had not existed before, which is the “picture” (clip-frame) on plates, added this energetic 49-year-old redhead who signs her articles “Naaj” (“the sun” in Wolof).

Naaj is also the name of the company which she created at the beginning of 2000 and today it employs 12 people. After several years in the residential area of Point E, she moved her atelier to Thiaroye-Azur in September, which is in the suburbs of Dakar from where most of her employees come.

When I lived in Senegal, I took once a week mosaic class with my Japanese friends at the Naaj atelier in Point E where her old atelier used to be located. It was a lot of fun. I made a mirror, tray and a painting frame in the class, but the only thing I kept is the frame in the kids room with a little girl and a wolf. My other work wasn’t so satisfactory. You can see the frame here in my kids bedroom. I made the frame, but I bought the painting inside. It’s all made of glass. I started the class in the last 8 months of my time in Dakar and I really wanted to keep taking the class, but the time ran out.

I hope you enjoyed my home decorating posts. This is pretty much the end of my home tour. I might do some home decor here and there when I buy new stuff, but you pretty much see everything on this blog now. Thanks for viewing my posts!!


  1. Julia says

    The picture frame you made is stunning! Your place looks fantastic. I am so impressed with how quickly you are able to adapt to each new place and redecorate your home…and with such style and flair too!

  2. says

    Your home is really lovely, Kaho. I love all the branches and birds, that shower curtain is really cool!
    I love home tours, it’s so interesting seeing how other people go about decorating, and injecting their personality into their spaces.

    How did you find Dakar? That must have been an amazing experience. I’ve always wanted to travel overseas and live somewhere really different to Australia/NZ, we often talk about it but haven’t managed to escape the Australians yet!

  3. says

    I love how you’ve put decals on your walls. I use them too since I live in a rental flat and can’t add pictures or hang stuff on them. I find them really versatile and really changes the room!

  4. says

    I love those silver frames and the way you’ve hung them next to the hall table. I know what you mean about your guest room feeling unfinished – ours is basically just a bed at present and I’d really like to give the room more character one day. I enjoy seeing photos of your home x

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