Friday Finds ☆ Basara Japanese Restaurant

I would love to have a date night every week on Fridays if I could, but by the end of the week, my husband is too exhausted from a hectic work week to go out (not to mention the Friday traffic is horrendous in Jakarta), so even though we live in a city where baby sitters are affordable, we hardly go out on a date night unless it’s a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day or our wedding anniversary.

For this year’s Valentine’s Day, I waited till the day before to make a reservation for Valentine’s Day and all I got was negative answers. Everywhere was fully booked! Go figure. If you plan on spending Valentine’s Day in Jakarta, I urge you to make a reservation early!! I didn’t realize how big Valentine’s Day was in Jakarta!

I picked Basara on Sudirman for Valentine’s Day dinner with my hubby. The reason why Basara did not come up as our first choice was because I wanted to go somewhere I have never been, plus as an individual who grew up in Japan, when it comes to romantic dining, I tend to picture more of a western restaurant for a day like the Valentine’s Day. That’s just me. Basara proved me wrong. It was romantic!


When you hear restaurants that serve traditional Japanese cuisine, you would probably think that it’s got to be expensive. It was not cheap, but it wasn’t more expensive than some other places we know. Our first date night in Jakarta was at Restaurant Jakarta in The Dharmawangsa Hotel, which serves Indonesian food and the amount we spent at Restaurant Jakarta was as much as we did at Basara. If you had gone to a French restaurant, you would probably spend as much. A la Carte was between IDR 170,000 and 250,000 and the course menu was IDR 250,000 and up.


You can reserve a semi-private room for no charge. It can’t get any better than this for Valentine’s Day, can it? There are also a semi-private room available for a small group of 3 to 6 people and a private room for a big group. It’s great for family with little kids and I find Basara kids friendly when I took my girls there for lunch.


I highly recommend lunch at Basara. The lunch menu is very reasonable for a high end restaurant with good ambiance. You may find a lunch set (one main dish with miso soup, rice and Japanese pickles) for IDR 80,000 (US$9) and up which comes with a complimentary cup of tea or coffee at the end. It’s not easy to find a restaurant with the same quality and quantity of food with a great ambiance for this reasonable price in Jakarta.


Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 61-62
Ground Floor Jakarta Selatan 12190
TEL : 62-21-5201233
Fax : 62-21-5251288










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    It looks like an upmarket fine dining restaurant, and i’m sure the quality and taste is similar to back home in Japan?
    Btw, what’s the dessert ball on your last photo? I’ve never seen them in the menus here before, are they mushroom-filled balls?

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    I must try this resto if you say it is good! No better person to get recos for Japanese restos from! Will definitely try it for lunch so it’s more affordable. Thanks for sharing Kaho!

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    Hello Kaho-san,
    What a nice blog you have here ^^
    For Japanese food in Jakarta, i think you should try Sumiya Japanese Restaurant in STC Building (Senayan area). The food is authentic and it provides very reasonable price for lunch menu. Cheers! :)

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      Really? OK! Thanks for the recommendation! I feel like I have seen Sumiya somewhere else, too. I like authentic food with reasonable prices. Thanks for the comment!


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