My daughter got bangs for the first time. She used to have small strings of hair hanging on her face covering her eyes by the end of the day even if she wore a headband all the time and I did not like it at all. She does not like it when I fix her hair or tie her hair and it was a struggle every morning. So, why not just chop it off? So, I did. When I suggested the idea (I was more like threatening her), she was into it, too! We didn’t have much going on last Friday night, so I cut her hair after dinner. It was more fun than we imagined! What do you think?

This is how she looked before.


    • says

      I love it, too! Now I want to copy her. She’s really into school and gets excited to go. She misses her play dates back in Virginia though. It’s tough not to own a car (hopefully we can buy one soon) as we can’t have a play date and we haven’t received our kids’ toys, so I feel like I can’t host a play date as it can be boring for kids. I need to entertain her! Miss you all!

  1. Macarena Aristegui says

    She looks so great! But then, she always does. I love how cool and modern you cut the bangs. She looks so happy too.

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