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I had a lovely opportunity to tag along with my husband on his business trip to Bangkok with our kids. It just happened that his training in Bangkok coincided with Chinese New Year in Indonesia and my older daughter’s school had a five-day weekend.

We weren’t sure if we could afford this trip even though part of the trip was taken care of because we just came back from our trip in Vietnam not even a month ago. My husband and I looked at our bank account, calculated possible expenditure in the future, and came to a conclusion that we could do it although we might have to live on rice and cup noodles for a while. Believe it or not, I’m a type of person who would choose a more comfortable daily life over one week of fun traveling, so I voted for not going at first, but in the end, we decided that we all go.

How did I like Bangkok? Fabulous! We had a fantastic time! I saw a lot of similarities as well as differences to Jakarta.

Things I noticed.
I felt safer in Bangkok at night than during the day and it’s the opposite in Jakarta. Among Bangkok (Thailand), Jakarta (Indonesia) and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), both my husband and I agreed that Ho Chi Minh City felt the safest during the day as well as at night.
There are cons everywhere in Bangkok.
Thai people in Bangkok drive like maniacs.
The designs of roads in Bangkok and Jakarta are quite similar.
Bangkok is more developed than Jakarta in a sense that they have a convenient public transportation such as sky train.
Bangkok offers so much historical and cultural sites.

I will try to map out the future post as follows.

Conrad Bangkok Hotel & President Palace Hotel

Snap Shots of Trip In Bangkok
Friday Finds ☆ Restaurant Recommendations in Bangkok Part 1
Restaurant Recommendations in Bangkok Part 2
Grand Palace
Wat Pho ☆ Reclining Buddha
My Friend’s Home in Bangkok ☆ Wednesday Wall2Wall
Crocodile Farm
Chatuchak Weekend Market
Travel Advice for Bangkok

Those above are subject to change.

I’ll try to post these on a timely manner, but I might have to take a while for posting my travel posts this time. It took me two weeks to post about our family trip in Vietnam and I just finished it right before we left for Bangkok. Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll come back to visit my posts about our trip in Bangkok!


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    Woohoo! More travel photos… Isn’t it fab to travel about when possible :) I only love Bangkok for their food and Chatuchak enormous flea market that sells EVERYTHING, great bargaining skills to be put into practice, lol!

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    Fabulous photos (all that gold!)……I can’t wait to read all about your trip to Bangkok. I have been here a couple of times, but it was some years ago. It’s always interesting to me to view a place I have been to through a different perspective.

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    what???? Thailand!! I’m happy to read that you were able to tag along with your husband, otherwise how would I get to travel if not by your amazing photos? So happy for you. personally I would eat rice for a whole week or two if I could travel, (but that’s just me…plus I only have one kiddo)

    looking forward to reading your travelogue ( you seriously should share your content with Loneny Planet, or one of those traveling websites!)

    • says

      Hehe. It’s a tough choice for sure because I love going out with my friends and shopping for clothes and other stuff. I guess I just have to pick and choose. Thanks for your kind words! I hope to keep up with my blog. At the moment, I feel a bit overwhelmed… So many photos to sort through and edit!

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    Wow your photos are beautiful. I’m so jealous you are over there. I love Asia. Bangkok is the first place I had ever travelled too. The thing that I couldn’t get over was the sounds of all the beeping.



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