Monday Mode ☆ Ball Gown

One of the perks about living overseas, especially in developing countries is that there are formal black tie events that we can afford to go to. There are many balls in Jakarta throughout a year. Just the ones I know, there are 6. They are not cheap to buy tickets for, but if you go to a ball with friends, it’s really fun. I especially enjoy getting dressed up to go to the event. I thought about getting my hair done and get manicure and pedicure done as well, but my second child got sick, so I didn’t feel like leaving my family for a couple of hours for that, so I fixed my hair myself and painted my nails. It’s okay. I am just happy that I was able to go to the ball.

I purchased this dress 2 years ago online. I was going to wear it to a ball, but it didn’t arrive on time. It fit tight on my body 2 years ago, but after a pregnancy, I could no longer fit in it, so I had it altered. I’m glad I was able to make the money worth this year. I have one more dress that I never wore, but I can’t fit in any longer. The gap is so big that it cannot be altered. Too bad.

This is my friend, Ana, of Stumble Abroad. She looked stunning!

I hope you had a lovely weekend.


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    You looked stunning in that dress, Kaho-san! :)
    I saw you & your family a while ago at the SocMed Fest in Senayan area when you visited @America booth, too bad you already gone when I wanted to say “Hi!”. :(
    P.S. Your baby boy is sooo cute! :)

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    Yess…married to an American living in Jakarta we had so many balls party to go. There is St. George, St. Andrews, St. Patrick and the American Ball (the 4th of July one) I miss those ! But that was a long time a go for me. I can only smile looking at the pictures now as every Saturday I get to go to get my hair done and constantly custome made or buying new dress ! The expatriate community was really fun back then especially when your husband is very involve socially. I know exactly what you are talking about.

    By the way you look so pretty !

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    Hello again Kaho! :)
    I’m Jess from the above (older) comment. Sorry for the late reply.
    Yes, we could have met. :(
    Would love to know you in person. :)

    Yup, Wild Honey is my most expensive breakfast too while in Singapore.
    Now that IKEA meatballs are gone from Singapore, I’d like to try Fika that you wrote here. Sounds good!
    By the way, IKEA will be opened in very near future in Indonesia, just outside Jakarta in Alam Sutera – Serpong. :)

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      I am so bummed that I won’t be here for the IKEA opening! If I were here, I would’ve been out there in front of their door to see it open and would shop on the very first day!

      Too bad we didn’t meet up. The blogging world is so interesting. I never imagined that I would meet people this way before the time of blogging.


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