Monday Mode ☆ Bali Braids

My older daughter was very eager to get Bali braids done on her hair since she found out that we were going to Bali. I bet she saw her friend’s hair braided in Bali. I wasn’t so sure about it because I didn’t want her to expect us to pay for the braids every time we travel to a place where she can get her hair done. However, I gave in and let her have Bali braids in the end.

There were two places to get Bali braids done in Bali Collection. I first checked the price with a bigger place with fish spa pedicure. They gave me a price Rp. 250,000 which I could tell that it was overpriced. I walked away and the guy lowered the price to Rp. 200,000 which they should’ve given me at first place. I walked to the other place to check their deals. It looks like a small gazebo located right by a Japanese restaurant called Hanabi. When I first asked them about the price for my daughter’s hair, their initial offer was Rp. 150,000 which was even cheaper than the lowered price that was given by the first place. So, I decided to go for the latter one. The ladies were great and friendly. I’m happy with the final result.

This is how my daughter looked after we untied her braids. I even liked her hair like this better than braids!

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    • says

      I agree! She wanted it so badly by the time she got the braids that she was stoked about it although you might not be able to tell from her expression…

  1. says

    the photo on the bottom left, where your daughter looks a bit concerned as her hair is braided is so picture perfect. Looks like it belongs in a fashion magazine like vogue.

    Love that you included the after-effect of removing the braids. Her hair looks crimped….how fascinating :)

  2. Tika says

    Kaho, I really love her hair after you untied the braid. How long did it take you to untie them? How long it stayed like that or was it gone right away after washing the hair?

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