Bajajs (ba-j-eye) can be found everywhere in Indonesia. They are covered Vespa (motor cycles) that are used as means of public transportation just like taxis. Bajajs have a seat for two people, but it seems that more than two get on sometimes. No, I have not gotten on it yet. I am always with my two-year-old and I am not going to get on it with her. If I have a chance to go out with an Indonesian friend and my child wasn’t with me, sure, why not? The thing I would probably not like is that you’re going to be inhaling the nasty exhaust while you’re on it. I imagine it would be safe since I usually see them drive slowly on the side of the road. I’m sure it’ll depend on the driver, but I haven’t seen them driving crazy like other motorcycles here. My Bahasa Indonesian teacher said that you have to negotiate the price before you get on it. That was how it was to take a taxi in Senegal, West Africa. I would negotiate the price before getting on and if the driver didn’t want to agree (probably because I was clearly a foreigner), I used to walk away. Then the driver would either drive off, which hardly happened to me, or stop me and say “hop on!” It’s a fun part of the cultural experience.


  1. says

    The Bejajs looks cute! But think i’ll be hesitant to ride on one, seeing how those wheels seemed wobbly/ unstable… Lol.
    It kinda reminds me of Tuk Tuks in Thailand… Wild drivers they were!

    • says

      I keep thinking they are tuk tuks, too! I saw on the web that bajaj and tuk tuk are pretty much the same. You think those wheels could roll off? That’d be quite an experience if it happens while you’re on it.

  2. Izumi says

    Hi, Kaho-chan!! I’m back from my back-to-back trips (7 wks in Japan and 10 days in Indiana visiting my in-laws). I had enough of traveling for a while.

    Anyway, I quickly browsed through your blogs….it looks like you are settling in well and have started enjoying yourself in Jakarta! Oh, your photos make me miss Indonesia even more!!! Don’t you sometimes feel you want to buy out the whole store because everything is so cute????

    Bajajs are acutually not seen in Surabaya…at least that’s how it was when we were there 5 years ago. Instead, we used Becaks which are pulled by bicycles. Hope you have a chance to hop on it sometime because it actually feels good with some nice breeze. I have seen some Becaks carrying goats…for sure I didn’t want to be the next passenger for the Becaks!

    • says

      Becaks! (rickshaw pulled by a bicycle) That is the word my Bahasa Indonesian classmate was looking for, but our teacher couldn’t even think of the name. Becaks were banned in Jakarta in 1994 since they were causing traffic jam. I hear that you can find them in some parts of south Jakarta. I would definitely try becaks if we have a chance to go to Surabaya. I have not had a chance to travel yet. Hopefully soon! Yes, I love seeing crafts and furniture in Indonesia. They are quite tempting!


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