Bad Day

shirt: Target, pants: GAP, vest: Gossip

sandals: Payless

I used M&M’s as a bribe to have my second daughter who is two to take my photos. After many attempt and deleting all the shots of my behind, I was left with these 5 that I thought were decent enough for the blog. The shirt used to be much bigger, but it kept shrinking as I dried it in the dryer. I like having this vest. I haven’t seen many people wear a vest like that recently, so I am not sure if it is out of style now, but I like wearing it to add a little bit of character to a shirt. I found these sandals at Payless during winter. I felt silly buying a pair of sandals in winter when I could not wear them, but I’m glad I followed my instinct.

So, you might be wondering what the title is about.

Today wasn’t a good day for my husband or myself. Life doesn’t always offer happiness, right? We have bad days and we have good days. It wasn’t anything serious, but still consumed us all day. My husband was very discouraged as he was not rewarded for something for which he worked very very hard. I felt like his mood was contagious. I felt uneasy as if it was about myself. I tried to cheer him up, but I felt useless.

What do you do when your partner is feeling down? What was the best thing you did to yourself or someone did to you when you had a bad day?

My second child is singing in the photos above and it was very cute. Being with my children and seeing their innocent smiles often alleviate my concerns a little. I can’t help feeling that kids are a true treasure in our society.

I hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Kyra says

    I am sorry to hear about your day; you are right in that it is very contagious. Ken was equally disappointed, I think. Here’s hoping that today is a better day!

    • says

      Kyra, I wish I was still in Arlington so that I could chat with you! It sucks. Totally. Something is wrong. Sigh. I hope today is a better day, too!

  2. says

    Hi Kaho. Wow I love your blog. It’s so simple and fresh. I adore your photography (and your daughters)! Not bad for a two year old!! Your girls and just beautiful and I love your sense of style. I am definitely going to be visiting here regularly. I’m sorry your hubby had a bad day. When my husband is sad or frustrated it is totally contagious. When he is feeling down I try and pamper him a little and remind him that even though the world can make him feel defeated he is a hero in our eyes. Sending you lots of good wishes for a happier tomorrow. xo

    • says

      Ivy, thanks for visiting and for the advise. It’s so true. To me and our kids, my husband (their dad) is a hero in our eyes no matter what!! I appreciate your sending good wishes as we need them!

  3. says

    First of all I love the vest, it does give personality to the shirt. I think you have a great assistant. Gives you a different angle to view your outfit. and what a darling where she is singing and that dress with the butterflies seems she is flying up, up.

    about the bad day: for me when I have a bad day I turn to my sisters and friend in the states via Skype they are great about listening, validating my feelings then they each list all my positive attributes and I feel pretty good about myself. It’s good to have a support group.

    My hubby: he tends to go mute, I know he is in a bad mood, upset but he won’t say anything, he really doesn’t want to ‘talk’ about it, so I tell him I support him no matter what and I;m here if he wants to talk about it. he usually does once he has had a day or two then he is able to Talk about what was bothering him. I know it’s difficult not to take it personal as we are the wives, we are women it’s our nature to want to ‘fix’ things. and
    I can’t tell you the many times I look at Beli and her small adorable face, I melt away. So yes kids are a true and special treasure in our world.

    hope this cheered you up a bit and I also tend to eat chocolate. LOL!

    • says

      Thanks, Elisa, for such detailed advice! I should’ve called my sisters. My hubby talks when he wants to, but I am not so helpful, so he doesn’t say much. I am willing to listen to him though! My second daughter and I went to have lunch with him to cheer him up a bit. Ah, chocolate! You said that word!! I love it, too.

  4. says

    You know what Ken said today? “Everything happens for a reason, so I’m OK with it.”
    You don’t want to tell that to you hubby as if you know better – but I believe it’s true… So you guys hang in there!!

  5. Autumn says

    Hi Kaho,

    I just checked your blog — I’ve missed a lot because have been super busy at work. Ayla is enjoying preschool, I think, but she does not take naps on the days that she goes (MWF) even though all of the other children in the class nap. It’s making me very frustrated, because then she is grumpy and whiny later in the day. Anyhow, I hope you managed to cheer P up. In case you hadn’t already thought of it, if you want to post pictures of yourself and your outfits, take a picture of yourself standing in front of the mirror. 😉

    • says

      Autumn! So nice to see you here and thanks for leaving me a comment! I might take a photo of myself in front of a mirror sometimes. :) Thanks for the suggestion!!

  6. says

    Your little girl is so gorgeous!! Sorry to hear about your bad day – it’s hard to lift someone’s spirits when they’re feeling that way and you’re feeling bad for them also. Sometimes a bit of space to think things through is important – Amanda x

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