Baby Boy At Two Months

Our baby #3 became 2 months old. I’m delirious. Is it because I’m older or because my son is more demanding than my other two? I don’t know. The newborn phase is cute, but it’s physically challenging. He seems to be constantly hungry, so I’m nursing him non-stop. Some theories say that I should keep about 3 hours between feeding so that the baby won’t snack. It’s very hot in Jakarta and we sweat so much that I feel that he could be thirsty. Therefore, I’m feeding him on demand. It seems that I’ve got his routine down though. He eats, I change his diaper, he stays up for a while and he sleeps. Repeat.

His birth measurements
Height: 50 cm
Weight: 3158 g

8 weeks measurements
Height: 60 cm
Weight: 6280 g

He doubled the birth weight at 2 months. I tell you. He chows down like nobody’s business when he’s hungry. Surprisingly, I have hardly lost weight since I left the hospital. I’m not surprised since I’m eating like a cow. I hear that the first 6 months after the birth is a key time to lose weight and after that it gets harder. I rested well for 7 good weeks after birth. I recently started exercising again. I have 4 more months to go. Will I ever be able to fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans again? I hope so.






  1. says

    2 months?! Already?! Feels like yesterday!! He’s gorgeous… so adorable…
    Kaho, I don’t think it’s a good time to loose weight. I hear as soon as you stop breast feeding you lose weight dramatically because your body realizes it doesn’t need to store any more fat to feed the baby.
    Oh well, I don’t remember how I did – or didn’t! especially after the twins…

  2. saori says

    こんにちは♪ お久しぶりです。 さおりです。
    ベビちゃん 2ヶ月になったんだね! 写真かわいい〜♪
    体重は2倍って凄いね! おっぱいがたくさん出ている良い証拠だね!

    • says


  3. saori says

    私が書いたコメント 誤字があった!
    ベビちゃん ゆちゃんい似てるって書いちゃったけど 妹ちゃんに
    似てる!!! と思いました♪

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