Baby Swing & Bouncer

We have two swings and a bouncer for our chub at home. I bought a bouncer, but the both swings are hand-me-downs which I love. With our third child, we received other hand-me-downs. When we had our first child, many of our friends still did not have kids yet, then with the second, many of our friends have little kids of our kids’ ages, and now with our third, many of our friends have kids who grew out of their baby items and they have generously given them to us. Having the third one hasn’t been expensive in that sense. However, we’ll see the difference in the bank account more as he grows older, I’m sure.

Something about swinging sideways that puts him to sleep.

Baby Streeeeeeeeetch!

Do we look like we have a baby?

I move my son from one station to another as soon as he gets bored. He likes the monkey mat which has been really handy. It was a great gift our friend gave us. My son often falls asleep in it. I like its earthy colors. My first child loved a bouncer when she was a baby and it was a life saver for me. Then, my second child didn’t really care for it and the bouncer ended up being a chair when my first child’s friends came over and eventually it broke. That’s why I bought a bouncer again and it is worth every dollar of it.

We have another swing downstairs’ play room and my son sits in it when we hang out there with my older kids. He really likes to stare at the red frog.

It’s already a weekend, isn’t it? We traveled to Texas from Jakarta this past Wednesday night Jakarta time and arrived in the States Thursday morning U.S. time. We pretty much slept all day on Thursday and Friday trying to get over the jet-lag. It’s not too bad to fight with the jet-lag with a 3 months old baby because he still sleeps a lot during the day and his body clock is still not set yet. I am bummed about it because that means two days I lost for shopping!!!


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    he’s getting chubbier cute! aww spoilt for choice :) I pondered if I needed a bouncer and in the end decided not to. But it got me thinking that Laura may have napped better during the day when she was younger… oh well, I learnt the hard way 😉

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      The bouncer makes my life much easier for me, but then my second daughter didn’t really like it and I hardly used it with her. It depends on a child. Maybe Laura liked it, maybe not. :) My son is a chubby guy!!

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      Ioana, thank you for commenting on this post because it gave me a chance to look at the photos again. He used to sleep so peacefully there. Now he’s so big and looks so different!

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