Baby Boy Outfit

As a mother of two girls and now a boy, I am familiar with girl outfits, but not with those for boys. Baby boy fashion is a new world I’m exploring with our newborn baby boy. Our son only has outfits that were given by our families and friends. I don’t feel the need to buy more clothes for him at this age and I’m very happy with the clothes he already has. I find the blue, green and gray colors very refreshing as I am more used to putting pink and purple on my girls when they were babies. The gray bear hat and the pants are just too adorable, I am smitten by the combination of gray, green and blue! I have some more outfits that I enjoy putting on my son, but I haven’t found the time to take photos of them on him. I have been busy with the newborn plus my 7-year-old and 4-year-old girls if you can imagine what it is like. I can’t complain as my two girls have been quite helpful. It’s a matter of juggling and I’m trying to figure out how I can balance the time with my kids, time dedicated for taking care of a baby, time for doing house chores and time for myself. It’s a challenge I’m facing on a daily basis.



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      You think so? Many people have told me he looks like my second child. I feel that he looks more like my first child. We’ll see how he changes and will look like after a couple of months.

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    where did my comment go?! I wrote something but it disappeared!!
    I was just saying he now looks like your second princess, SO ADORABLE!!
    Congrats again :-)

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    Such a beautiful baby boy!! You’re a super mom, and I do believe that you can manage your time well. Are you still in Singapore? Maybe you can get a good maid from Indonesia to be brought there.

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    he’s beautiful! And these clothes are so cute! I have the opposite problem, not familiar with girls’ clothes now, but I admit that one of the reasons why I would love to have a girl is the shopping part :) although I discovered that boy’s outfits are just as cute if you look for the right things. So excited for you to have a boy after two girls!

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      Thanks, Mariella! It’s so nice to hear from you! It is fun to shop for girls. I agree with you that boy clothes are as cute! There are so many stylish boy clothes out there. Thanks for your sweet words!!!

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