Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Baby Boy Nursery

Finally our baby boy’s nursery became presentable. This room used to be my girls’ play room and look like this. Per my daughters’ request, I painted the wall in lavender when we moved in almost two years ago.

Then I became pregnant last year. The need to find a room for a new addition arose. I decided to move toys from this small play room to an extra room downstairs and change this small room into a nursery. Since we didn’t know the gender of the baby before the birth, I could not make it look more boyish beforehand when I had more time. I would’ve loved the wall in gray for a boy.

Then there comes a baby boy. Since we have a year left in Jakarta and I have been busy with three kids, I have not felt motivated to invest the time and money to change the wall into a different color. Thus, the wall remains in lavender. Babies don’t have opinions, do they?

My lovely, talented friend, Marie from Etincelle Creative Studio gave my son the beautiful bunting she made. I had a privilege to meet Marie when I lived in Singapore to have my baby back in February and March, 2012. She moved to Tokyo at the end of April, so I was very lucky to be in Singapore when she was still living there and had this rare opportunity to get to know her. It was possible thanks to blogging and the birth of my son. Thank you, Marie, for the bunting!!

Above and below are a little touch for a baby boy. The frames with shells in the photo above were second-hand purchases I made from my blogger friend, the Diplomatic Wife. I like the rustic look and since we go to Rockport, a coastal town of Texas every summer and we love beaches, I thought it was perfect. He still wears the pair of shoes on display in the photo below.

The pictures inside the frames are from a little brochure I got from one of my favorite stores in Jakarta, Tulisan.

The bin is not a diaper pale. As a storage, I like to use KNODD IKEA bin. The little piggie bank is from my friend. We should start saving for college fund now, shouldn’t we? The financial challenges to have 3 kids have already started.

I hope you enjoyed viewing the photos of my son’s nursery. It is not very boyish to have a lavender room, but because my eyes got used to it, I think it is not bad.


  1. says

    Very cute! Joshua’s room is a grayish purple and we won’t repaint it either. I’m still waiting for his bedding to arrive and hope to finish the nursery soon. It’s taken me so long!

  2. Chika says

    I think it is absolutely beautiful!! The lavender tone you have is very calm (not too purplish) so I think it works for boys too : ) I need to work on my house. It still looks very blank!! Any plans to return to Tokyo? I cannot wait to see the little ones.

    • says

      Thanks, Chika! Your house is coming together beautifully in such a short period of time though. It’s something that takes a long time. Not to worry! I’m going to Tokyo, but very briefly…

  3. says

    Kaho, it’s so cute! For whatever it’s worth, on photos the color of the walls looks more gray than purple. Congrats on giving birth in another country, traveling repeatedly with three kids, redecorating, and still finding the time to blog. You amaze me.

  4. says

    Kaho, I think you did a beautiful job. The color on the walls looks more gray than purple, at least on the photos! You somehow manage to have a third child in another country, keep your family happy, redecorate a room, and keep your blog up-to-date. You amaze me. Congrats! Maca

    • says

      I hope I’m keeping my family happy!! I abandoned my blog forever, so finally I feel that I have enough energy to do do it again. Though I fell asleep on my couch last night and didn’t blog…


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