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There is a cute French bakery just opened in Kemang at the end of 2012 which is owned by a French lady, Sophie. It is called Authentique. The name as you can see from the word means “authentic” and is spelled in French. I know Sophie since she used to own a French crèche (daycare) where my middle daughter went for almost a year. Unfortunately, this daycare is now closed. It was my Japanese friend who told me that our kids’ former French daycare teacher opened up a little French bakery in Kemang. She told me that the interior of the bakery is just like a boulangerie (bakery) in Paris. It is, indeed, very cute and feels like you are somewhere in France.

I loved Authentique’s madeleine (small almond shape cake) and pain au chocolat. They were delicious! I’m no French, but I think their pain au chocolat is probably the closest you can get to the one you find in France.




If you are curious about the crèche that Sophie used to own and my daughter went, here are some posts. It’s too bad that this daycare does no longer exist.
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Parenting & Transition
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I hope you’ll go and experience the authentic French bakery in Jakarta!!

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Have you been to a little shopping area of Kemang near Hero Kemang? I love this narrow street with many neat mom-and-pop shops and flower vendors all lined up cosily and this street leads up to a small shopping center of Kemang which hosts Hero Kemang.

Jl. Kemang Selatan I-20C
Kemang, Jakarta
Phone: (021)7180011


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    • says

      I’m always up for pastries, Ana! That’s actually a good location for a meet up, isn’t it? Sophie’s also opening a new cafe in the near future. That might be a good meet-up for us!

  1. says

    mmm, those madeleines looked fresh and bouncy! I always buy them here, expensive as it is imported but they make good ‘sponges’ (soaking up) dip into my English Breakfast tea :)

  2. Ike says

    Thanks for the info, I live in central Jakarta while this bakery in south jakarta. It’s kind of taking an effort to go to this place with traffic jam and everything. But this place is worth to try, to taste the original french bakery.

    • says

      I wish it was easier to access Kemang because it has so much to offer, and it’s really cool! If it rains, forget about going into Kemang… The best time to get there is in the morning after school drop off time or during a summer vacation after many expats have left to travel. It’s like a different city.

  3. Barbara says

    Went to visit Authentique and was not disappointed at all! The madeleines are exquisite and the array of offerings is really mouth-watering. Will definitely visit again. Thanks for sharings Kaho!


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