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I participated in “Around The World In A Day” Blog Link Party over at Happy Homemaker UK. (For those who are not familiar with it, it is an event on a blog where one host allows other bloggers to link their blog posts on a certain topic so that the readers can read related posts at other blogs. Does this make sense?) I think that this expat blog link is a great way for expat bloggers to get to know each other while many readers also take advantage of finding out about different countries and learning about them from a nonnative’s perspective. It definitely gives an interesting twist.

I linked my very first post “Konnichiwa Jakarta” for the blog link. This post is the very first post I posted after having moved to Jakarta. I picked it since this post reminds me of not only the excitement I had after we landed in a new country but the challenges I faced in a completely new country where I did not even speak the language at the beginning.

Please pay a visit at Happy Homemaker UK and read other expat bloggers’ stories!


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