Apartment Solution II

Kids/Guest Bathroom (above)
Master Bathroom (below)

I know. Nothing to brag about, but I’d like to talk about it.

I find bathrooms harder to decorate than other rooms because you have a very limited space, yet you have many items required to be crammed in there. When you don’t own your own place and know that you might have to vacate in a year or two, in our case this time after two years, you don’t want to invest too much time and efforts into decorating your bathroom. At least, that’s how I feel.

I like a simple style. (In case it’s hard to tell from my photos. I don’t have eyes to evaluate my style from the third perspective, so I don’t know what other people think….) I prefer seeing minimum, but not too little, either. I’m sure that drives my husband a bit crazy since I tuck away everything. I mean everything! It makes cleaning easier for sure through.

I usually don’t have any flower in those vases, but I received a rose from my daughter’s Japanese preschool about a week ago, so I put it in there to add a dash of spring in our bathroom. Convenient time to take photos for me! I’m surprised it’s still looking so fresh. The pot of flowers is fake. I’m a plant killer. I forget to water my plants even if it’s sitting in front of my face, so fake ones are the best for me.

I have wanted to hang something above the toilets in both bathrooms, but I have neglected it for the longest time. Finally I went to IKEA last month for the first time in a year. If I am there, I blow so much money as there is no end to my list of things I want from the store. So, it was for the best. I bought those frames at IKEA then. I love square frames. I didn’t find any photos or pictures that appealed to me, so I got home and dug in my stuff. I found a package of two small gift bags I picked up at a dollar bin at Target a while back. I’m a sucker for a dollar section. They fit perfectly and I kind of liked the way they looked in the bathroom, so here is a cheap framing for you. As for the master bedroom, I wanted a bright color, but not too much color, so I chose the lemon photo from the package of 5 fruit photos I picked up at IKEA. The frame is hung a bit too high, but the nail was already there as I had a longer frame there before and I didn’t want to make another hole there, so it’s sitting there. It’s for another 3 months, I can live with that.

Our shower curtain was found on a sales rack at Target. Gotta love that store. I like having a huge map in our bathroom. Don’t you want to be educated while taking a shower, too?

We are here (star mark)!

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