Angkor Pearl Hotel ☆ Siem Reap, Cambodia

Going to visit Angkor Wat in Siem Reap? Looking for a place to stay? Angkor Pearl Hotel is a good accommodation for any travelers who would like to stay at a clean and comfortable place with a budget price. It is a pretty hotel, very inexpensive and centrally located. When I went to Siem Reap, Cambodia with my girl friends, we stayed at Angkor Pearl. My friend, Julie (Thanks, Julie!), did the hard work of researching places in Siem Reap to stay and made a reservation for all of us (there were 5 of us and we shared 3 rooms among ourselves.). The room we stayed in was $20 per night at the time of our stay. The US$20 included breakfast. The breakfast wasn’t anything fancy, but still it was nice to have free breakfast at the hotel. How can you beat this price?

シャムリアップに行く予定があって、泊まる場所を探していますか?奇麗で、居心地が良く、しかも低予算で滞在できる場所を探している方には、アンコールパールホテルがお勧めですよ。 アンコールパールホテルは、とても素敵な感じのホテルで、ホテル代もとても安いです。シャムリアップへ女友達と去年の12月に旅行に行った際、アンコールパールに滞在しました。その時は、一晩1室20ドル(米国)でした。20ドルで、しかも朝食付きです。朝食は、卵とトーストなど簡単な物ですが、ホテルで無料で朝食が食べられるのはとても便利です。この値段には勝てないですよね。

The transportation on arrival from the airport to the hotel was provided by the hotel.

There were a few hotel staff members who spoke some English. My friend, Julie, did a lot of corresponding by email before she made a reservation.

The shower area in the bathroom looked like this.

The shower area did not have a curtain or a door, so the floor outside the shower area got a small puddle every time I showered. Shampoo and soap were provided, but I would suggest you bring your own shampoo, conditioner, and body wash or you can buy them very cheaply at a local convenience store or drug store.


About Angkor Pearl
No land line phone was equipped in the room.
No Elevators
We stayed on the 3rd floor. It wasn’t easy for me to go up and down the stairs being 25 weeks pregnant during the trip, but it was a good workout just to use the stairs. If you travel with a baby or toddler on a stroller, you might want to request a room on the second floor. The hotel staff helps you with your luggage.


Angkor Pearl
Tapoul Village
Svay Dangkum
Siem Reap

You can send a reservation inquiry online on this page.


Tel. +855 63 966 203/ +855 92 300 149
Fax +855 63 966 202

Photo Gallery
Click here
They have some great photos on the website.


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