Friday Finds ☆ Alun Alun Grand Indonesia

I know, it’s not Friday, but I feel like I must post this as I have not done my Friday Finds post in a while. I need to get my act together, don’t I?

Whether you live in Jakarta or are just visiting Jakarta, you probably have occasions where you need to buy some souvenirs or memorabilia from Jakarta or just simple gifts that are very original from this country. There is a place which I consider a jewel box of Indonesian artisanal products: Alun Alun. As the Alun Alun store location is inside of a posh shopping mall, Grand Indonesia, you might guess that the prices are not bargain, and you are right. However, when I shop for gifts for special people, I would pay the price for the quality of goods. In fact, I went there to find gifts for our friends for their new baby. I purchased an item from the brand Sweet Batik whose creator is a blogger friend who found me a while ago. Alun Alun is a large store filled with an overwhelming number of goods. You will find something you’ll like for sure. When you have a chance to go to Grand Indonesia, do stop by Alun Alun just to even window shop. The whole store is filled with eye candies where you will marvel at the pretty items.

So, how was your weekend? Mine was quick, but fun. When you have kids, weekend feels like a race sometimes and keeps me entertained. My husband came home from his short business trip on Sunday afternoon and I am happy to see him. We managed to have a date to see a movie that my husband has been waiting to see for a couple of years. Captain America!!! I hope you had a nice weekend!

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town West Mall Level 3
Jl. MH Thamrin No.1, Jakarta 10310
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00


ジャカルタに住んでいたり、旅行で遊びに来ていたりと状況は違っても、ジャカルタまたはインドネシアからのお土産や記念品、またはインドネシアならではの贈り物を買う機会というのはあると思います。インドネシアの工芸品の宝庫のような場所があるんですよ。アルンアルンと言います。アルンアルンは、とてもハイソなショッピングモール、グランドインドネシア内にお店を構えているので、商品の値段がそれほど安くないというのは想像できるかも知れませんね。その通りではあります。でも、特別な人への贈り物であれば、値段と価値が見合っている贈り物は買う価値があると思います。実際、赤ちゃんがこれから生まれる友人への贈り物をアルンアルンで先日買いました。私のブログを見つけてくれたブログのお友達のブランドであるSweet Batik商品を買いました。アルンアルンは素敵な品物が想像を超える数で揃っているお店です。必ずお気に入りのものが見つかると思いますよ。グランドインドネシアへ行く機会がありましたら、ウィンドウショッピングにでも是非立ち寄ってみて下さい。目の保養になるような商品を見て歩くだけでも楽しいと思います。


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    • says

      I did!! Can you believe it took me a year?! Where was I??? Yes. I first went to the reception to ask and the staff members gave me the number to call the manager, so I did cadll him from the store to ask for a permission to take photos. He was very nice about it!!

  1. says

    Looks like a fun place to visit!!
    My weekend? Fun as usual, but today I took a 7 hour nap… yes, 7 HOURS!!
    Poor hubby took care of the kids the whole time… I don’t know what was up my body.. just very tired. Now I’m all refreshed at midnight. :-p

    • says

      7 hours!!! You must have been super tired! Does it feel like jet lag right now? I think it was good for him to spend a quality time with your kids. You do it all the time, you know!

  2. Kiki says

    I also watched Captain America with my husband saturday night. Cool and entertaining movie. Did you stay until the end of the credit titles of the movie? There is extra scenes and sneak peak for the upcoming sequel. It will be cool as captain america, thor and iron man will ve the avengers. My husband is very excited and looking forward to wait for the movie.

    • says

      Yes! My husband knew about it, so we stayed till the sneak peak. I like that. The Avengers looks like a kick-ass movie from the trailer. Can’t wait!

  3. denise Henderson says

    love the orange toddler dress in alun 2 and the yellow one in alun 6… can u give me an idea how much roughly they cost?

    • says

      I did not look at the prices for the specific items you pointed out, but many of the kids clothing items had prices that ranged between Rp. 250,000+ and Rp. 350,000 if I am not mistaken. I could be wrong though.

  4. says

    AWWWWWW it’s great that you had a sweet date with your husband. It must have been great to have an alone time with him!

    Oh and movies are playing again in Indo, huh? :)

    I loveee Alun-alun – I can probably stay in the store forever and buy so many things if I have no self control!

    • says

      Hi, Starlet! Yes, it was nice!! Some movies come, but not many. I’m happy though!!! Alun-Alun is so fun!! I hear you. I can stay in the store all day.


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