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candle holders: IKEA Vase: Crate & Barrel Tray: gift
This is how our foyer looks. The front foyer has the same color of paint as the living room.
The mirrors are from Target. About a half year ago I walked in to Target and saw the product and couldn’t help picking up a box and put it in my cart. Now being overseas, I miss being able to find a treasure at Target like that. Not only do I like the style of the mirrors, but also I like that I am able to decorate a wider area of a wall with less money just like with a big mirror that tends to be more expensive.

I put them on the wall to the right side of the entrance door because based on Feng Shui rules, you should not place a mirror directly across from the front door as the mirror can bounce out the good ‘chi’ energy (I always conceptualize ‘chi’ as ‘good luck power’) out the door. It’s good to have a mirror on the side because when you enter, the good ‘chi’ will bounce into the house that way. I don’t apply Feng Shui rules to everything when I decorate, but the placement of mirrors and beds were a few things I wanted to pay attention and learn from Feng Shui. If you google some words like “Feng Shui placement of mirror front door”, you will find a ton of information available online.

The small box on the very left on the bottom shelf is from cayenne, one of my favorite stores in Jakarta. I put mosquito repellent and sunscreen in there so that I can apply them to my kids before going out. We live in a country of dengue fever, so this is very important.

If you have seen my previous posts from Virginia, you might recognize the painting. We found it at IKEA. We used it in our dining room in our previous home in Arlington, Virginia. You can see how it looked here. Now it greets our guests. I wanted something that welcomes our guest when I open the door.

Do you know the name of this plant? I like the look of it and fits perfectly in our foyer and I was even told that this plant is tough for indoor as well. That’s what I need.

I bought this lemon/lime tree in the picture below for outside of our front door. I like how it looks and sometimes it smells nice, but I’m worried that it might not last for a while. The tree has a few leaves with light green color. I have another plant that is not looking good. It’s in our staircase. I’m terrible with taking care of plants or I should say that I am good at killing my plants. I don’t know what I do, but they die on me. I have to google and find out how to take care of lemon trees. Are you good at keeping plants? Do you have any tips for me?


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    I’m a plant killer too (as you already know), so I’m not a good person to ask that question.
    And yes, I miss Target… they had great stuff and yet not so expensive…. and they literally had everything!
    One question (I might have asked you the same question before, but I forgot what you told me!); does “right side of the entrance” mean “right side when you come in” ? or is it “right side when you go out” ?

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      Oh, I have mirrors on the right side when you come in. I didn’t specify, so I apologize, but it doesn’t matter on which side you place a mirror as long as it is not facing the front door. Thanks for asking that question!

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    Hi Kaho, hope you had a good weekend that helped you forget the ‘bad day’… we all have our bad days, and I agree it is quite difficult when your partner is going through one… the best is to suggest him to relax, and change his mind (gym, swimming, etc…). Try to cook him a good meal, or a good massage (if you are good at it… I am not!). If you are able to, get out of the house to got to the cinema or a place you both like. I find men usually recover faster hen exercising…

    Anyway your front foyer is nice and welcoming! I love the green plant, the IKEA candle holders (makes me want to go there now!), the baskets,… I am a disaster as well with plants, no matter what I do… so can’t help here…
    I have never been so much into Feng Shui but I quite agree with the mirrors…

    Have a lovely week! I am off to Vietnam on Wednesday so you won’t hear from me until next week…

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      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! I appreciate your advice. I agree with you that guys do recover faster when they exercise. I notice I feel better after I do sports, but sometimes getting there is tough. 😛 Have a wonderful trip to Vietnam!!!

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    If you think your plant is not feeling well you can try changing its location. Though it looks ok at least in the picture you posted. There could be other problems such as: too much watering, not enough watering, not enough sunlight, too much sunlight, maybe you need to add nutrients to it, it could have pests problem, etc.
    If might also have aphids, which love lemon trees, wash it with a little bit of dish washing soap and water and get rid of ants in its surrounding and your house.

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      Not enough sunlight could be the problem. We do not get much sunlight on the front porch or inside our house. Hummm. Nutrients. So, I need to feed my plants. When it comes to feeding someone (even watering plants), I need to be told to do it. I wish plants can talk to me! Thanks for the advice!! I really appreciate your time for it!!

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    I love your entrance Kaho. The mirrors are really effective and I like your statement painting as you enter. The baskets underneath your hall table are a great idea, I was thinking I should do something similar here for Grace’s hat, sunscreen etc. You have inspired me to keep my eye open for a cute basket for this purpose. I like the idea of a little lemon/lime tree at the front door – I’m not sure about positioning of them though and whether or not they need a lot of sun – ours is in our garden in full sun. Thanks for sharing this part of your home with us – Amanda x

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      Thanks for such a nice comment! Since I’m so forgetful, I always have to have sunscreen and mosquito repellent where I can see easily. You have lemon trees in your garden? How lovely is that!

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