A lil experimentation

Before I explain what this is about, I’d like to tell you that this post is a little uncomfortable for me. Why? Scroll down. I might delete this post eventually and probably won’t try this again, but I wanted to see how this will fly. I love fashion and I care about what I wear, but I am not all that confident about my taste. With two kids, I have neither much budget to spend on myself nor time to go shopping, but when I get to do it, I do savor the time for shopping and when I find something I like, I try not to be too stingy. Anyways, since I enjoy seeing fashion blogs and I saw something like this before, I wanted to try it myself.

I went shopping at Zara today. It’s been over 2 months since last time I went shopping for myself. In fact, I went to Zara last time, too, but last time was in the U.S. and this time, it was in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I don’t go shopping a whole lot as it’s not easy with two kids or even with one. My second one is relatively quiet and I got lucky this time as she fell asleep. She was an angel the whole time!

So, here are the clothes I tried out and purchased. There is one that I did not end up with. Can you tell which one I didn’t pick? (The answer is the last one.) I have been trying to buy only thins I really need and love. I wrote that I don’t have much budget for shopping for myself. This is true even though some of you might think I’m contradicting and it looks like I did a binge shopping. No, not really. All of the items here except for the first item are on sale and I am very proud to tell you that I got bargains and most of them were around $15. (Edit: The first two dresses were more expensive. The first one was a regular price, so it was about $60 (Yeeek), but the second blue dress was $30.) I also picked this blue dress which is very unlike me. I like jeans and I used to not wear dresses a lot, but with the climate here in Jakarta, I find dresses more practical. I also wanted to try a new color that I don’t usually pick, so the blue dress joined my wardrobe. What do you think?


  1. Kyra says

    What a great idea! I think that I need to do this every time that I go shopping and clear all of my purchases with my most stylish friend (aka YOU). They all look great on you, but I am not sure that there is much that wouldn’t. My favorites are the first 2 dresses though. So cute! I am sure that P is definitely going to be on board for more date nights in those.

  2. says

    I love zara! they always have grteat deals. But I still can’t beliieve you got them for around $15! that first dress I love! the second as well because bllue is my favorite color and lastly I like how you were able to pull 4 outfits with one skiirt. Overall Iall these pieces I would wear myself.

    Ps. Don’t delete the post, I like it,

    • says

      Hi! Thanks, Elisa! I think I might have not written accurately. The first two dresses were more expensive… Especially the first one is a regular price, so it was a little bit of ‘outch’ to my wallet, but it was definitely cheaper than other dresses on regular prices. When I say expensive, it’s probably not as expensive as what other people consider expensive. Anyways, I need to edit the information about the price. The white skirt was what I wore yesterday to the store. I agree with you. I was pleasantly surprised that one skirt was able to pull 4 outfits!!

  3. says

    Let me tell you this – you look like a model!! I love the first dress. And yes, the blue one looks very very nice on you too!!! You also picked the right colors for you :)

    • says

      I was thinking abut you! I thought that the blue was summer color. I wasn’t sure about the color of the first one, but it’s made of sheer material and it also looks like one color I have in my swatch. I fell in love with it, so I grabbed it!

  4. prita says

    LOVE the white and blue dress! I myself wouldn’t go for the white dress because it doesn’t seem to get along very well with my oversized curves. Ha ha. But I will forever envy people like you who look great in it. The blue one is more of my style. :)

    Shopping oh shopping.. When do I get to meet you again?? :(

  5. says

    Frangipani and plumeria are the same flower – and yes, that’s what it is…I LOOOOVE the way they smell! it’s a beautiful tropical flower – on beautiful tropical girls :)

    • says

      Are they really? I had no idea. Well, I’m very bad with flower names…. I have to look for the hair clips designed with a wooden Frangipani/plumeria flower.

  6. says

    whoops! commented on the wrong post I had open (that was obviously meant for the flower photos)

    As for these – i love that you took photos of yourself in the new outfits! :)

    LOVE the first 2 dresses, the cream colored ruffle one is beautiful on you and the blue one is so different, i hope you got it to add some color to your pretty wardrobe!

    • says

      Oh, that’s okay! I knew exactly what you were talking about! Thanks for the sweet words, Aviva! I like both dresses and I hope I’ll have some occasions to wear them!

  7. says

    I LOVE the first dress! It is so flattering on you and fits your feminine and sweet personality! I wish I could wear that style but simple lines are more suited to my body type hehe. Looking gorgeous as always!

  8. says

    I especially love the blue dress with the slightly asymmetrical layer of frills at the bottom. You look so lovely in all the outfits. Pity your pretty face is covered.

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